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I am very curious to know what kind of workout routine you follow, or what kind of weight-training you do. I really want to use the freeweights, but I’m intimidated by the meatheads hanging around that area.
As for getting up the courage to go over to the free weight area, it helped me a lot to do 2-3 personal training sessions to learn the moves and get comfortable while having somone to check my form and give suggestions. Sometimes if it’s crowded I take the equipment I need over to the stretching mats and do my strength routine there- just be sure to put everything back in it’s place when you are done!
I agree with Karen I only used the free weight area when I was with my trainer otherwise I would not have known what to do. A one-day microbrewery and wine tour covering Lake George, Glens Falls, and Saratoga Springs, New York, with a few side-events recommended. A one-day microbrewery and wine tour covering Castleton, Chatham, Ghent, Valatie, Clinton Corners, Millbrook, Amenia, Marlboro, and Hyde Park, New York with a few side-events recommended.
A one-day microbrewery and wine tour covering New Paltz, Gardiner, Pine Bush, Wurtsboro, Warwick, Monroe, Highland Mills, and Washingtonville, New York with a few side-events recommended. A one-day microbrewery and wine tour covering East Canaan CT; New Marlboro, Great Barrington, Richmond, Chester, Holyoke, Shelburne, Northampton, Hatfield, and Greenfield Massachusetts, with a few side-events recommended.
In addition to performing gluteus exercises to improve the shape and size of the glutes and tone buttocks, it is also very important to exercise other associated muscles in the lower back and the legs for added strength and a completely balanced workout.
The following list of gluteus exercises, can be performed in the gym with the relevant equipment, or some of the dumbbell exercises and own bodyweight exercises can be performed at home. The gluteal muscles are a group of three: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Given the complexity of the complete gluteal muscle group, training them with one exercise simply isn’t enough and for best results, multi-angled gluteus exercises are required.
Hip Abduction – lying, seated or standing – using cables, dumbbells or lever machine. To get the best results to tone buttocks well, all of the above gluteus exercises should be incorporated into your routine at some point, and they can be performed with the use of either cables, lever machines or weights, and some with your own bodyweight. A key factor involved in maintaining, and indeed increasing your metabolic rate, for many hours after weight training or strength training (sometimes referred to anaerobic exercise) is performed, is the intensity of the performance of the relevant exercise.  If too much emphasis is placed on developing the quadriceps, the intensity is removed from the glutes, and your overall exercise intensity can sometimes be compromised.
Gluteus exercises and training with weights will only improve and tone buttocks, as indeed this is the case with any muscle, when sufficient calories are consumed. Remember that the results you can get from your gluteus exercises training program can be greatly affected, not only by how you perform the exercise itself, but by diet as well.
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The second lower back muscles exercise sounds badass, looks easy, but in fact it will make you feel the burn! If you know anything about me, it’s that I’m crazy about exercises that work more than one muscle. This lower back muscles exercise comes disguised as a core workout, but don’t let it fool you, this is not your regular barbie-crunch that you can do a hundred reps each set. I know, I know, I’ve been talking about exercising your lower back muscles like crazy and now I come to you with yoga? DISCLAIMER: This site offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. Pushing mainly with your heels, lift your hips off the floor while keeping your back straight.
Do on one leg while holding the other still for more difficulty and also works on your abs.
Hi I have problem with my buttock it's look like big I want to reduce the size please can you guys recommend good exercise for me to reduce my buttock size. In fact, I’d like SPECIFICS about it!  I think there’s always room in my workout to improve! My legs (especially my calves and hamstrings) have been extremely sore for the last two days. Other than basic yoga poses, does anyone have any tips, tricks, or exercises to lengthen this area? Our leg workouts appear to be very similar but what are you doing in between switching to the different machines? Well I don’t even know if we’re part of the same generation- so let’s just agree that this applies to everybody who’s ever worked in an office. Perform these 5 exercises to strengthen your lower back muscles so that the modern work style doesn’t ruin your modern life.
The name is pretty self-explanatory, and all you need is your body and a nice mat on which you can lie. But this exercise targets your lower back muscles, as well as your upper back, your glutes and your legs. So while hyperextensions are great for your lower back muscles, they will also help strengthen your upper legs, and also it they will activate your core. This can make and break you, and if you hold a dumbbell as you move your arms from one side to the other, you’re really targeting your lower back muscles! Start in a kneeling position and drop your butt toward your heels as you stretch your arms and the rest of your body on the floor in front.

You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
However, it is better with the barbell as your results are more attainable and you'll reach exhaustion quicker. You sit all day, and lie all night, and when you finally have to lift a heavy box, or a not-so-heavy-and-more-adorable kid of yours, you feel like you’re going to break in two.
As you lie face down, lift your hands and your legs towards the ceiling, hold that position for a few seconds, and voila! It’s pretty intense if you have proper form, and if you’re going to feel a bit like Superman when you’re done, we’ll I’m not gonna blame you!
All you need to do is fight gravity using your lower back muscles as you lower your upper part of the body, and then get it back up. This exercise can be performed in many ways, and they’re usually recommended for your obliques, but they are an amazing exercise for your back as well because unlike sit-ups the Russian twist does not put too much uncomfortable pressure on your lower back muscles- just enough to feel a nice burn.
Rest your stomach on the top of your thighs, and feel free to wiggle a bit until you find a comfortable position. I started out using no weights while I got used to the movement and balance, and have worked my way up to holding a 8kg kettlebell while doing them. The problem is that our lower back muscles are underdeveloped because we stay in front of a computer all day. If you want a little extra edge to make sure you feel your lower back muscles burning a little bit more, grab onto a weight while you perform this exercise. Your lower back muscles are going to be very tense- and by the time you wake up for work tomorrow, they’re going to be super-sore too. Your lower back muscles are going to be a little tense, so take it easy and don’t jerk them into position- slowly ease them into this stretch to make sure you get all the benefits of this light exercise. There are so many amazing benefits for your lower back muscles in the simple act of bending at the hips to lift a barbell off the floor. While this exercise also trains your hamstrings and your glutes, it’s working your core with every repetition- and that includes your lower back muscles!

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