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I have really been trying hard to keep myself fit and active and trying to up my fitness levels for the past couple of years.
I researched long and hard before buying a rebounder as I really wasn't sure they would work, then a friend called with his wife who hadn't mentioned she was losing weight and I was absolutely bowled over! I am not a lover of exercise but one piece of exercise equipment that I absolutely love is my Kettler Rebounder, which Mark bought me for my birthday last year. I've had a Rebounder for YEARS when they was just called mini trampolines, it's one of them things that's nice to have but they break pretty quick so I don't think it's worth spending mega bucks on one. When I decided to try and lose some weight I went out and bought a load of home gym equipment and some snazzy work out gear. When my friend was refurbishing his small gym he decided that he had no use for a rebounder (Reebok) and asked me if I wanted it. I don't like exercising and I am always on the look at for something that will make it more fun and enjoyable. My mum bought this for me around five years ago, if not longer and me and some of my family members have used it so much that it's looking very worse for wear now! I have had this trampette (mini trampoline) for about 6 years now and it is still in the same condition as when I first got it - not through lack of usage I might add!! It Was Only 3 months a go that i purchased this ?25 product from Argos but boy has it helped my weight loss effort. I bought my Pro-Fitness Jogger Trampette a couple of years ago when I started my health and exercise regime but didn't want to join a gym as I didn't want to go on my own, so exercising at home was a good option. I have always been keen on fitness but my busy life stops me getting to the gym witch has always been an obsession however i do have a nice collection of home exercise equipment. I bought myself the Pro- Fitness Trampette a couple of years ago from Argos as I was keen to do a bit of jogging but didn't necessarily want to have to face the British elements and a treadmill was out of my price league. Last year, I was given a mini trampoline as a gift, and these are also known as trampettes!
As part of the family fitness drive I decided to buy one of these mini trampolines (or trampette as it is more correctly known) from Argos late last year. I used to be a bit of a gym fiend until I had my two children but since then I have found it extremely difficult to get to the gym on a regular basis.
As you will see from other reviews I have various bits of exercise equipment around the house that I have collected over the years.
I have a seemingly never ending quest to find the perfect exercise mat, and one stop along the journey has seen me overcome the stigma of colour and brand and opt for trialing the Pineapple Yoga Mat.
I started doing yoga a few years and never planned on using a mat as I was happy to do it on the carpet, however, a couple of months ago I was given the Pineapple Yoga Mat as a gift and am happy to say that I will never go back to doing yoga or any kind of floor exercise without a mat. I have started yoga about 6 months ago at my local community hall with a couple of friends from work. Pineapple Yoga MatI have been attending some sort of Yoga class for years, I enjoy the relaxation, stretching and social aspects that I get from it.
Designet med den teknologi og de holdbare komponenter du kun kan forvente af en Lifecycle ® motionscykel. Lifecycle ® Motionscykel, kan ses i alle aspekter af dette design, fra den holdbare ramme til den intuitive konsollen. Designet med en ny let justerbar pedal rem, enkle sædeindstilling og let justerbare modstands indstillinger.
Our uniquely shaped bone dumbbells are coated in medium density neoprene to give a comfortable grip.
Gracias a los sistemas de compatibilidad los usuarios pueden hacer uso de las aplicaciones mA?s populares de salud y fitness como son MyfitnessPal y Apple Health. I have done yoga regularly for ages but my cardio has been lacking because I find it hard to find something that I enjoy enough to want to stick with. She had decided to eat healthier and do some rebounding for exercise as she was a little embarrassed to go to the gym and boy did she look amazing.
I knew I wanted a trampoline as I had read in a magazine that they were fantastic for burning fat and let's be honest it looks like loads of fun.
I actually remember when I was younger how I would use this trampette as a kind of brace to get onto my fully-sized trampoline I had as a child. It is still useable but quite noisy and some of the springs have come away from the material slightly which is always a bit of a worry as they're quite sharp. These V-Fit trampette's currently retail for about ?30-?40 depending on where you buy from. My friend suggested I get a mini trampoline as she found it worked her a lot harder compared to jogging meaning that she didn't have to be working out for a long period of time to feel her heart racing. That is why these days you will find me exercising at home - mainly on my trusted treadmill but sometimes I like to ring in the changes and do something a bit different.
