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In addition to serving as headquarters for the Outdoor Adventure Program, the Outing Rental Center offers low rental rates on items such as backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, stoves, coolers, canoes and volleyball sets.
Fairlington Community Center has six multipurpose rooms with capacities ranging from six to 200 people, art studios, a gymnasium, a fitness room, lockers, healthy vending machines, and public Wi-Fi.
Fairlington offers an array of early childhood programs.  Pint-sized Playtime, a Preschool Program and Co-Op Playgroup are among some of the offerings you can find here! Conducting business services or activities for financial gain (such as classes, personal or group fitness training, dog exercise, or taking photographs or videos for commercial use is strictly prohibited unless authorized by a County issued permit or contract.
Adopt-a-ParkFairlington MOMS Club has adopted the Fairlington playground, and the Fairlington Weeders have adopted the community center.

Weekly Activity ScheduleCheck out all of the activities taking place at Fairlington Community Center. We also have books, maps, videos, and trail guides covering a variety of areas and activities.
When I moved my fitness equipment to northern virginia, they didn't have any issues breaking down the equipment and putting back together exactly how it was.
Outdoor amenities include a playground, amphitheater, basketball courts, a fitness trail, a rectangular field, and a gazebo with a charcoal grill. There is a full body line of Matrix strength training machines to include leg extension, leg curl, leg press, abdominal, back extension, and lat pull-down.

The new OAP season pass is the best way to see more beautiful rivers, mountains, and backcountry sites. They did a great job, and I would recommend anyone to go with Total Fitness Outlet for any fitness equipment needs.

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