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Some of the most effective gym exercises are performed during circuits which incorporate a variety of different aerobic and anaerobic exercises.
The gym should be regarded as a place to improve individual fitness and health and not as a way to show off and be fiercely competitive.
Gym exercises typically begin with warming up muscles on walking, running machines, cycling and rowing machines before moving to adductor and strength building machines. Like the running machine the pull and duration needs to begin quite slowly to accustom the muscles to being used. Each of the gym exercises carried out on a variety of machines needs to be fully explained as to which parts of the body and muscles are being worked to achieve maximum impact.
Ideally circuits should be carried out twice a week to begin with unless informed otherwise by the instructor.

Once the machine exercise has been completed the circuit should come to a close with warming down exercises to return heart rate and muscles back to their normal rhythms.
Jean-Helene View moreHi, I'm Jean-Helene and I'm a weight loss enthusiast who loves exercising and natural weight loss.
A good gym will have professionally trained fitness instructors who will compile a fitness program which suits individual needs and takes into consideration existing levels of fitness and overall health. The running machines should be programmed to begin relatively mildly with few steep inclines over a quite short duration, the rowing machines need to be adjusted to the person’s correct size to reduce the risk of injury and ensure the movements are carried out correctly. Cycling machine should also be correctly adjusted to ensure that the length of the leg muscles are not being over extended, gradual inclines and rates can be increased over time.
The weights can be added to once the correct techniques have been mastered and fitness improved.

Both the intensity and frequency can be increased over the weeks to obtain the most benefit. Skiing machines and moon-walkers are excellent machines, which like all of the other machines should be used gently to start with and increased over time.

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