One of my biggest passions is competitive cheerleading which involves a lot more than dancing and throwing pompoms in the air. To be honest, I can hardly see a difference between yoga mats and exercise mats, with the majority of them being okay but a few howlers along the way.This mat is actually quite decent. The risk of some pretty dodgy looking carpet burns also does not appeal and so a year ago I invested in a yoga mat.I love Pineapple products and wear a lot of their clothing while exercising (some of the tops with support built in are ideal for any ladies out there) so I was chuffed when I managed to pick this up on amazon for around the ?10 mark (although I actually got it for free in effect thanks to Dooyoo vouchers!).
I am trying to tone up and yoga is perfect as you do not have to be super fit to do it another benefit about yoga is that it chills you out after a stressful day at work.The yoga class provides its own exercise mats but i wanted to buy one to practice my new moves at home. These ergonomically shaped dumbbells make the perfect solutions for adding extra resistance into group fitness sessions. Esto es parte de nuestro compromiso en crear equipos de ejercicios excepcionales que atraen e inspiran a los usuarios.
This one has a 38" diameter, which is average for this type of product, and will hold a person who weighs up to sixteen stones. I did look around prior to the purchase and were not surprised to see this is one of the most inexpensive rebounder's available online. Back then I didn't really use it for exercise but more for just general fun but now that I'm more consciously interested in keeping fit its nice to have around. It was suggested to me by my mums friend and she told me she has lost lots of weight on it and makes all of your body work hard.When you first take it out the box it does take a little while to set up but it mainly consist of screwing in legs.
The pro-fitness trampette can still be bought at this price from argos and homebase.The pro-fitness trampette comes flat packed in a large brown box.
The one I was given is the Pro-Fitness Jogger Trampette and it can be bought from Argos for just under ?20. One of the things I now use on a fairly regular basis is my Pro Fitness trampette which I was lucky enough to get for free from a very generous Freecycler who told me that she had bought it on impulse but never used it! I bought it to use for a cardio workout at home as an alternative to going up the gym, or if I'm feeling very energetic as well as going to the gym. Regular stretching and yoga sessions are a must to keep yourself flexible and allow you to do all the crazy looking things needed for a proper cheer routine.After a while I joined a yoga group at our university gym to keep improving my flexibility. To start with, it has decent storage options, coming with its own bag and adjustable strap for portability. It is thick enough to make working out so much more comfortable, meaning you can do it for much longer, but thin enough to roll the mat quite small so it can be kept out of the way until required.
I was looking for one that could be easily stored and comfortable to use.I went to JJB sports shop and came across the pineapple range of fitness equipment, It was perfect for me as it was pink and compact and lightweight.
Now after a few years I don't see my self as the professional but I think I'm pretty good at it! Upright Lifecycle ® Motionscykel er ren Life Fitness og et "must have" for alle faciliteter.
Bygget med mange års forskning og udvikling samt de bedste ergonomiske og bruger baserede test i branchen. I bought a mini trampoline because I thought it might be a little bit more fun to work out on. I had chosen this particular model as it had 6 legs instead of 4 as this would be far safer with no chance of tipping once I started to leap on it.
It's very attractively styled with a black trampoline, ummm, 'bouncy bit' and silver padding around the edge, the legs and frame are also silver to give the rebounder a more bling look than most of them have. With Reebok being such a well known brand I trusted their product would be of a high quality and last me a long time. When I got the box I was a bit shocked to realise how heavy it was as I imagined it was going to be really light weight but then thinking about it, it would need to be quite reinforced to be able to hold my weight at the time.I was excited to get it home and start using it.
About the product?The product promises to improve your strength, balance and general fitness. The current retail price is around the ?30.00 mark depending where you buy it from which in my opinion is a reasonable price and if you look after it (eg don't make the mistake of lending it to two hyperactive kids like I did) it will stay in pretty good condition. Although I don't use mine every day I use it fairly frequently as it is much nicer to be able to do my jumping in the privacy of my own home. The main black part of the trampoline is strong so maximises your leg work during the excercise session.
I did put WD40 on mine one time and it helped a little but you can still hear it slightly, so it's now left for a toy for the grandchildren. When i say flat packed the trampette base is ready built but you do have to attache the legs. The main body of the trampoline is black with the pro fitness logo and is 92cm in diameter. If I had bought it though, it would have cost me ?19.99 from Argos - a price I would have been happy to pay!When you get the trampette you have to attach six legs to the round bit that you bounce on.
I was a little unsure at first about the Pro Fit Jogger as I was unsure as to whether I would get much use out of it as well as being concerned about using it, I'm not the most balanced person ever, however even I can use the Pro Jogger without falling off, and recommend it as an excellent form of exercise to anyone. The mats provided are quite rubbish as they are tiny and too thin to be effective against the cold or work as a buffer.
