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This item will be posted through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Searching for a simple, easy and effective exercise routine, but thought it was not possible? The Vitality 600i utilizes Weight Bearing Vibration Therapy, which was originally developed by Russian space scientists for athletes and astronauts. Lower Oscillating Speeds – Beneficial for strengthening bones, balance, and circulation, those who are overweight, frail or to assist with rehabilitation.
Medium Oscillating Speeds – Great for increasing stamina, reducing toxicity, increasing circulation and those of an intermediate fitness level.
Higher Oscillating Speeds – Perfect for those who are physically strong, athletes or those who are in sports training. The Vitality 600i only needs to be used for a minimum of 10 minutes (2-3 times a day), to begin to see impressive results! Almost any exercise from your typical gym workout or yoga class can be performed on the V600i. There is a vast range of both static and dynamic exercises that can be performed with the 600i, from kneeling, standing, sitting to laying on the platform. Our 'Certified Refurbished Tick' is your guarantee that this product has undergone strict quality control measures to ensure only the highest quality machines are made available to you.
The product must offer the customer superior value and quality, deliver genuine health benefits and be made in a way that recognises the scarcity of our planets resources.
Vitality 4 Life eBay Shop is proud to bring you a wide range of high-quality health products to suit every need.
Not only do we have the experience and expertise in the health industry, we also pride ourselves on offering a great level of customer service and support both before and after you purchase a Vitality 4 Life Approved Product! IIf you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us directly by email or phone-WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Please provide your full address (no PO Boxes) and phone number to ensure there are no delays with your shipment!
Please note, it is important that when purchasing an item with colour choices that you specify your colour at the time of check-out. We offer our customers a 14 Day Moneyback Guarantee- no questions asked!If for some reason you do not love a product you purchase from us you can return it to us for a full refund less the cost of shipping.
If something goes wrong with your product within its warranty we will cover the cost of parts and labour!
By clicking Confirm bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agreed to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. He says there’s been a 35% increase in people joining exercise programs in the last five years. Why?  Because they haven’t taken up membership with the organisation he’s head of, Exercise NZ and REPs (New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals).
He’s been very much getting onto CrossFit and is quoted as saying it’s been responsible for six deaths (he now says was misquoted but hasn’t provided evidence).  He calls all unregistered Trainers “cowboys”.
That same invitation went out to Vibration Training Studios and Instructors, and Pilates Studios and Instructors around 10 years ago and again, no one joined up.  Yet another group not linked to Exercise New Zealand and REPs is Zoomba, although when held in a branded gym, the gym and the trainers might be registered.
One of the sources of concern is New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation figures that show a big increase in injuries coming from sport and exercise.  NZ’ers love of rugby and football mean these sports feature high in injury figures, followed by the high intensity workout systems of Zumba and CrossFit. Well it might sound reasonable if it ensured public safety but does that regulation really work? As long as they pay the yearly fees and meet minimum requirements of working in the industry and a few points for attending the conference or short course, they stay all good and registered.
Newly qualified trainers are told – join up, pay your yearly fees and we will provide you with resources, guidelines and the yearly FitEx conference (at a reduced rate, which means nothing in my opinion as conference costs have to be met so the fee is set to meet that). Gyms and fitness businesses are told they need to be registered (club registration) and then they may ONLY employ REPs NZ registered personal trainers and fitness instructors. My experience was very different to what it looks like to the general public – I’m really disappointed with REPs; I got nothing out of my 5 years membership.
I work for Vibra-Train NZ, a non-registered fitness business, it’s one that will never join Exercise NZ or REPs.
Previously I’d invited (by email) any Fitness NZ person to visit me but was told they don’t have the resource to visit. And the only vibration training place that was REPs registered and employed only REPs registered trainers, was owned by an Exercise NZ staffer. An explanation in simple terms is it’s a strength and conditioning program, for all ages and abilities, that uses a wide range of extremely challenging and engaging workouts. With so much involved it’s obvious that Crossfit Instructors have to be very knowledgeable and highly trained. But, Crossfit, you do have problems – I’ve watched videos showing terrible practices, certain to cause injury, and pushing people to achieve against all sense and safety. You MUST clean up your OWN methods and come down very hard on lazy or undisciplined instructors; get rid of them, they won’t change.
