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Gravitational lensing is the deflection of the trajectory of a photon by gravity, and it is a natural consequence of the theory of General Relativity.
In the figure above, you can see that because background galaxies change their ellipticities due to gravitational lensing, and because they do so in a preferential direction, they also change the direction in which they are pointing. A map of the matter (dark and luminous) that is lensing background galaxies in one of the CFHTLenS fields using the position angle method. Once the method has been validated, they run it on a cosmological simulation, a simulation of the distribution of dark matter in the Universe, and on real data from the CFHTLenS, which maps the ellipticities of galaxies across large areas in the sky (see this astrobite). Proform gives 6 reasons why Elliptical trainers are great tools for exercise.  Check out this amazing infographic!
First, let’s review the changes that occur during pregnancy: our abdominal, upper back, and glute (butt) muscles stretch with pregnancy (Figure 1), becoming long, taut and weak, while the back of the neck, chest, low back, and hamstrings (back of the legs) become tight. No matter how soon or late you start after the birth of your child, postpartum exercise should strengthen the deepest layer of abdominals first, your hip stabilizers (glute maximus and medius) without gripping, and your mid-back muscles.  Let’s focus on the deep abdominals and gripping. Lie on your back with knees bent, fingertips on your hipbones.  If possible, bring your shoulders back and down your spine, as if you’re pushing a wallet into a back pocket. This contraction is the basis for deep core work and should be used to progress all abdominal work in Pilates, classes like Body Pump, or on your living room floor.  If you start from here, you’re on your way to rebuilding that strength needed for more vigorous exercise if desired. Thank you for recommending "The Best Workouts, Fat Loss and Nutrition Info for Women's Fitness ". With all of the running, jumping, squatting and bending you do, it’s important to take care of your knees. Whether you’re reading this article sitting down, hovering over your kitchen island, or gliding on the elliptical trainer, your knees are hard at work. One of the reasons your knees suffer injury more so than any other joint in your body is their anatomy. Fortunately, with the right techniques and training, there’s plenty you can do to reduce your risk of exercise-related injury, so your knees can continue to shine as the unsung heroes of your health.
This doesn’t mean that you need to cut exercises like squats, box jumps and lunges from your routine. Also, remember to pay close attention while performing jumping exercises: be sure to bend at your knees and hips when you land.
Another reality about being an active woman is that your men­strual cycle may play a role in your risk of knee injuries. Finally, the footwear you sport outside of the gym may be just as important to your knee health as what you wear during exercise. Martin also encourages develop­ing a regular cross-training program that combines high- and low-impact activities, often within a single workout. Give your knobs the proper care, however, and you will be unstop­pable in the gym – and in all aspects of your life. Give yourself an attitude adjustment with these small changes you can make to change your mood.
A photon that would normally travel in a straight line bends its trajectory when it passes near a massive object.
Photons from the galaxies in the background (projected to the left of the figure) are deviated from a straight path, making the background galaxies look more elliptical around the cluster when we see them from the right. Typically, in a case as described in the figure above, one would be able to measure the mass of a cluster by measuring the ellipticities of the galaxies in the background.