The mat keeps a curled state for a short while after taking it out and unrolling it, but after a while this stretches out. Also it is not squishy so you can do the poses with stability, the only thing I would say is that it can be slippy with socks on and after using it for a while with bare feet if they begin to sweat this can also make you slide around a bit. In actual fact it gives a great workout.I bought this product from Debenhams for ?10 with a voucher I received for our wedding. And it was fun to begin with but at the end of the day the novelty wears off and I found myself using it less and less though I still get it out occasionally and have a good jump. The legs themselves screwed into the pre drilled ports on the frame and once tightened, were ready to stand. Then one of my friends had a moment of inspiration of using the mini trampoline to fly majestically through the air into the pool. The rebounder was so easily put together that I managed it myself (usually I just pile up all the things that need putting together and shout Mark), you simply screw the legs into the round frame and pull the padding outwards so that it's a snug fit around the edge. Setting it up was really easy, there was the legs to screw in to the trampoline and that was it.
These mean that it doesn't slip easily and also that it can be a little awkward moving around if you attempt to push it across the floor, so its better to lift the trampoline up onto its side and roll it to the place you want to move it to.
One of my friends has recently lost loads of weight and toned up big time, she told me the secret to the new her was a little trampoline she recently bought. It is essentially a mini trampoline so it won't be for any of the budding gymnasts out there but it is the right size for bouncing and running.
I have the black and silver version of the trampette but it is also available in red and black and blue and black. The Grey Trim which covers up the big bouncy springs is a nice touch and adds to the attractiveness of the trampoline.
I must say though they are all over ten years old as it's not suitable for younger children as they can fall off them easily, if unsupervised.So this was good at the time and the price was not too bad to pay, the quality is good as it is a strong trampoline and has lasted well, but the novelty has just worn off for me. With a push there doesn't seem to be much resistance but once you get bouncing it does give a little, making any work out harder work.
This is a really easy procedure that just consists of you screwing them on as tightly as you can. AppearanceThe Pro Fitness Jogger comes flat packed so some assembly is required, however this is minimal and basically consists of screwing the legs onto the top part of the trampette, it literally takes a few minutes and it is ready to use, you do need to make sure that the legs are screwed on properly before using it to prevent any nasty or embarrassing accidents. Spending ten Pounds on an exercise mat was a great investment and it made classes much more enjoyable. The mat is just under 5.5 foot long, which means that my 6 foot frame can't lie prostrate along it without either my head or my feet hanging off the edge. I have only used this mat on carpet and it stays exactly where I put it no matter much I move myself however I am unsure if it is as stable on wooden or laminate flooring. As we have wooden floors I needed one to put in front of the tv (I was too shy to attend a proper yoga class the size I was).
Luckily I didn't pay a lot of money for the trampoline as I got it second hand at a car boot sale where I only had to pay ?7 for it. The bouncer is a fabric, close weave elastic area that is remarkably smaller than a trampoline and a lot firmer, held onto the lightweight brushed steel frame by very strong springs all round and an elastic, string type arrangement that gave me confidence it would hold my portly frame.

The legs went in smoothly and there's just enough screwing involved to ensure they won't work themselves loose after a few bounces.
As well as increasing your fitness, it also promises to improve your muscles tone in your legs, bum and stomach, boost your circulation and give you more energy.
Mine says 'V-Fit' in white writing in the middle and it is identical to the dooyoo picture, but the branding has changed and the more recently made ones say 'pro fitness' - not that it effects the product or anything, I just thought that it was worth mentioning. I put the legs on the trampette myself because they just screw into the base and that's it simples ready to use.The trampette takes up a fair bit of room so i store it under my bed fits perfectly under there. The bouncing mat in the middle is attached to the metal frame using big springs which are covered over with a red trim, making it safer and look a bit nicer. Each leg has a rubber cap on the end, so that it will not damage carpets or floors, no matter where you choose to use the trampette. It doesn't take much for them to feel really secure and for the trampette to feel very steady.
For some reason out fitness centre does not have warmth in the exercise rooms as a priority and some English winter mornings can feel surprisingly similar to the Siberian climate.The Pineapple yoga mat is one of the better mats that I tried even though it is probably the ugliest.