I laughed, of course, but then thought that others might read that post and it might cause some confusion, so decided to write a brief blog on the different types of vibration machines and how they work.

We girls love these quirky, laughable terms and we immediately identify with their meaning. Every week there’s an editorial in the newspaper, a television documentary, or a magazine article on this same topic “How can we get people to exercise” so I wasn’t expecting outstanding or anything new in the blog I read and I was right, it was all the same information I’ve read time and time before.
This is a question that comes up often – Which is best?  Which one is cheaper?  Which one will make me get stronger fastest?  Lose weight fastest? It’s such a huge question with so many variables, it really is one I try to avoid, but it was put to me by a relative recently so here’s the answer I gave her. This immediately brought up further questions – Supervised sessions versus just doing what you choose to do? What about best results?  Which one – Vibration Training Studio or the Gym – gives you the best results? Do you have any disabilities or other factors that will affect your ability to train, either at the gym or vibration training studio? If you have tried the gym though and it’s just “not for you”, for whatever reason, – give Vibration Training a go. Does your Gym or Fitness Centre have a Vibration Machine in the corner or in a side room but you don’t know how to use it? Did you buy a machine on Ebay or New Zealand’s TradeMe and you don’t really know how to use it?
If you are using a lower force machine, once you’ve mastered the program and are making sure you are getting into and maintaining Perfect Position you can double up on the squats and later on the full program. Be sure your machine is lineal (upright vibration) before following these instructions although most positions can be adapted for pivotal (side to side) machines. IVTRB Safety Program Step-by-Step instructions: Click here for instructions and explanation of each position.
This photo essay show the results of 5 years of fitness workouts using only Vibra-Train brand vibration machines; a self test done by the owner and designer of the machines, Lloyd Shaw.
For the older adult exercise improves balance and stability and so lessens the risk of falling over. This all sounds quite negative but there is a lot we can do to improve balance and coordination in older people or better still, to prevent some of the decline in the first place. Both pivotal (see-saw motion) and lineal (upright movement) machines are effective for improving balance. What about the kids who are already quite overweight or already obese?  To say they are unlikey to enjoy a running program is understating the reality! Maybe kids running training classes will be optional but being presented as a life changing program I’m doubting that and pretty sure it will be inflicted on all kids regardless of shape, size, and the ability to even run from one lamppost to the next.
I”m really against instilling into young minds that any particular form of exercise is the only way to achieve results . I believe we will see an increase in the use of Vibration Training for overweight children. Overweight and obese adolescents and children are welcome to come into Vibra-Train studios. Last week’s customers all had questions about Vibration Training or they had specific desires, several wanting to only work out their upper body, telling me that they did a lot of running and that was all they thought they needed for their legs. Those who are regularly walking or running need to understand how different Vibration Training is; how training on high-force, lineal machines builds muscle and is considered a form of resistance training whereas running is for cardio fitness. The Vmax i25 is our single motor offering vibration machine that has been redesigned and upgraded with a 1.5 HP motor for increased lifting power to provide greater stability and vibration motions. The incredible benefits have led to the development of such machines for home use, like the Vitality 600i.
The Vitality 600i can easily be positioned anywhere in the home so you could literally exercise while watching the TV or reading a book – it is that easy! By using the Vitality 600i, you will take your normal fitness routine to a whole new and exciting level! The Hz measurement is applicable to linear platforms only; oscillating platforms are measured by amplitude. This means when you buy a product with Vitality 4 Life you have the security of knowing we will be here for years to help you with any problems or concerns you might have with any products you buy with us! For this reason we are a secure PayPal Distributor and also accept Debit and Credit payments as well as Electronic Funds Transfers. Most orders received before 12pm on a business day will be sent out the next day with our deliveries! It is also helpful if you provide a phone number at check-out as our shipping company does prefer this in case they need to get in touch with you during the delivery process. If something you receive from us is not in PERFECT condition then you can send it back to us for a new one- Vitality 4 Life will happily cover the cost of shipping.
And if something goes wring with your item after its warranty has expired we will still be able to help you get it working again!
