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They're fine in addition to heavy compounds but if all you're planning doing is cables, I'd hold on the receipt and go buy some free weights and a bench! The TKO Functional Trainer is a heavy-duty & smooth operating system with all the goodies you need for a complete functional trainer. There are lots of considerations when purchasing exercise equipment or fitness equipment and also the greatest challenge is of selecting the one, that particularly matches your budget, space and fitness level. Powertec Workbench Levergym is a  lock-and-load removable bench section opens up the lever area for power exercises such as squats, shrugs and rows.
With Powertec LeverGym Compact Gym you get the freedom you feel when performing free weight exercises but with the total safety of a machine.
The Tuff Stuff FTX Functional Trainer bridges the gap between traditional, fully supported strength machines, and free form cable trainers.
In addition to the FTX’s space saving corner design, the 360 degree adjustable pulleys allow user customization of height and width of the cable position, to increase exercise variety and add control to the cables direction of travel. The unique patent-pending design adds two key features to revolutionize training applications – the Progressive Stabilization Pad, which allows the user to incrementally modify the stabilization provided, and the Cable Width Adjustment, which results in innumerable height and width configurations, giving the most creative trainers unlimited exercise possibilities. Dual Weight Stack – Two weight stacks allow for fully independent motion and asymmetrical loads for single users, or individual stations for two users. Progressive Stabilization Pad – The Progressive Stabilization pad adjusts to create stable, partial, or unstable conditions for a variety of upper and lower body movements. Advanced Cable Adjustment – Vertical and rotational adjustments permit limitless cable configurations to support any programming needs.
The Bravo Lift’s patent pending Free Start technology paves a path to an easier, safer and more effective workout by correctly positioning the user before any weight is ever engaged.
Some lifting stations have a tendency toward very directional loading, which may tilt the user unnaturally forward or back throughout their movements. Ironcompany Fitness News » Functional Trainers Boost Strength & Exercise Variety! As our society moves towards convenience, it is quite the norm for most people to spend countless hours tapping away at a laptop, phone or smart gadget to help complete the tasks necessary to earn a paycheck.
Functional strength training is simply exercising your body in a manner that helps you to meet the requirements of daily life and athletic function. Incorporating functional strength training into your daily workout regimen involves activities and movements that engage multiple muscles (or muscle groups) of the body and taking these muscles through different planes of motion similar to that of every day movement. While you’re pressed for time these days, making every minute count in your daily exercise regiment is critical.
Functional trainers are no longer a craze and have become a staple in homes and health clubs. These cable machines introduce a user to movement patterns in multiple planes to allow recruitment of every major muscle group on the body.
If it’s time to push away from the desk and get back into life with movement or if you’re a club owner looking to increase profit in a small space, its paramount that you consider purchasing a functional trainer to help you reach your goals!
With so much information on the internet today, it can be overwhelming when searching for the right piece of fitness equipment.
It's been a while since I've been able to use one of these, so I'm looking for ideas for using it.