The majority of mats are like this, so I was expecting it.Doing the majority of static exercises are fine with this mat. As this was a gift I was uncomfortable asking about the cost but from looking at other reviews it seems to be available from most department stores for about ?10-?15 and I'm guessing it can be found on ebay as products like this usually are. It is slightly padded which gives a cushioning effect and makes holding some of the harsher yoga positions (the plank, down faced dog for instance) easier because the wrists and hands are not bracing direct against a hard surface.I have also used my mat at a local yoga class where the floor was wooden and I was a little worried this would slip, however the material is not entirely smooth and has almost a fine weave texture, for this reason it does not slip on wooden floors at all which is a very good feature. In the past I have bought some really cheap yoga and exercise mats and it is a bit of a false economy I always end up getting another one (usually more expensive). There is a slightly padded area that then surrounds the base of the springs and would ultimately prevent any unwanted accidents should you bounce in the wrong direction and have your foot land on that area, this is in a bright blue colour and will keep you aware of where you are bouncing. The trampoline came with a few exercise suggestions but I thought it was probably wise for me to just start with basic jumping up and down.
The legs are about 20cms of the ground so you get enough height, but this isn't the kind of trampoline you would do any playing on, jumping really high, but you can still get a reasonable bounce.
This sounded like quite good fun and so I decided to splash out and buy myself one of these.I was told not to buy a cheap one of these. The trampoline is made from heavy duty nylon and it is waterproof so you could keep it as an outdoor product if you so wish.
As I mentioned before the legs are made of metal, they also have black rubber feet so they don't slip around on hard surfaces or make any permanent marks on carpet. These rubber caps also provide extra grip, so if you use the trampette on laminate or hardwood floors, you won't have to worry about the trampette slipping and sliding across the floor.I have found that this fits nicely in to the corner of my living room when it is not in use, and being so light, I can easily move it around to any where I wish to use it. Once it is assembled the trampette has a diameter of 92 centimetres and probably measures about six inches off the floor. The edge is slightly padded just to stop you from injuring yourself if you get a little to close to the edge, this is a bright blue in colour, the centre part which is the area you bounce on is black and had the words Pro Fitness written in white lettering across the middle of it, this is attached to the frame. Screaming pink is not really my thing but I read some good reviews about it and it comes with its own carrier bag. I don't think I ever would have actually purchased a yoga mat for myself but now I have used one I wouldnt go without again, I've had this for a couple of months and it is still in perfect condition and the Pineapple logo is still as dark and has not faded at all which can sometimes be a problem. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get the mat back in the bag after use as it looked a tight sqeeze.
The mat rolls out well and covers a good amount of floor space, the mat is thick enough to protect me from the hard flooring when preforming my yogo moves, my yoga class lasts for one hour and i find the mat keeps me comfortable throughout the hour and i also use it at home. In the middle of the trampette is a circle area that you will aim to bounce on as this provides the perfect place to get the ultimate effect from the rebounder.
Once assembled the rebounder is very secure and stable, each leg has a rubber foot which stops it slipping and sliding around even if you're exercising on laminate flooring as I usually am.
It wasn't quite as easy as I imagined it was going to be and I was out of breath within 5 minutes and had to stop. Assembly is really simple and was a case of just opening up the box and twisting on the legs to the main section. You can get them for around ?30 but these tend to be poor quality and this means they are going to damage your legs and not last as long. The Product gives your legs a lovely workout when jogging due to the resistance of the main body. It is around 34 inches in diameter.Pro-fitness trampette is a mini trampoline and has a sturdy steal frame but the edges are covered with a padded grey mat coving the frame and springs. All in all it's a sturdy piece of equipment, having said this though it's incredibly light weight and easy to carry around.
I usually place it in front of the TV when I use it, so I can workout whilst watching TV and this helps to make the time go quicker.
It is very light and portable which means that it can easily be used in different rooms in the house and even in the garden in the summer if it isn't raining!It is quite smart looking with a black base and some silver coloured protective plastic around the edge. The legs which screw onto the frame are sliver and have black rubber feet on the ends of them, this helps to stop the trameptte from moving and slipping about when using it, it also means that you could use the trampette on a tiled floor without fear of it sliding from under you. I would reccomend this to anyone starting out with yoga and even those who have been doing it a while as it really does enhance the experience.
