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Overview: The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System is a feature-filled home gym at a good price with a fairly small footprint. LoveToKnow had the pleasure of interviewing fitness expert Jim Wendler, the Director of Sales for Elite Fitness Systems (EFS) about selecting the right workout equipment for a home gym.
Prior to joining Elite Fitness Systems, Jim Wendler worked as a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Kentucky for a number of different athletes, including the baseball and football team.
Strength training expert Dave Tate founded Elite Fitness Systems in 1999 to provide fitness training guidance and quality workout equipment to athletes and the general public. Wendler: Convenient - You can train early in the morning, late at night or when you get home from work.
Cost - The onetime cost of a home gym is much cheaper than gym dues, travel time and cost of travel to a public gym.
Atmosphere - With a home gym, you can create as relaxed or intense of an environment as you wish. From these questions, I can usually get a good idea of what they want and what they don't need. Wendler: The necessary equipment is always going to depend on the user, his goals, space and budget. One of the key things about a home gym is educating the user on how to get an effective workout with minimal equipment. Ultimately, the equipment that someone purchases for a home gym has to be something that the user is comfortable with and will use. Wendler: If someone wants to improve cardio fitness, the cheapest way is to simply go outside! If one wants to improve your muscle strength and lower body fat, the best way is to perform resistance training. No matter what your fitness goal is, you must have some kind of cardio training, some kind of resistance (strength training) and some kind of flexibility (or mobility) work. Wendler: No matter what equipment you purchase it is really important that your home gym is a space of itself.
The linear bearings combined with machined steel guide rods offer a fairly smooth movement.

Wendler works closely with EFS clients to help them build home gyms that meet their specific fitness goals. An experienced athlete, Wendler played football at his alma mater, the University of Arizona. If you choose to outfit your home gym with machines and cardio equipment, you will spend much more than free weights.
I like to steer people towards equipment that has multiple uses and will allow them to maximize their budget and space.
A simple lesson on how to perform free weight exercises safely will do a lot in helping the user maximize a minimum amount of space and equipment.
The range of motion on the crossover cable is often limited to less than what is needed for exercises. EFS and their team of fitness experts work both experienced and novice athletes to provide fitness advice and high quality equipment.
Usually when people want to build a home gym, they are pretty serious and know what they want.
For example, a power rack (aka power cage) can be customized with a removable bench press, chin up bar and dip station.
The barbell and dumbbell allow for thousands of variations and take up much less space than any machine. Jogging, walking and riding a bike outside are essentially free and can go a long way in improving your budget, health and space. Customers are also welcome to call 888-854-8806 and talk with Jim Wendler about building home gyms. EFS tailors training advice and equipment recommendations to each person's fitness level and future goals.
If you are a very serious lifter or trainer, you can probably get everything for less than $3,000. With this piece of equipment, the exercises are endless and the entire body can be trained in minimal space.
Learn to lift these correctly and you can essentially have a home gym that is incredibly effective and cheap!

So many people, no matter who they are, will perform the same kind of exercises, just with less weight and different sets and reps. This is perfect for people that are really serious with weight training and want to build strength. Other people would do well with some adjustable dumbbells, an adjustable bench, a jump rope, some elastic bands or tubing and a stretching mat.
Plan about 6-8 hours to assemble if you can  make sense of the poorly written assembly instructions.
Someone just looking to get leaner might perform a squat while holding a dumbbell in his hands. The multi-function bench has a preacher curl and leg developer, but seem a little flimsy when using weight around 200 lbs or higher and the light padding is insufficient to maintain comfort during leg curls or leg extensions. It's the same exercise but slightly different in accordance with their ultimate goal and experience level.
The weight resistance guide rod system for the pec deck, lat pull down, and other cable related exercises is not fluid at all and does not improve with lubrication.
For safety, there is a stop that can be set to serve as a backup to the twist-lock of the smith machine. Of course, this machine is plate loaded and does not include the weights so that it as additional expense you will have to incur, but we rate this gym in the under $1000 category based on the gym alone.
Overall, if you are looking for something within a $1000 budget that offers a variety of exercises in a compact design and decent construction, then the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine may be the best home gym under $1000. It has a surround sound system, Subwoofer, digital projector with 8? X 12?  screen, and full theatrical lighting. The space focuses on theatrical and dramatic works and encourages users to customize the space to suit the needs of their production. The Dimensions of the marley floored room are  28? X 42? and it is equipped with mirrors, ballet barres, an easy to operate sound system and sunlight!Psychic Readings: Psychic Readings is an intimate and mysterious multi-purpose room.

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