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Elliptical trainer reebok rl 900,what is the best exercise equipment for cardio,nordictrack vs life fitness elliptical,exercise equipment in ireland - Step 3

Reebok i-Trainer SE is the top of the range machine in Reebok's I-Series of elliptical cross trainers. The C5.1e elliptical cross trainer is part Reeboks performance series of fitness equipment, which comprise of high specification machines for discerning users. The Reebok Z9 elliptical cross trainer is equipped with a 9kg (19.8lbs) flywheel and an M-Force brake system with 32 levels of electronically controlled resistance. The Reebok Z7 elliptical cross trainer is an excellent value for money, stylish-looking home use machine, which offers 8 levels of manually adjusted resistance and has an M-Force brake system. The Reebok ZR7 elliptical trainer is an updated version of the highly popular Reebok Z7 elliptical trainer. Historically, there have been many Reebok branded elliptical trainers for the home market and looking at the specs of the machines, it was fairly clear that consumers were being asked to pay a price premium for the Reebok badge on the machines. As the entry level machine in the latest Reebok range, the ZR7 has a manually adjusted magnetic resistance system. The main downside of any manually controlled cross trainer is that the programming options are limited, as the console computer isn’t able to electronically control the resistance. The console is a pretty straightforward with the nicest feature being a big LCD screen across the middle that provides all the essential exercise feedback. Another useful feature is that pulse rate can be measured by grabbing the grip sensors on the static handles for a few seconds to get a reading displayed on the console display.
The ZR10f is being used at least 2 times a week and I am definitely feeling the benefits already. Wife uses most days - A bit of installation required - Overall happy with the Cross Trainer, it is a good product.
The cross trainer took up a little more room then expected but saying that I am 181cm in height and needed a good stride length. The Reebok Titanium TXF3.0 elliptical cross trainer comes with a 10kg (22lbs) flywheel ensuring quiet operation and offers 75 levels of computer controlled magnetic resistance for greater workout versatility. The top quality black gloss finish of the C5.8 elliptical and ipod docking station (with built in high quality speakers) make this the only choice for creating a state of the art home gym. The Limited Edition range will have a unique number as it will be one of just 500 pieces manufactured. Resistance levels: 25-400 watt, freq independent power control in5 watt levels is perfect for acheiving exact training requirements and levels. Programmes: 12 + 5 custom settings to cover a range of aerobic, weight loss, fat burn and performance programmes providing somethign for everyone. Pulse Rate controlled programmes: A range of custom design settings allowing you to specificallyand accurately train to the right level. Floor level adjustment: The floor levelling allows you to find the perfect position for ultimate stability andsolidity.
The Reebok C5.1e is a pleasure of a machine to use and achieves the rare characteristic of being both simple to use as well as having a depth of features that make it suitable for even the most advanced training needs.

The optional wireless chest strap is needed for the heart rate control programme, which measures the users heart rate every 15 seconds and automatically adjusts the resistance level up or down by level in order to keep the user at their target heart rate. In summary, this is a high quality and feature rich elliptical cross trainer that is very easy to recommend! Adjustable pedals: pedals can be adjusted both forwards and backwards, therefore enabling you to find the optimal position for each individual user.
Ordered Monday evening on the net, spoke to the guys direct Tuesday and it was delivered Wednesday.
There are some very nice features on the Reebok RL 645 elliptical trainer that make it interesting, with the console one of the best features. The consensus seems to be that the Reebok RL 645 is okay for $800, but there are other elliptical trainer brands at this price that are higher in quality.
Owners of the Reebok RL 645 seem satisfied with their purchase, but those who are unhappy have multiple complaints. If youa€™re going to be exercising a few times a week to lose some weight and give yourself a mild cardio workout, the Reebok RL 645 is an acceptable elliptical machine. Here is your chance to rant or rave about the elliptical you use at home or at the fitness center. We have displayed the lowest prices in the UK for reebok cross trainer in Weight Training from our REEBOK suspects.To narrow your reebok cross trainer search you can use the list of Refined Categories on the right or further drill down by using PriceInspector's search bar at the top.
The Reebok One GX40 elliptical cross trainer lets you undertake all-round cardiovascular exercise targeting the upper and lower body in comfort. The Reebok One GX60 elliptical cross trainer offers all you need for an efficient, cardiovascular exercise session for your upper and lower body. The ZR10F Cross Trainer has a front drive mechanism which provides a smoother platform for your workout compared to rear drive machines. The Reebok ZR9 Cross Trainer offers 32 levels of electronic resistance, and a flywheel weight of 9kgs. PhD Fitness OverviewReebok high performance floor mats protect floors and reduce impact noise even in intensive use. It combines the stylish design of the I-Series machines with features normally found on more expensive machines. The Reebok Z-series of machines were launched in 2011 and replaced Reebok’s top selling I-series of entry level home fitness equipment.
Basically, the resistance is varied inside the machine by some magnets moving closer or further away from the flywheel. On the upside, it means that the machine doesn’t need to be plugged into main power and can be used without unsightly cables and having to think about whether an electric socket is available near where the machine is going to be placed in the home! Whilst hand grip sensors are never that accurate, this does provide a useful indication of your heart rate. After an exercise session (with your heart rate elevated), you press the fitness test button and grab the pulse grips on the handlebar for one minute.

This data is very useful to determine where you are on the road to fitness and gives you a rating from poor to outstanding.
It is fitted with a 7” LCD display and has the i-Drive console system allowing for quick and easy selections. Accurate, informative and consistent, the console will also provide feedback on RPM, time elapsed, distance covered, calories burned and more, all displayed in an easy to read format on the large window display.
The machine itself is a precisely calibrated ergometer and features a target watts programme making it even suitable for recovery and rehab usage! Each of these profiles stores the users age, gender, weight & height and this information is used to provide more accurate feedback on calorie consumption. The black gloss finish found on the iTrainer SE has a really premium look to it, but the main difference between the SE and the other models is the addition of an electronically controlled resistance system. The ZR7 cross trainer weighs nearly 50 kg, and feels solid and sturdy when being used. The movement on the cross trainer feels smooth and the stride is pretty natural, helped by a decent 15? stride length and a chunky 7 kg flywheel. As the resistance is generated by magnetic force, rather than friction, it’s silent to use. Additionally, the manual resistance is super-simple to use: just mount the cross trainer, start exercising and control the difficulty between 8 levels by rotating the dial on the upright – perfect for those that hate playing around with complicated consoles!
In terms of programs, there are 3 target programs, where you can set the target distance, time or calories for the exercise session and the console will count these down as you exercise. The computer monitors the rate at which your heart rate is returning to its resting level and based on that provides a fitness rating between 1 and 5 – the lower the number, the better your fitness level. The heart rate control mode calculates the target heart rate by applying a simple formula based on the user’s age. Not really interested in the programmes as the manual workout is doing exactly what we need. The TXF3.0 offers a selection of 9 challenging programmes and enables you to take a fitness test, as well as to easily connect your iPad with the machine via Bluetooth. There are three basic target programmes (time, distance, calories) where the machine is effectively manually controlled and the console counts down the selected parameter. The manually adjusted bit refers to  the resistance level being controlled by turning a knob on the upright. Additionally, the user defined mode allows for choosing the difficulty level and length of the workout, while in the watts mode the console displays power consumption during exercising.
The cross trainer allows for measuring heart rate with the hand pulse sensors or a wireless receiver with an optional chest strap. Operation is smooth, a bit creaky when the joint plastic covers r screwed on, may even remove them.only gripe is it was supplied with a European 2 prong plug, like a shaver so I have to use a conversion socket.

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