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This makes the elliptical a good choice for people who may be injured (or more prone to injury).
The crosstrainer - because of the upper body arm bars - has what is called a 'lower perceived rate of exertion'. Or you may just be able to workout for longer periods of time because you don't feel as tired as you would after a treadmill workout. Plus, there's something completely new in the elliptical world these days - the variable motion trainer. These give you different elliptical pathways to run - from a short step-like stride to a long hurdling-type motion.
Treadmills are so easy to use - they're good for any exerciser - from the complete newbie to the experienced athlete. And if you get a poorly constructed machine, they may even be in pain after a workout - and not want to use the machine again. But treadmills are easy to use - and have been around so long that almost everyone feels comfortable using them, regardless of age or fitness level. Some people feel that ellipticals (maybe because of the upper arm bars?) only give tough, heavy-sweat workouts. Treadmills, because they've been around a bit longer, tend to have more 'toys' like fitness tracking tools, carb counters, TV's etc. No matter what you choose to buy, remember that there are good value (and poor value) machines in each category. We’ve rounded up all the reasons—both silly and scientific—that the hated cardio machine actually rocks.
If there’s one piece of gym equipment that elicits a nearly universal eye roll, it’s the elliptical machine.
The elliptical is good for all ages and fitness levels (barring those who are injured), says New York City-based fitness expert Amie Hoff.
Believe it or not, your pulse revs up during elliptical training—higher than the treadmill, according to one study (even when perceived exertion is the same) Comparison of energy expenditure on a treadmill vs.
It may sound like a lofty claim, but science actually suggests elliptical training may improve quality of life and beat back fatigue—though it’s worth noting that this study measured both effects in people with multiple sclerosis Elliptical exercise improves fatigue ratings and quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis. Whether you’re dying to catch up on your favorite show (oh hey, Scandal) or just have to fire off e-mails on a tablet or phone, checking stuff off your to-do list is totally possible on the elliptical.
The elliptical is softer on the body in general—and that’s pretty major for people with joint, knee, and lower back issues, Hoff says.
Though you should get the go-ahead from a doctor before hopping back into the fitness game post-injury, experts believe the elliptical machine may help you regain range of motion in the hips. Anecdotal evidence shows that turning pages while using a treadmill or Stairmaster is way tougher than doing so on an elliptical machine. We’re all about efficiency (who isn’t?), and the elliptical has to be one of the most efficient pieces of equipment.

Ever left a group fitness class feeling like you’ve hit about 80 percent of your workout potential?
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. No matter your age, height, or leg length, you will be able to comfortably and efficiently burn calories and tone your muscles on the new Body-Solid Endurance E-400 Center Drive Elliptical Trainer. You can adjust the stride length to the perfect setting for your body type and you can also adjust the stride length to target different muscle groups in your legs! When buying an elliptical trainer, you need to be sure it's in cadence with your bio-mechanics and if the stet stride of the elliptical falls out of line with yours, then you're not going to like it. Endurance Center Drive elliptical trainers are the perfect blend of research, engineering, performance and technology. Boasting a healthy combination of a natural stride, quality manufacturing and superior programming have created the latest evolution in cardio training. Because your feet are not hitting the platform with every step you take, you get less stress on your knees, hips and back.
While this is not the case, if you just want a light exercise like gentle walking, then a treadmill may be the best choice for you.
For example Nordic Track has come out with some impressive machines like the Elite 15.0 which has a built-in web browser and 2 HD Video workouts. So do your research, take your time and find a well-constructed machine with a solid warranty to protect your investment! With commonly cited faults like being boring (research even says so) and not challenging enough, it’s no wonder the elliptical doesn’t get any love Enjoyment perception during exercise with aerobic machines. We’ve rounded up all the reasons—both silly and scientific—that the hated cardio machine legitimately rocks. Another study found that runners' legs felt more tired after using the elliptical than a comparable workout on the treadmill Heart rate and ratings of perceived exertion during treadmill and elliptical exercise training. And if you’re strapped for time (here’s looking at you, lunchtime workout warriors), you know it’s crucial to get in and out of the gym ASAP.
You can also grab some dumbbells, ditch the handles, and do shoulder presses as you move your legs. And, OK, so you can technically do all of this on any cardio equipment at the gym, but it’s especially easy when you're on this machine. One study suggests exercising on an elliptical machine leads to similar fitness improvements as hitting the treadmill or a Stairmaster Physiological changes following a 12 week gym based stair-climbing, elliptical trainer and treadmill running program in females. And if sore joints are the issue, the low-impact exercise may be beneficial, according to research. And even more research suggests elliptical training improves balance, endurance, and mobility in people who have experienced a stroke Use of an elliptical machine for improving functional walking capacity in individuals with chronic stroke: a case series.
So when multi-tasking’s your only option (ahem, you’re cramming for finals or frantically prepping for an interview), the elliptical is a pretty safe bet to get your sweat on and your reading done too. Just like it’s a great tool for newbies to get their sweat on, the elliptical is a solid choice for anyone looking to get back on the straight and narrow.

Well, when that happens, just hop on the elliptical and power through a quick little session before calling quits! As it turns out, pedaling in reverse works the calves and hamstrings more than the forward motion. With an adjustable stride length ranging from 17" to 23", this gym grade elliptical trainer will conform to your natural stride length throughout your workout.
Patented technologies have been applied to provide a stable, space efficient platform to perform rigorous, low impact, full body workouts. Well, this article will outline the advantages of each - so you can decide for yourself which one to choose. Some ellipticals also have incline (which changes the slope of the elliptical motion), which also crosstrains and targets different muscle groups.
These bad boys are in just about every gym, including the measly ones found in apartment buildings and hotels. Plus, if any of you ladies out there have ever tried to keep your strands smooth and sleek through a sweat session, you know it’s pretty damn difficult. Trying to power through your workout with the dude next to you eyeballing your mileage and speed? Tip: If you’re sticking to the programs, keep tabs on how challenging they are for you—you don’t want it to feel like you’re breezing through the movements 15 minutes into the workout, Hoff says. Making sure you work as hard (read: keep that intensity UP) and as long as you would on the other two machines.
To top it off, doctors often recommend incorporating the elliptical into a rehab program for people who’ve had ACL surgeries. Since it’s low-impact and you can adjust the intensity, you can get your sweat on without doing yourself in.
Since you have direct control over intensity on the elliptical, you can avoid being a sweaty beast (and spend more time exercising). One study even suggests that elliptical training may be useful in a rehab program for those who’ve suffered from traumatic brain injuries Lower extremity kinematics during walking and elliptical training in individuals with and without traumatic brain injury.
Plus, the built-in settings make it even easier for you to coast—in case that’s exactly what you need. Thankfully, that phenomenon seems to be limited to the treadmill, so you can hit the elliptical in peace.
Hoff suggests challenging yourself by cranking up the incline (which works the booty a little more) for three to four minutes, then decreasing the incline as you increase speed, and alternating until you’ve completed your routine.

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