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The V-fit Fit-Start is a high quality, lightweight exercise bike, ideal for those with limited space. Took about 40 mins to assemble, which is pretty good as I never installed fitness equipment before. From the order acknowledgement email to the delivery of the item, the customer service and communications from Sweatband were excellent, many thanks.
For several years I have been a member of a gym and enjoyed going to a number of classes and using the equipment. I love Davina Mc'Call and I own all her exercise videos and last year went a little mad at argos buying her exercise range. An exercise bike resembles an ordinary bike but unlike an ordinary bike it is a stationary piece of exercise equipment.
An exercise bike has among other features saddle, pedals handle and ergometer used to measure the work done. An exercise bike is used to achieve maximum workout unlike a true bicycle which is used for transportation but the two devices share a number of things in common. The Kettler Axos Cycle P exercise bike is an ideal choice for those looking to get fit at home and it comes with 15 workout programmes, including 12 pre-set, to inspire sessions and get you working towards your goals. Heart Rate Measurement: Hand pulse sensors + Polar compatible wireless receiver (chest strap optional).
Our view – The Horizon Comfort 408 is described by some as a semi-recumbent bike due to its slightly higher seat in relation to the pedals compared to other recumbent bikes. The seat is well-padded with lumbar support and even taller people should find a good riding position – the self-adjusting pedals are wide with straps to keep your feet in place. One feature the 408 can boast over its closest rivals is the Free Spin TechnologyTM which lets you coast when you stop pedalling – just like a real bike on a hill. The display consists of a large LCD screen showing distance, speed, time, calories and your heart rate.
The pre-set programmes are varied enough to keep your training from getting dull, although both the Bremshey Cardio ER and Schwinn 203 have twice that number.
You can measure your heart rate by either using the grips on the handles or the more accurate chest strap (not included) that communicates with the built-in Polar chip in the console. Horizon offer a full three year parts and labour warranty which is very good for a bike in this price range.
A very comfortable, quality bike that’s ideal for those new to exercise or recovering from injury or illness, although not quite as exciting as the Bremshey Cardio ER.
The Horizon Comfort 408 is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK. If you like to use heart rate programmes during training to be sure that your heart is beating at the best rate to optimise your workout, this is something you will not get with this bike, but still it has 8 pre-set programmes, which is maybe not a very impressive number, but according to us enough to help you achieve various important fitness goals.
There are, however, two features that make the Horizon Comfort 408 a really outstanding recumbent bike. This bike is definitely a great choice for persons who need an exercise machine for rehabilitation purposes or expect top comfort during workout. Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification. Providing a low impact workout, improve your cardiovascular fitness while toning leg muscles. Here customer can find all type of essential, high-valued, quality, exclusive products and 100% original.
The machine has a direct fixed wheel drive system and infinite adjustable micro tension controller. It has a 7kg (15lbs) flywheel and 8 levels of manual magnetic resistance that ensure challenging and motivating workouts. I'm delighted with the Reebok Z7 Exercise bike, it was well packed and I found the assembly straightforward (you will need two people to deal with fitting the riser bar and connections for the console).

I was determined to get myself fit and while I still have a long way to go I'm definitely getting there. The other programmes are manual, user-defined and heart rate control, which is possible thanks to the built-in Polar compatible wireless receiver, (compatible chest strap not included). Horizon claim the position helps to reduce the strain on legs and lower back and we have to admit we found it very comfortable. This combined with the smooth pedalling action makes for a comfortable and enjoyable ride whilst reducing the stress on your joints. The Comfort 408 programmes include intervals, hills and weightloss plus two free custom slots for you to design your own. However, note the Comfort 408 does not have heart rate programmes that alters the resistance or speed levels to keep your heart beating at the best rate to optimise your workout – both the above mentioned bikes have this feature.
One of them is the Free Spin TechnologyTM that lets you coast when you stop pedalling – just like a real bike on a hill. There isn't much tension and the seat is uncomfortable but if you're looking for a cheap bike then this does the job. The LCD monitor provides detailed feedback on time, speed, RPM, distance, calories and pulse. Bike is great but if anything could be changed, it would be if the handlebar positions can be changed. The screws, washers and bolts were clearly marked, easily identifiable and all the tools needed for the assembly were included. However during the last year I found that I was managing to attend the gym less and less, the monthly subscription was increased and a few of the best instructors left, so I took the big decision to leave and try and exercise myself at home!When choosing equipment to buy to use at home my biggest issue was a lack of space. Other than just liking Davina the reason that I bought her equipment in the first place was because of just how excellent it actually is.
Smooth riding action is promoted by the 9kg (20lbs) flywheel and you can alter the intensity using the 16 levels of magnetic resistance (computer-controlled).
The control console is easy to use with one-touch buttons to alter the resistance level and up-down arrows to select one of the 8 pre-set programmes and other settings. The second feature which makes it unique when compared to other recumbent bikes is a slightly higher seat in relation to the pedals used to reduce the strain on legs and lower back.
Heart rate measurement with the Z7 is easily achieved using the integrated pulse sensors in the handlebars. The instructions for assembly, use of the bike and console are separate and provide sufficient information for assembly and use of the bike and console.
Therefore I could not buy a cross trainer and thought that even getting a bike would be impossible as I did not have room to store it. Normally I find that with celebrity inspired products the quality can be somewhat hit and miss but not with the Davina range which in my opinion is fantastic quality at really reasonable prices.
Other top features include 4 user profiles for customising workout feedback, a recovery test, hand pulse sensors and a large LCD display with perspiration-resistant keys that displays your live workout feedback. However I then came across this folding exercise bike and my problems were solved!I purchased the bike from Argos on offer for ?79. I originally wanted the cross trainer and exercise bike which is combined in one but it was more than I really wanted to pay and I know from my experience at the gym that me and the cross trainer don't really mix well together so I settled on getting the magnetic exercise bike. For your comfort, the padded seat is vertically and horizontally adjustable and you can change the angle of the handlebars to suit your riding position. Of important note is how incredibly quiet this bike is, with no annoying 'clunking' or 'whining' sounds that I have encountered with other bikes. This was a very good price and I argued to myself that it was a good investment as it would hopefully last for years and cost the equivalent of just 2 months gym membership.
I paid ?99 for this bike which I thought was a little on the expensive side originally but as soon as I started using it I could tell the difference straight away in the quality compared to the cheap exercise bike that I previously used. It comes with a wide fitting comfortable seat, adjustable seat height with sensibly positioned handlebar, which gives a comfortable secure riding position.