In actual fact it wasn't too bad.When rolled out the mat lays flat and doesn't curl up like some cheaper mats. The main thing i like about this yoga mat is that it does not slide about the floor or start to fold over at the corners unlike a cheaper mat i had been using.The mat is soft and comfortable against my skin which is important to stop me from getting any friction burns. It is thick enough that in the colder nights it keeps a very welcome barrier between me and the cold floor. Assembling the trampoline was easy as it just had six legs to screw in and it only took me 5 minutes before it was ready to use. How this works--------------------The rebounder has many benefits and the main few being that it increases stamina, it protects the knees and hip joints from impact, helps lymphatic circulation and will help with weight loss with regular and continued use (with a healthy diet). The legs fit into the frame perfectly and there's not a hint of a wobble even during the most vigorous bouncing (or is it bounding) session, I've never once had to tighten the legs up so this shows they are unlikely to work themselves loose while you're exercising. It is a good size and there is enough space to do star jumps and running on the spot etc.The silver material around the trampette is made of a thick pvc type of material which is starting to come a bit loose and the black bouncy part is made from nylon. The noisy springs are quite of putting though so i wouldnt reccomend listening to anything on the tele whilst working out. The base feels quite taut and as it is only a few inches off the ground it does mean that you are not going to be jumping very high on the trampette.
The Pro Fitness Jogger is a little hard to store as it does not fold up, however if you do want to store it flat you could always unscrew the legs each time you want to put it away, however this is slightly annoying especially when you have got to sit and screw all the legs back onto it when you wish to use it, personally I leave mine in one piece and keep it in the garage, if I had one problem with it, it would be that it is slightly bulky to store. The underside of the mat has a slightly ridged pattern that aids grip, providing contours to create friction to allow the mat to hold on, and this is a bonus as a lot of mats don't have this, and getting them even slightly wet or even in their usual state means that they can slide. It also stays firm to the ground so when you stretch it isn't sliding all over.I do yoga at least once a week so ?10 has been well spent. It has a bullseye in the middle of the trampoline so that you know where to aim to stay on it but it isn't really going to make you jump high enough that you have to worry too much though I would be careful still as you could have a nasty fall and twist an ankle if you aren't at least a little bit careful. This rebounder comes with some instructions for use and a few ideas on how to use it effectively, I generally use it as if i was running (jogging) and this works extremely well. The trampoline itself is very bouncy, there's more resistance than if you were on a full sized trampoline and this is basically to help you burn more fat as you are working harder.
We used to leave the trampoline in the garden, because I said I used it when I was younger out in the garden, but that led to a leaking of oil (which I assume was present to coat the springs?) as the rain must've effected it poorly, however once I wiped that off its now perfectly fine and clean enough to store inside.
To be honest that was a little more than I really wanted to pay but if it got me fit I was happy to spend the money.The trampoline comes in a box and is extremely easy to put up, you just basically unfold it.
It is strong and doesn't dip when I stand on it and when I bounce on it there isn't much resistance. Amazingly the trampette takes the maximum weight of 15 stone.Pro-fitness trampette is to me a mini trampoline and requires bouncing like the trampoline does however unlike a trampoline the trampette is firm and hard to bounce on making muscles work hard. I found that it works my legs a bit harder to jog on the spot on a trampette than it would to jog on the spot and I like to know that I have worked harder. When I first took it out it took a while until the mat was nicely on the floor and did not roll up at the ends again. This one is actually quite good in this respect.Once you start building up a sweat, the mat gets slightly slidy when you're doing your exercises, but it's quite easy to wipe dry, the fabric not contorting and ridging up to make it hard like some mats can. Meaning that I don't feel like this will slip from under my feet, which is important in most exercise classes but very important when you are trying to balance in a Yoga class. As I said the trampoline was fun for the first few times I used it but it soon just started to turn into a chore to use.
The trampette is firm and gives good resistence, it feels safe and strong and can take up to 125kg, which is more than a lot of the cheaper models.
The fabric of the bouncy bit is stretched taut and hasn't sagged or needed tightening despite the fact that it's used extremely regularly by me and the kids - hell, three year old Hollie sees it as a warmer and less wind-swept alternative to her own mini outdoor trampoline!When I first had this particular rebounder it came with a booklet of exercises which could be done, these were graded from easy (for people starting out on their exercise regime) to som trickier ones which needed extra equipment. I dread to think what I must have looked like in those first few weeks of using the trampoline flailing about as I don't imagine it was an attractive sight.
You can fold it back up to store it but I tend to just leave it open as folding it back up is not easy.
I am eight stone and it has a maximum user weight of around seventeen stone meaning it's very strong. I would recommend this to anyone who finds outdoor jogging sore on the feet and anyone who may want to use a excercise component in multiple rooms. It simply works by bouncing in the middles of the trampette up and down this gets the heart going and starts working on the legs and bum muscles.
The trampette makes it easier on my knees when I jog on it, as it takes a lot of the pressure off the joints. In fact in the Argos catalogue it is described as an excellent indoor cardiovascular and general toning exerciser This makes it quite suitable for a variety of ages and my five and seven year old daughters really enjoy having a go on it. This would be more than appropriate to take to a yoga class as it is sturdy and professional looking.I didn't spend too long looking for a yoga mat but I know there are loads out there ranging massively in price.
