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With the weather about to turn, it’s important to give some consideration to your workout gear.
May 30, 2012 by Adam Sinclairs Fitness carry the latest range in Lorna Jane clothing and lots of it! Purchase at the same price as the Lorna Jane website (with free freight **conditions apply)!
Women's exercise clothing and equipment department featuring popular brands of clothing at the bargin department store Marshall's. If you think that winter fitness clothing has to feel bulky and uncomfortable, you should think again.
With many of the new technologies in winter wear you can find the perfect fit that will keep you at just the right temperature for your workout without the extra fabric and heavy pieces.
The following are some of the top winter fitness clothing options you can use this season that will allow you to stay focused on training improvements instead of how you’re going to stay warm with your winter workout clothing.
If you don’t need a hood or high neck for your upper-body wear, the Under Armour Reversible Longsleeve Crew is the ideal choice for your winter fitness clothing arsenal.

One of the things you’ll like best about this long sleeve shirt is the ease at which it moves with your body so that you never once feel restricted. Finally, the shirt is designed with soft seams to reduce chafing and provides 30+ UPF protection. These New Balance tights (ignore the name if it makes you feel less manly) will move with the body while supplying superior support to the quad and hamstring muscles. These tights have ventilation panels at the back of the knee to prevent overheating, and they contain a phantom waist to further enhance your overall comfort level. Using Under Armour’s ColdGear Hood accomplishes this task perfectly, while also allowing you to look stylish at the same time. The hood is design to fit easily under a helmet, so it’s an ideal fit for those who are participating in cold-weather hockey or winter biking. Additionally, this piece of winter fitness clothing will cover the entire face to provide maximum protection for the sensitive skin on your face when you're running against the wind. They have a ¾-cut design to provide a little extra protection if you plan on trekking in snowy areas, or if there is a chance you may come into contact with sedentary water.

In addition to this cut, they are also lined for additional waterproof protection, helping keep your feet dry and warm at the same time. The last thing you want when trying to increase training intensity is a shoe that adds to the weight you have to carry, so this shoe is a very smart decision. This Nike Windrunner jacket is the perfect solution for this and it will keep you warm at all times. The lightweight design of the jacket also allows for maximum movement and versatility, so you can carry out your workouts as usual. The Windrunner also has a warp-knit mesh lining that has been designed for added warmth without causing overheating when it does get slightly warmer.

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