I've wanted this cable lat machine for a while now and I finally pulled the trigger last month. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group.
There are multiple positions to perform pull ups with six molded grip handles to choose your preferred grip position. Health club workout or public gym is excellent for those who don’t have any equipment of their own. The wheeled bench offers easy in-and-out access, and it includes handlebars for gripping during leg exercises. The innovative FTX with Core Support Pad allows users to perform ground based strength and fitness movements from either the unsupported, partially supported, or fully supported position, allowing the use of progressively heavier resistance loads for enhanced variety and results. The adjustable FTX Core Support Pad allows the user to work with progressively heavier resistance loads while maintaining proper exercise biomechanics and motion. Cybex not only offers tremendous variety in selectorized cable exercises, but you also get your choice of the height (77 or 87 in.), color (choose from 5), and light or heavy duty build.
The Free Start mechanism allows for 30 inches of bilateral start position adjustment, but always returns the handle to the resting position.
Other units provide a much-reduced fore or aft load through the movement, but require the user to pick the resistance up from the platform level. Some of us spend 40, 50 and even 60 plus hours a week in seated, crouched and contorted positions. As this training movement started in medical rehab settings and then quickly moved to athletic and sport rehab settings, the benefits that come with training the body to meet the demands of everyday movement has catapulted into homes and athletic clubs the world over.
Using functional strength training movements that allow you to get a total body workout, increase strength, stand up, balance, engage your core, move your body through a full range of motion, increase mind body awareness and raise motor skills function is what gets the job done fast so you can get back to living! These space saving machines are adorned with cables, pulleys, handles and weight stacks and are designed to give you total body workouts that allow you to switch from upper to lower body exercises in seconds! Since functional trainers incorporate the use of handles attached to cables, the user is allowed to determine their own path of motion which allows for micro adjustments through a full range of movement.
These machines provide variety that is unheard of with single movement equipment or machines (i.e. Line up the pulleys to start a chest press movement, then adjust the pulley heights to the bottom and perform a bicep curl, adjust the pulleys to a mid position on the pulley column and start a mid row exercise to engage the back!
With so much power packed into a small space saving punch, adding a piece of equipment that can breath life back into your body, home or club is a smart investment! It's a nice addition to the free weight exercises and I can do stuff I wasn't able to do with just the bench and free weights. We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self.
There is a dual roller mechanism or pulley housing that provides smooth performance and easy adjustment.
There have been interesting methods, where people can use their own body weight as a tool to create muscles.
The main advantage of this resistance machine is that it’s built around a bench with a lever arm.

The Exercise Equipment Weight plates are loaded directly onto the lever which simply replaces and provides the natural feel and resistance of free weight with the safety and control of a machine. And, other features that make this Exercise Equipment stand out from the rest are adjustable ball bearing reinforced pulleys that come with 17 positions.
Typical free form cable exercises do not allow the use of heavy loads due to the lack of anatomical support and positioning leverage. It lets the user select a predetermined amount of cable to pull from the machine with minimal resistance before the actual weight stack load engages. In order to perform a squat, for example, the user would have to curl and clean the weight they intended to squat.
For both cases, very boring and simply not allowing your body to benefit from multi-plane movement! With pages and pages of functional trainers to research and compare, we are positive you’ll find the perfect trainer that will fit your needs.
The dual independent pulleys ensure the best available isolateral workout.When used in conjunction with the optional Utility Bench you have a complete home gym, With the bench attachments you can exercise exercise every single major muscle group in your body.
The FTX Core Support Pad corrects this inadequacy while allowing for greater core muscle activation and enhanced control. The advanced cable adjustment system lets not only the height of the cable to be adjusted, but also the width between cables.
With the Bravo Lift, the user has the ability to select the length of cable that they can comfortably get to their shoulders in a squat position with minimal load to allow for much more natural movement experience. Our cores weaken, our muscles stiffen, our necks and backs strain and our joints begin to dry up. Adding functional training exercises to your life can enhance your well being in quick time and the benefits of this will be felt by the average Joe, weekend warrior or athlete! Throw in optional accessories such as cable attachments, stability balls and multi-angle benches and the number of exercises you can perform jumps off the charts! Raise one pulley up high on the cable column and practice the starting movement of your golf swing or perform a single arm tricep press down!
The result is that you get the same resistance strength training with the same feeling of freedom you get with free weight workouts but you work in total safety.The PowerTec WB-LS has a patented linkage seat section which provides numerous positions.
With 11 different vertical and 17 separate horizontal adjustments, the FTX Core Support Pad offers virtually unlimited exercise customization and program design.
There's no better what to attain the shape you want than by using the Powertec WB-FT11 Functional Trainer. Best of all, a functional training machine allows a user to stay away from mental fatigue which often leads to over-training and boredom of doing the same thing over and over again! The TKO Functional Trainer is a great machine with everything you need and a great value at around $2500.

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