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Train throughout the winter regardless of the weather with this smooth and quite Conquer magnetic resistance trainer. Train throughout the winter regardless of the weather with this Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand. Constructed of heavy duty materials, the extra wide frame snaps into place to provide a secure and stable base to support the bike and rider during training. Adjustable and locking mounting cups coupled with the provided mounting skewer create an environment where slipping is reduced and proper contact is maintained. A single knob allows the adjustment of the progressive magnetic resistance wheel allowing the rider to adjust the equipment to fully adhere to their own personal bike.
The indoor bicycling trainer is compatible with 26, 27, and 700c bicycles that have a quick release rear wheel system. Cycling is more than a sport to those who partake and is often considered to be a way of life that provides many with the satisfaction of speed, endurance, and freedom.
Take a look at our comparison chart below for a quick overview of the various stationary bike stand models we have reviewed and work with.
You can sort the table columns by clicking on the column title (for example, if you want to sort them by price or weight or rating).

Cascade Fluid ProTop quality trainer, rated highly, thermally sealed fluid drive, very quiet, front riser included.
If you’ve already discovered the fitness benefits of cycling but don’t want to go out in abysmal weather then why not buy the Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand to help transform your bike into an indoor exercise bike? Feb 08, 2012- BestsellersThe Full-width Theme (template) is a very modern, simple, and fresh theme, with a focus on usability and fast, clean code. This bike trainer is easy to assemble, and conveniently folds for compact storage when your workout is over.
This magnetic resistance trainer is compatible with 26?, 27? and 700c bikes with quick release rear wheels.
Weighing in at only twenty pounds, the unit is also easily transported for training wherever you need it. The included quick release skewer works with this rear wheel system, securing the bike to the trainer.
As such, many riders take their training seriously and what better way to ensure that nothing stands between you and your training than an indoor bicycling trainer. The table will grow as we check out additional models, but for now the table includes many of the leading models out there. Alternatively, to summarize it all for you and to save a few of your brain cells, check out our guide to the five BEST trainers to consider in 2015! This stand uses a state of the art magnet system to provide progressive magnetic resistance meaning that the resistance increases as the speed increases.

The Conquer Indoor Cycling Trainer works with 26?, 27? and 700c bikes (which must have a quick release rear wheel) and is simple to use with just a single knob to adjust the progressive magnetic resistance.The strong steel construction and wide frame along with the included front wheel riser block offer a stable, smooth and quiet ride. Attach a bike to the sturdy, wide frame and the included front wheel riser block will stabilize its front wheel.With its quiet operation and simple set up, the Conquer bike trainer will keep you in the saddle no matter what it?s doing outside. To get good, you have to put in the time and to put in the time, you have to venture out into the urban environment or rural back roads to hone your skills.
Giving riders the ability to take total control of their training is what this unit is all about.
The stand folds down easily for travel and storage and is designed to remain quiet while being used. When the days get short and the roads freeze over, the Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer is your best inexpensive option to keep active no matter the weather. But what if you don’t live in the picturesque hills of the north east or the long straight-aways of the Midwest? This indoor bicycling trainer provides the answer to these questions and an avenue for cyclists to maintain and improve their endurance even when riding outdoors is less than appealing.

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