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Form and execution are key so if your legs,abs,and back aren’t strong to begin with try the water version to help reduce discomfort before attacking the land flutter kick.
The flutter kick targets lower ab development while strengthening and toning upper leg -hip muscles. The land flutter kick shrinks your waist, gets your ab and leg muscles strong  leaving swimmers virtually gliding in the water. On a personal note, I have worked in the fitness industry for a long time, spending a good amount of time around some of the top tier trainers in NYC, and none compare to the quality of results that I received by elite top trainer Justin Settineri.

The water flutter kick will help reduce any pain or stiffness getting your legs,abs,and back strong. To work the back of the leg muscles and low back simply flip over on your stomach and perform reverse flutter kicks.
Lying on your back feet 6 inches in the air,rest your head on the mat so your neck doesn’t get jacked.
To increase intensity lower the legs closer to the floor,alternate the rapid straight leg kick for 20-30 seconds 2 -3 sets increasing your time each week.

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