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Of the three current Gold’s Gym ellipticals, the StrideTrainer 595 offers the best combination of price and quality. Cross training – Movable handlebars increase calorie expenditure and help tone the upper body.
Heart rate monitor – Grip heart rate sensors are integrated with the handlebars for convenient pulse monitoring during exercise. Few resistance levels – Gold’s Gym Ellipticals have fewer resistance levels than the industry standard of 16 to 20.
Short labor warranty – Gold’s Gym ellipticals include just 90-day warranties for parts and labor.
Difficult to assemble – Customers consistently complain that the assembly instructions are insufficient.
Other discount ellipticals can easily be assembled by two people within an hour without prompting a trip to the liquor store. Power hungry – This machine does not have a power cord and quickly runs through D cell batteries. Despite their brand name, Gold’s Gym ellipticals aren’t close to professional gym quality – and the StrideTrainer 380 is both noisy and prone to breakdowns. Yvan Pelletier, the club's sprint coach, is part of a program that started in January that's getting parents moving while their kids train. One parent decided to become a full member of the club and get fit, which had others saying that they should do that as well.
The club is training at the track at Base Gagetown, so there are a variety of fitness options for the parents to choose from. While one has a goal of running a 10K in May and another would like to be able to jog with his daughter, others are just happy to be moving.

The cost for parents to be part of the program is only $75, which is money well spent as far as most are concerned. Chantal Ouellette's daughter, 10-year-old Eugenie Gaujacq, is a member of The Fredericton Legion Track Club, which is how she got involved. When she started, she told him she had a knee injury on her right leg and an ankle injury on her left leg. The coaches also made sure that Ouellette didn't overdo it, which can be tempting when someone starts working out. What she does varies week to week, which keeps it interesting, but her overall goal is to be able to run two kilometres. She's feeling better, has more energy, her body shape has changed and she's lost weight, she says. When she came to Canada from Germany, she settled down, had children and went to university.
She and Ouellette knew one another, and she saw that Ouellette began working out in September. Since he was waiting here for a couple of hours, doing nothing, he decided to put that time to good use. He's enjoying it, as he gets to be there for his daughter, 14-year-old Pascale Ouellette, but not be in her way. In this case, the kids were the inspiration for the parents, but now each can encourage the other to keep with it. Assistant coach James Dunn gives Alexie Noble, 12, special recognition for her accomplishments in the program.
People using this machine as their primary source of cardio training could quickly tire of the options.

The best option from the Gold’s Gym elliptical brand is the Stride Trainer 595, which has an 18” stride to combine with incline training for better muscle definition.
The StrideTrainer 595 offers a number of better options, including a more natural stride length, more than double the programming, and an incline for targeting different muscle groups.
This seatless elliptical simulates the way nature intended your body to move, helping give a boost to your balance at the same time as taking into account a great total body cardiovascular workout and monitoring of your progress via the large on-board LCD display.
They're driving their kids here and now they're spending the same amount of time (they used to spend waiting) to get their exercise," says Pelletier.
Germain Landry and Fernand Ouellette are fathers with children in the club and are both working to improve their fitness. I used to run four or five kilometres a night 25 years ago, so I wanted to roll back to that and shed a few pounds," he says.
However, the machine doesn’t seem to provide good value; many customers report that the Gold’s Gym 380 is just too cheaply made.
NordicTrack, Schwinn, and ProForm offer better deals with at least a year of parts coverage on their cheapest elliptical trainers. The arms move with every stride for an additional upper body workout, like a cross trainer, and is also capable of reverse rotation allowing you to activate different muscle groups.

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