The mat rolls up and can be easily stored in a drawer or i pop it under my bed.I love my pineapple yoga mat and use it often, its very practical for exercising.
This doesn't slide around when you are moving around, a bare minimum that I expect from a good Yoga or exercise mat. My old rebounder squeaked like a rusty old bicycle but this was as quiet as you could want, I watch TV whilst I'm 'jogging' without having to turn up the volume. With it size of around 40 inches it is perfect for one person to build up a heart beat and sweat ready for a decent work out.
I didn't really follow these instructions as it doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out that bouncing is the order of the day when using a trampoline. After a few weeks of using the trampoline religiously every day I really began to notice a change in my body.
This is always useful as sometimes I find myself slipping off the nylon middle if I get a little too into bouncing and it would hurt to catch my foot on the springs. All you have to do it attach the legs by screwing them into the provided holes which is actually really quick and easy to do. It is easy to jog on as it feels secure and strong under my feet and although I used to bounce up and down on it for ten minutes or so to get my heart pumping fast I find that the noise gets on my nerves and even when I have music blasting out of my earphones I can still hear it.I used to use mine indoors and outdoors but now that I rarely use it I just keep it in the garage.
Not only does the trampette work out the legs and bum area and helps tone these muscles but its good for the whole body.
I feel that it makes my leg muscles work harder, and I also use this with a few of my workout DVD's as the extra bounce adds an extra element to the workout.
The only restriction is a weight one as people who weigh over 100 kg (15 stone 10 pounds) should not use it.
There is nothing that I hate more than getting cold feet during the meditation part of the yoga class but luckily this mat is much longer than the ones provided by the gym. Previous padding starts to feel non existent and the foam element doesn't bounce back up as much as it did to start with. Yoga is a sport for all ages from teenagers to pensioners i really recommend that you give it a try. They really know how to cheer up a room and at yoga class I'm always standing out from the rest and get a lot of compliments from other people that the mat looks good!*********************************************************The main reason for being this Yoga mat and not some cheap mat is because of the anti-slip surface. It is padded enough without being too thick, it is still very slim as a Yoga mat should be, but it does offer some comfort.
I expected to spend half an hour just jumping around and having fun like I see the kids next door do on their trampoline. The springs are supporting all the body weight but this is distributed evenly between them and with a 21 coil rather than the normal 16 coil of the cheaper models, this made it extremely sturdy.
I use it in a number of rooms around my house and it works well on both carpets and wooden flooring. This is not the kind of trampoline you are going to be using for bouncing super high and doing flips and the like, however, you can still bounce quite high on it.
It also makes it easier to store the product if you don't want it on show all the time and I usually remove the legs and slide it under my bed.

This stayed in good condition for a good four and a half years or so until my cousin's two little ones spotted it. It helps to decrease fat, stress , cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure so its good for those people that suffer these problems.I have suffered from asthma all my life and as a teenager the doctor recommended a trampette to help increase oxygen going in and out of my lungs.
I find that I have a higher heart rate and I sweat more when I do workouts on the trampette. I generally like using it but only for short bursts as I tend to get a bit bored even though there are a variety of exercises that I try on it that involve both jogging and bouncing. I am 5'3 so I guess the mat is between 5'4 and 5'5.In terms of thickness I have to say that I found the mat surprisingly thin at first. However, I find that the support for exercises is generally okay, and for the price of around ?10 it's okay I suppose. I didn't want to slide trough the whole classroom while sitting in some position so I wanted to make sure it was not going to do that. When kneeling or lying on this it does make me much more comfortable than on the rare occasions I have been without it.
The feet on the rebounder have rubber feet and are extra wide for support, I use this on my wooden floor and it doesnt move anywhere! It comes with a blue safety trim to protect you from the springs and a black sheet that you bounce on. A friend of mine is very much into the body beautiful and he actually SKIPS (with a skipping rope!) on his rebounder - ouch, I can hear my bones crunching at the thought of trying it myself! I managed to lose quite a lot of weight within a few weeks and while I was doing other exercise this was my main form of cardio and it is the thing I credit the most with helping me achieve my goals. The surface area measures about 40 inches and this is not really that big, but if you concentrate on your bouncing and don't get to silly you should have no problem staying in the middle.I was surprised at just how good a work out this gives you.
The product is silver and black, which the material part being black and the edging and legs being silver.
