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One of our services that set’s Matt Holland Fitness apart from the others is that we offer a complete and comprehensive set of customised fitness testing that are retaken on a regular basis. In our opinion, fitness testing is an essential part of any fitness programme because it gives us a starting point and an idea of where your current health and fitness levels are at. When you purchase a 10 or 20 session fitness package then these tests will be repeated every 4 -6 weeks completely free of charge (that’s a ?25.00 saving each time). For more information on fitness testing or to book in for testing please give us a call on 07912 754088 or you can get in touch via our contact page. If you are beginning your biking unit, please take the time to view the following sites for review some of the hand signals and other safety tips that are involved in biking.
Skills Assessed: Basic basketball fundamentals like dribbling, passing, and shooting are all assessed in this unit. Students are reminded that they need to write one long-term fitness goal and one short-term fitness goal related to their fitness testing. These completed goal statements, action plan, and documentation should be all be typed within the same blog post on your blog, before the end of quarter 1. Answer the following questions and use your answers (in your own words) to write an introductory paragraph about Fitness before you establish and write your SMART Goal and Action Plan on your blog. Fitness tests include; Mile, Run, Beep Test, Push-Ups, Sit-ups, Shuttle Run, 10m Dash, Vertical Jump and Standing Long Jump.
NEXT…Writing a SMART goal requires a step by step process, but writing a Smart goal is only the first part. As you have already been told, our Middle School is going Cup Free starting on Monday, September 14th. Be sure to pay attention to the announcements this week to find out sales locations and tips for keeping your bottles clean and germ free. Some classes are outside for the next little while, so be sure to practice good health habits in relation to our environment. Challenge Series 1 Imaginative monthly events and accompanying awards for enhanced physical activity. Challenge Series 2 Following in the tradition of our original Challenge Series, Challenge Series 2 offers 13 supplemental fun runs with accompanying awards.

I Don't Bully Using a Western theme, this unique program empowers students with knowledge and practical ways to bully proof themselves. I Love to Read A dynamic incentive-based program that encourages children to read books, magazines, short stories and more!
Lift-A-Ton A fun, equipment-free program designed to develop upper body and core (abdominal) strength. Mega Mileage Club Equates more than 100 physical activities (fitness, housework, sport, yardwork and recreational) to one mile of walking. Mileage Club Implemented all over the United States and Canada, Mileage Club is our most popular program. Pack-a-Snack Building on the USDA's MyPlate initiative, Pack-a-Snack teaches youth healthy choices and appropriate portion sizes. Buy all four of the key fitness components--25 Cardiovascular, 25 Flexibility, 25 Core Fitness and 25 Upper Body Fitness (100 in all).
Every Balanced Fitness client goes through a health and fitness assessment prior to commencing training.
Unlike other fitness assessments, at Balanced Fitness we aim to know how you move and what types of exercises you are capable of then we can worry about how many repetitions at what weight and what heart rate levels are appropriate. Once the introductory questionnaires are completed online we can schedule your first fitness session, the Consultation and Assessment.
All of your education, programming, questionnaires and results are brought to life, and backed by regular motivation so your road to success is clearly paved.
What We DoAt Balanced Fitness our goal is simple: to help our clients achieve sustainable health, wellbeing and fitness, using leading-edge scientifically proven techniques specifically tailored to meet individual needs and goals. It gives us a starting point & an idea of where your current health & fitness levels are at. We won’t let you enter into a fitness programme until we are satisfied you are healthy enough to take part. As classes are often combined, students will have the opportunity to learn from each of the Middle School Physical Education teachers. All classes have completed multiple units to date and most are starting to wrap up 1st quarter Fitness Testing.

So much so, that it is the only unit that is conducted four times throughout the year.Most students have already performed pre-tests and are now in the midst of their first quarter fitness tests.
Being a responsible person for your health within our environment, you will need to bring a water bottle to school everyday.
We are already starting to wrap up our first units and I think we are all looking forward to the pleasant weather that is to come. The assessment is straight forward and relatively painless and is vital to determine your current level of movement and whether you can safely commence training. Using an assessment in this way places your physical abilities at the forefront of how we progress your workouts.
We appreciate full honesty from clients and any health problems, however big or small, will be taken into account during these tests, for example if you have high blood pressure but it’s being regulated by medication. If the progress isn’t quite as quick as expected then we can look at tweaking certain things from the results given. Be sure to include each of the following in your long-term and short-term goal statements. It’s a program that helps guide you through three push-up workouts per week to help improve the number of push-ups that you can successfully complete. Here are some exercises that you can easily do at home or while away on our upcoming vacation. Remember the Middle School is going Cup Free starting this Monday, September 14th, so be sure to have your water bottles all day long, not just for PE classes. The goals will be written on their blogs and each student will document progress throughout each quarter as they work to acheive their stated goals.

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