Whether you have a question about one of our products you are considering purchasing or need assistance with something you have already bought you can contact us through eBay, email or phone. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. This is good news but he’s also been making statements about unregistered Personal Trainers; basically rubbishing them and telling the public not to trust them.
The business advertised their registered status as a superiority over other studios but when I visited I was dismayed by, in my opinion, the lack of safe practise and lack of understanding the differences of vibration training to other training methods.

The aim is to produce overall super fitness; muscular, cardiovascular, coordination and balance, stamina, speed, mental control and more .
No one will come out and test your trainer’s competency or safe practise, or help you regulate within your own method. Vibration Training at specialised studios in New Zealand includes fully supervised instruction.
They left buzzing and happy yet they never looked good and were very lacking in any muscle strength. Vibration training takes from 15-40 minutes depending on the machine type, brand and what studio you go to.  You can usually wear street clothes. It is designed for medium and higher energy platforms like VibroGym, BodyShaker, DKN Lineal platforms, and Power Plate clones BUT it’s also effective with low energy home machines of the sort you can buy in a sports or general supply shop or online. Doubling up on a pose can be performing it for 2 minutes instead of 1 or doing two sets of 1 minute poses dependant on the timing controls available on the machine.
Full instructions for the safe use of pivotal vibration machines will be available very soon.
By carefully going through it step-by-step you can be sure of getting into position correctly and having an effective workout. His muscle definition was better than the average gym goer but there’s no way he would take off his shirt and pose back then.
The picture below of Lloyd Shaw taken April 7th, 2011 – a slimmer profile showing amazing abs and a completely balanced look. This is something that its hard to even visualise when we are younger and rushing here and there with no thought of our legs not holding us up but its a fact of aging that people lose some of that ability to balance. Our brain and our body responds to the surfaces and even the air around us and when we are standing or walking keeps us balanced and not leaning too far forward, back, sideways or toppling over. It improves balance effectively and stabilises and strengthens the muscles supporting the joints. There may be reasons of availability, injury, general health or preference to choose one type over the other. It was set up as an 8, 10, or 12 week training program in schools for 7-13 year olds culminating in the 2.195km Kids Marathon race at the Auckland Marathon event. Running isn’t suitable for everyone and can even induce injuries in unfit, overweight people. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Perfect for weight loss, flexibility, muscle strength and rehabilitation, the 600i is the perfect piece of exercise equipment for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels!
With pre-set programs and settings, people of all fitness levels, body types and ages can use the V600i. Research has found that low amplitude vibrations are best for humans; however, the human response to Hz differs from person to person.
The quality is evident in the FULL warranty we offer and each machine is serviced by a Vitality 4 Life Service Technician before dispatch. That is why if you find a Vitality 4 Life Approved product being sold cheaper anywhere else- WE WILL MATCH THE PRICE,THAT'S A PROMISE! Also I heard comments from people who changed over to train with me; there’s no way I would employ any of those REPs registered vibration training instructors. Each day a different workout (WOD) tests and develops strength in one particular area or function. It seems to me that REPs is all about money, your money – you pay to call yourself registered and then you continue to pay to have your company registered and then each year you continue to pay.
We all know there’s no pill, no potion, no nutrition supplement that negates the need for regular exercise.
This can range from one-on-one, through to group classes, or one instructor supervising a room full of people with each at different positions of a regulated safety program.  Each of these scenarios works very well. A gym session will take at least 30 minutes, usually 90 minutes plus time to shower and change back into your street clothes.
Lloyd’s only gym visits were once every few months to check out his strength which was increasing. I know Lloyd well and can attest that his diet isn’t always great (too much fastfood) although he has cleaned it up somewhat this year.
Diet and metabolism play a part in how much muscle and fat a person has and must be a part of any real fitness program.
From athletes, the elderly or to those in rehabilitation, the Vitality 600i is for anyone and everyone! The research we have studied suggests that vibrations in the 12 to 60 Hz range have many beneficial effects although above the 40 Hz range is more suitable for serious athletes.
The workout remains the same for all people with variance in load or workout intensity (and only if really necessary an alternative yet similar workout). Only you can decide if what you get for that money is worth it to your company and your trainers. Speed is a major component in WOD (this can lead to sloppy form in challenges where speed should not play a part, in my opinion).

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