Seeing as I wasn't using it much I lent it to them and a few weeks later it came back in a right state; what they did to it I don't know but the springs were coming loose and nearly sticking out of the pvc. By building my time up on the trampette over a few months i did feel my lungs had improved and less asthma attacks occurred however this was when my asthma was under control with the help of medication too but having tired it i would recommend the trampette to asthmatics too.At the time i bought the pro-fitness trampette to help tone my muscles and part of a weight loss regime i was on. When I had my knee injury and needed rehab, I was told that the trampette would be a good thing to use to help me slowly build some strength and muscle in my knee. After about five to ten minutes I generally feel like I have had a reasonable workout to complement the other exercise I do.
I have had cheaper mats, but they don't tend to be as good quality.Ultimately, this is a fair mat. First I did worry a bit because the mat feels really thin but after trying it out I could tell that this mat wasn't going anywhere!
When I finished my legs were like jelly and I could really feel the burn in them which is a good thing.
I could use it on the carpet but when i put it on the rug it left feet marks that took an age to disappear.
There are a number of exercise videos available online specifically for use with a rebounder but I make it up as I go along and have a bit of a routine now! I tried to do jogging on the trampoline but I found out I wasn't very co-ordinated and kept falling off so now I just stick with the jumping up and down for 30 minutes as I find this works best for me. The exercise is surprisingly intense and afterwards I have been known to have 'jelly legs' if I go at it for a little too long without breaks.
After just five minutes I was puffing and panting and when I came of the trampoline my legs were all shaking. It's a shame because I did enjoy using this and it was an easy, low intensity work out which was actually quite fun and I am considering buying another one.Overall this is pretty good quality and great value for money - it lasted me for over four years with regular use. It was an easy way to work my leg each day, and I managed to get my leg up to a good strength. I don't think that I would want to rely on the trampette for my only source of exercise.The trampette does not take up much space but it is also a bit tricky to store away without removing the legs which is a pain.
I find its padding lasts better than most initially, and the subsequent times you use it it seems as strong as before. I had a look on the internet and found that there were loads of different exercises that you could do and it doesn't just have to involve jumping up and down on the spot.
It sits 10'' off the floor so it easily climbed onto, making it a great device for those who find exercising a little difficult and with a 40'' diameter you wont topple off that easy. There are only a couple of minor gripes I have with the trampoline and that is for one it is quite a large object that is difficult to store in a cupboard. I can find myself getting bored as its a little repetitive however, so often I watch tv while jumping as the springs aren't so loud that I can't hear the tv over the sound of them. It is important to take care of it though and use it properly else you will end up with an unuseable trampette.
I like the trampette because i can use it in the living room and bounce without having to think to much about what i am doing.
The trampette is really sturdy, and no matter how much I have bounced on it, it has never even seemed to be slacker. It is perfectly fine for yoga exercises but might be a bit too thin if it is sit-ups and co.
The true test is in multiple uses, and so far this seems to be holding its own against the majority of mats I have tried before. I still try and give this a wipe from time to time, being on the floor all the time means that this can get a bit dirty quite quickly. When I was using this I found that my heart rate really got going and that my muscles would feel the burn and I am sure that if I had bothered to use it enough that I would have noticed an improvement in my fitness levels but I gave up too soon because I just found it to be a bit monotonous after using it a few times and I missed having some variation so I put it away planning on going back to it while varying my workouts with some other equipment. I have seen handles on the internet for use with such rebounders for those that need extra stability but with this particular rebounder you probably wouldn't need it. I got around this by just leaving it out on my bedroom floor, I find this also encourages me to use it more than I would if I didn't have to see it goading me every day. You can use the trampoline for running on the spot or doing star jumps other than just simple jumping to have some variety, but even then its still quite minimal in what you can do with it.The maximum weight is 100kg and that is probably the only limitation I can think of for this particular trampoline.
It has managed to withstand a lot of weight, and some of the heavier people in my family have used this trampette and it is still as sturdy and as tight as the day I got it. So, for that reason, I tend to just lean it up against our conservatory wall when I am not using it and it really does not get in the way.Overall this is a really useful piece of fitness equipment especially if you don't have much room and you don't want to spend a fortune.
This to me speaks volumes: I just wish they could make one that isn't pink and doesn't have 'Pineapple' emblazened across the bag and the logo on the mat!
What I also like is that It comes with a little bag where you can easily fold it in to and then carry it around on your shoulders. It is easy to do, I just use a damp cloth and that seems to get most of any dirt off.I would recommend this to people because I do like it, but I don't think I would rush out and buy another one of these. I don't use this nearly as often as I should because I really do think it is an effective workout item but it just isn't for me as I don't enjoy using it enough to want to do it more often.
