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Summer’s here and after a long, cold winter of thumbing through the latest apps while vegging on the couch, you find yourself feeling less than energetic. This app is great for tracking food intake and more while participating in your WW program. If you’re someone who works out hard but likes to party hard too, this app was designed with you in mind.
Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? How much would you spend on wearables like smartwatches, fitness trackers and Google Glass? Recent CommentsJammie Bachand on Coolest Android Tricks And Tips You Need To TryShivendra Singh on Want to Slash the International Roaming Fees While Traveling Abroad? As many of you know, I'm particularly critical when it comes to fitness apps and the quality of their content. That said, there are a lot of good ones flexing about in the App Store, and the new iFitness is absolutely in that lofty class.
However, it bears mentioning that iFitness -- like the fitness industry in general -- skews decidedly towards bodybuilding and weight loss. All in all, iFitness does an admirable job teaching sound form that anyone can use to build a solid foundation for their training future. Of the two versions available (iFitness is not a universal app, unfortunately), the iPhone version is obviously more suited to gyms in general. I was about to give a frowny face that it isn't adroid compatible, but now I will just try to be patient!
When it comes to sticking to a fitness program, you will find that there are many hurdles in the way including your daily life, your work, your family and other things. Sleeping in your workout clothes: This will cut down one step when you want to work out in the morning. Avoid the elevator: You can make it a habit to use the stairs as a means of getting some exercise during a busy day. Keep gym things handy in your vehicle: Having your workout clothing handy will keep you motivated not to mention being more convenient when it comes to rushing to the gym for a workout. Listen to an interesting book: As you get into your workout, having a good book playing in the ears will keep you on the straight and narrow. Use apps for fitness: These apps will make your workouts more interesting by adding game elements to them and making your workout statistics known on social networking sites.
Make a timetable and stick to it: Writing down what you are going to do and checking it off will help you get started on an exercise plan.
Add to your workout: By simply adding a few minutes at a time to the time you spend walking or jogging will bulk up your workout.

Keep talking when you jog: This not only keeps interesting but will also regulate your breathing when you workout. Have more water: Many a time keeping exercise and other fatigue away is as simple as drinking more water to keep your body hydrated.
Relate fitness to all things: If you start thinking on these lines, most of the things you do will have a fitness element to it and will add up to a lot in the long run.
Pick a gym nearer home: When you do this, the place of workout is within reach and makes sure you have no excuse to miss workouts. Start cleaning the house: This can be a very useful and effective workout when you add touches like dancing or squatting to this. Make water more delicious: Treat yourself to flavored water which is icy cold by adding pieces of frozen fruit to the water you carry when you go out to work out adding pleasant memories to working out.
Wrap phone well: This will mean that you have no exercise to go out while it rains as your phone is well protected.
Keep rewarding yourself: When you achieve a certain level of fitness or adhere to some schedule of exercise, treat yourself to something like an outfit for working out or some shoes or something else that is related and will keep you going. AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. It’s time to give your fingers a rest and start exercising some different parts of your physiognomy.
In just 20-30 minutes, 3 times a week, this program will get you to the goal of running 3.1 miles in 9 weeks or less! The Beer Gut Fitness app acts as a calorie check book, letting you know when you’re free to have another drink or when you might need to lay off and take a walk. The Back Packer pro is a great addition to a health and fitness app collection for those seeking the scenic route to better health. My blog is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would truly benefit from some of the information you present here. From simple workout trackers to in-depth exercise primers, my view is that if such apps aren't a clear and direct help, they're a dangerous and misguided hindrance.
While it's not quite as feature-rich as the previous pair of name-sharing, controversial releases, the app -- developed independently of the original iFitness and Full Fitness titles -- does an admirable job of highlighting all the basics for novice trainers and intermediate lifters alike.
If your goals are for muscular hypertrophy or toning or slimming down for summer, this is your app.
Over 450 exercises are shown via video within the app (though you'll need a network connection to download them the first time), and I could find no fault with any of the demonstrations. If I were still a certified personal trainer, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend iFitness to any of my clients. You will find that the time saved will come in handy when you have many other tasks to attend to in the morning.

Giving you all the tools necessary to track progress and stay motivated, this app is my favorite one by far. The program coaches will guide you through a wide variety of exercise moves utilizing audio, photo and video instructions.
This app can keep your hard-earned physique in place, or at least stop the expansion of an already ample waistline. But if, like me, you're more interested in powerlifting, strongman training, and olympic disciplines, iFitness is of little practical value.
While the weight used is sometimes insufficient to show how proper form adjusts under heavy loads, it's definitely enough to get the point across. You can also track your progress, calculate your BMI, and keep an eye on muscular growth with iFitness' easy-to-understand body chart.
And, at its opening sale price of just a buck (two for the iPad version), you probably won't find a better deal in workout apps on the App Store. Whether you want to resemble your favorite celebrity or are just hoping to look a little less like a geeky couch potato, these 5 fabulous Android fitness apps may be the key to amping up your fitness routine and increasing overall health. It's extremely easy to modify any preset routines, too, so you can tailor the app to your individual needs. These will help make things easier when it comes to fitness and ensure that you are motivated to work out. Users can share their trips on Facebook and twitter, geo tag photos and videos, and much more.
Plus, I'm lucky enough to have a legitimate WSM contender and former Olympian as my gym partner and coach, so I wouldn't use that aspect even it were available. Logging sets and reps is straightforward and simple, and iFitness even features a built-in music player to keep you appropriately amped for your next lift. This program is great for people who want to get into shape without using any specialized equipment or gym membership. This app makes for a useful partner in your quest for better health by way of trail exploration. With offline access and scheduled reminders, you can easily stick to your training and fitness goals. Consider FitFix by POPSUGAR your partner in crime; download the free beta version today and let us know what you think — we'd love your feedback as we continue to improve the app! This is a great fit for serious fitness buffs who want to get into better shape than ever before.

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