This test shows that the method of measuring galaxy orientations to recover the shear works very well.
Because lensing is due to all the matter, dark and luminous, it helps us understand what the Universe is made of.
In both, they attempt to reconstruct the distribution of matter by applying their method and also by applying the more common method of measuring galaxy ellipticities. In this article I’ll cover some ways to correct this compensation pattern and help you find your abs.
As with most parts of your body, you’re unlikely to give them much thought until they start giving you trouble. Unlike your hips and shoulders, where the end of one bone fits neatly into a crevice within the other, your knees are hinge joints. That’s because maintaining a healthy weight reduces your risk of knee pain compared to carrying around excess pounds. According to a 2012 study appearing in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, women are two to five times more likely than men to rupture their ACL, a central stabiliz­ing ligament within the knee.
Surprising new research suggests that higher estrogen levels during ovulation make your ligaments more flexible, which may put extra stress on your joints and increase your risk of tear­ing your ACL.
Before increasing the intensity of your workout, take five to 10 minutes to stretch the muscles around your knee joint, including your calves, hamstrings and quads.
One of the wonderful things about gravitational lensing is that it helps us understand the properties of dark matter in the Universe. You can locate some specific examples in the galaxies with black contours and see how lensing changes their ellipticities and orientations so that they look like they are wrapping around the cluster (projected in yellow).
They find that the two methods are consistent with each other and that the position angle method gives better constraints on the reconstructed matter field. But experts say considering the well-being of your knees is something you should do every day if you want to stay fit, active, and out of the orthopedist’s office for many years to come. A study in the journal BMC Public Health found that obese individuals are three times more likely to suffer knee pain compared to those in a normal weight range. To perform a check-up on your exercise form, do a few reps of single-legged squats while facing a mirror. Not only will you keep yourself safe from injury, performing these exercises with proper form will keep your entire kinetic chain, which supports your knees, strong.
What’s more, a 2012 study found that the week before your period, when levels of the hormone progesterone rise, there is less activation in the vastus medialis oblique, a muscle of your quadri­ceps that controls the movement of your kneecap. A study appearing in the journal Dynamic Medicine found that tightness in those muscles may increase the stress on your knees and contribute to injuries. The authors of the paper propose that we need not measure ellipticities of galaxies, which are very hard to obtain; instead, they suggest that the same information can be obtained from the orientation angles of galaxies and construct a statistical method to achieve this goal. They simulate galaxies that have been sheared by a known amount and apply their proposed method of measuring orientation angles to retrieve the shear. 15 of Whittaker et al.) From black to yellow we go to higher mass densities and more lensing. In the case of the data, this amounts to a 20% smaller uncertainties for the position angle method. This can potentially pull it out of its groove, setting you up for patellofemoral pain syndrome and increased stress along your ACL, says Martin.

As the midsole breaks down, it absorbs less shock, which transfers that pressure to your ankles and knees, putting the health of your joints on the line when wearing your favorite kicks past their prime. In addition, they suggest that measuring the orientation angle of a galaxy is easier than measuring its ellipticity, which requires a precise calibration and an exquisite understanding of the properties of the telescope that took the image.
The figure to the left shows the reconstructed mass density field from the CFHTLenS.We are at the verge of many interesting applications of weak gravitational lensing. Capping off the joint is the patella, or kneecap, which floats in the front of the joint and slides within a groove at the front of the femur. This also means you’re more likely to be doing certain exercises with a knock-kneed stance, which yanks on the knee joint. If this is the case, Pollard advises to go back to basics and perform your squats and lunges slowly.
For instance, practice exercises using only your body weight, and gradually increase resistance.
Behind that galaxy, at higher redshift, there is another galaxy, which we will assume that looks just perfectly round as an example. The green line is the ideal result and the black line is the best fit to the points, which is overall consistent with zero within the uncertainties.The authors also work out some modifications to their method when position angles cannot be measured perfectly. This ability to locate dark matter lets us understand more about the properties of the Universe. Pay extra care that your knee tracks directly over your ankle every time you bend your knee while doing these exercises. The photons from the background galaxy travel through the Universe to us and along the way, they encounter the foreground galaxy, which deflects them a little bit from their original path. In the upcoming years, many telescopes will dedicate a large amount of their time to measure the shapes of galaxies and to map the matter in our Universe. But if you weigh 200 pounds, for example, that amount shoots up to 600 pounds, and the stress that is placed on your knees during daily activities can lead to wear and tear much sooner. Decrease your speed and range of motion, and remove any additional resistance until you’re able to perform the move with proper alignment.
One important aspect of the method they propose in this paper is that it not only uses position angles, it also requires knowledge of the overall properties of the shapes of galaxies. This paper proposes a new method for reconstructing a map of matter in our Universe, by using position angles of galaxies. These stabilizing muscles help your knees track properly in other activi­ties, too, such as biking and running, adds Tenan. The picture below shows a slightly more complicated example, where there is an ensemble of background galaxies being lensed by a cluster of galaxies.
A cluster is a dense place in the Universe where many galaxies are grouped together with dark matter.

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