Getting the bike back was a bit tricky as it comes in a very large box and I only have a small Mini but eventually I managed to fit it in the car.On unpacking the bike I immediately liked the design and appearance.
It is currently priced at ?119 at argos which is quite a lot to have gone up by but I would still recommend it at this price. The console is easy to operate and has all the features you will need to provide a range of information from, speed, distance, time, rpm and pulse. It is white which looks quite feminine and fits nicely into the decor in my lounge so it does not look out of place. The bike was really easy to assemble and came with everything that you needed so even if you have no tools of your own you will still be able to get it up straight away. It was easy to set up by following the instructions and using the few tools provided and only took about 45 minutes to get it up a running. The only thing which bugged me is that the little computer part which measures you time and distance etc needs batteries and these weren't included so I needed to make a trip to the shops before I was able to use it. There are eight levels of resistance for pedaling, from almost no resistance at all which allows fast pedalling speeds for a good cardio vascular workout, to the highest level which will make your leg muscles work very hard to improve stamina and strength.
The bike folds up via a pin which has to be released and then reinserted in one of the two different positions.
I only have a vague idea of the mechanics of the bike and how the magnetic resistance works but what I do know is that you can change the resistance settings easily and that the more difficult ones really do feel like you are going up hill.
This bike represents excellent value for money, the only problem I have is getting to it use it before my wife, son or daughter get on it first!!! I have found this a bit hard to get the hang of to begin with as sometimes it is a bit fiddly to line the two holes to fit it through but it is fine once you get the hang of it.The seat is fully adjustable and I found it easy to find a height that was suitable for me.
Because of the fact that the pedals and mechanics work by being magnetic the bike itself is so incredibly quiet that it is almost silent when pedalling. However I am quite small and I have read some reviews on other sites that say that it does not adjust high enough for taller people so this might be something to be aware of.The bike comes with a monitor that you attach as part of the installation. On my old one I tried to do in front of the TV but it was so loud and became louder when I pedalled faster that I actually couldn't hear the television. With this one there is no such problem and I can pedal away whilst watching Eastenders and not miss anything important. The monitor measure the length of time you have used the bike, your heart rate, distance and calories burned.
As well as being able to change the resistance of the pedalling you can also use the little computer monitor your calorie, heart rate, time and distance.
The monitor is easy to use and very user friendly and even I could work it right off the bat without any sort of instructions and the reading that it gives all seem to be accurate. The time and distance measured is accurate but I do not think an accurate reading is always given for the heart rate and I can definitely say that an accurate reading is not given for calories burned. As space is at a premium in my house I really appreciate the folding aspect of the bike and as it is quite an unobtrusive piece of equipment in the first place when it is folded it is easy to store away in a cupboard. The reading is way too high and totally unrealistic although this might make you feel good (to think you have achieved more than you really have) is actually worthless so I now completely ignore it.The bike has a number of resistance levels which really do work.
I try and keep it in view though as I know that when I put exercise equipment away in a cupboard they tend to stay there gathering dust. This is a nice neat bike that will store easily but more importantly you can be confident knowing that if you buy it you will not need to be worried that it will break down on you within a week like a cheaper one. I have never managed to get beyond level 4 but someone with more strength (I am only 5 foot 2 and about 8 stone) may well manage this. The resistance levels certainly give you a good workout and I sometimes use the bike with a spin DVD and am able to replicate some of the instructions given on the DVD by using the definite levelsThe bike is really quiet when in use and this is helpful so you can listen to music or even watch the TV at the same time (although i find if i am doing this I don't really work out hard enough as I am too distracted) I would definitely recommend it for a good workout at home although clearly it is not as powerful as a machine at the gym would beThe only problem with the bike is for the owner (me!) to get round to using it!

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