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Although fitness centers, health clubs and gyms are everywhere, most of us that belong to a gym rarely go. You may find this as a shocker, but these inner and outer thigh machines are a BIG waste of time. You see, the theory is that when you use these machines, you really feel those inner and outer thigh muscles burning, and so it must be burning off the fat in those areas, right? Although these exercises can strengthen your ability to squeeze the life out of a Susan Summers Thighmaster, they’re just not going to change the fact that you hate the feeling of your inner thighs rubbing together when you walk.

This means that no matter how much we work a certain area of our body, it will NOT burn fat off the area we are working! Are you telling me the hundreds of hours I’ve put in on the ab-machine twisty-thingy and the ab-cruncher-do-hicky-thingy are not doing a damn thing for burning fat off my stomach?!!! Now, thank the lord these are rarely found in gyms or health clubs anymore, but if you should find one, turn around and run the other way. If you need a stronger neck, you can lay on the ground and lift your head up and down ten times…then work your way up to 3 sets.

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