You wont be able to do acrobatics on this equipment as its too firm to give much bounce but thats where the exercise come in, the resistance will give you all the benefits of a good workout whilst providing an easier way of doing it.My thoughts----------------I would highly recommend the rebounder and especially this model, its solid frame and sturdy springs provide a confidence that you dont get from the cheaper rebounders. Obviously this means that if you are above this weight you can't use the trampoline safely, but this is the only real issue.
While bouncing you can do a few different moves to make it interesting and more difficult, so you can tuck your legs up, do star jumps, turn around and a few other things. It is available from a range of online websites so shop around in order to get a better deal. It can be used little and often and you will soon notice a difference in your fitness levels.
Despite originally wanting a pink Yoga mat I actually find the pink and the logo a bit much sometimes. There noise level is excellent as this must be the quietest rebounder around at the moment and with a 1 year warranty for parts its great.My weight is gradually reducing and I dont suffer with any aches and pains using this rebounder, I cannot jog normally and find this is a fantastic way of exercising.If you decide to buy a rebounder, make sure you buy a good one as a little extra in the price will provide you with a quality product and this is it!
Another option is to jog on the trampoline which feels quite odd but gives you a good work out.I've been using this now for little over a week.
She is 18 months old, and she enjoys using the trampette as a mini trampoline (which it essentially is) There are DVD's available of Trampette workouts, so you can choose in which way you want to use this for your workouts. I am a bit paranoid about slipping during yoga and if the floor would not be so cold (and sometimes dirty) I would not use a mat. I've never really hurt myself other than to bash my shin across the side if I've left it out and that's probably my own fault lol.
The bottom of the legs have rubber grips on them so I can use the product on the wooden floor without worrying about it slipping. The ones we have at the gym slip at every given opportunity but my Pineapple mat is definitely an improvement. Even for indoor use it does not make as much noise as you would expect and it does not vibrate the floor much at all which surprised be somewhat. The trampoline is low on the ground and although you do initially worry about jumping without holding onto something, you get used to it. The only problem I had in buying it was carrying it back to the car with my Mum as we bought it in store, but other than that there aren't really any issues with the price! Although it's still early days I can feel my fitness level start to increase and I'm hoping that I will be able to stick it out on this and really lose some weight and tone up. The trampoline isn't very actually bouncy at all but it is bouncy enough to serve the purpose.
It also adds a bit of fun to a workout and anything that makes working out easier is a good thing in my book. If you looking for a different way to get yourself into shape then this could well be for you. The trampette is really easy to clean, just with a damp cloth and a small out of washing up liquid.
The trampette is sturdy and takes my weight easily so I don't feel uneasy on it, and once you get going its hard to stop. Its an excellent way to get in a short work out whenever you can squeeze it in, without having to afford the cost of a gym membership or go to too much trouble. It does creak a little bit with each jump so it can sound a little bit like you are getting up to something else which is a little bit embarrassing!! It only takes a couple of minutes to clean it, and is really easy to do, so this is no hassle and no problems to do. The springs are pretty quiet as that's the only thing I could think would get annoying with this item, and the nylon deck is very strong and sturdy. If you run on the trampoline or jump, it doesn't take long to get out of breath and you can tell it is doing you good.
If you are looking to add a bit of fun or extra results to your daily workout, then I recommend the Pro-Fitness Jogger Trampette.
We've had ours for years now and its still going strong, just a little rusted on the legs from when we stored it outside, but as an excluseively inside trampette, I'm sure it would've stayed looking as new for much longer. You can try and do tuck jumps to make it more intensive and it gets you really warm quite quickly. You can buy these in Argos for just under ?20 and I found that this is a great trampette to own and use at home. The one thing I needed to get used to was the pink colour but hey, there's nothing wrong with being a bit girly from time to time. It doesn't take up too much space, and its good to have the option to take off the legs if you need to squeeze it into a tighter spot.
I give this trampette a 5 out of 5 stars, and I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. However, twisting the lgs on and off can get a little annoying and can take as long as you will probably spend bouncing up and down, so I prefer to just leave mine.
The mat is also easy to clean and therefore much more hygienic than the ones you can get at your gym.
A good thing to have, even if you don't find yourself using it all the time, and at only circa ?30 you can't really go wrong. I've had mine for a very long time and it is just as good a condition as the day I bought it.ConclusionAll in all, this is a fun and interesting way to exercise. It's simple to store under the bed or behind a cupboard and it has definitely toned my legs and made me a little bit fitter.

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