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Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researchers, academics and students of physics. I would suspect option B, since it would be weird if the motion of an object would both have an angular motion around its planet and the sun (with different frequencies). To understand why A does not have to be true (and in fact, why A is not the general case), you should bear in mind that when orbiting a body, your orientation is irrelevant. Imagine that Earth did not rotate on its axis; you'd see the same stars in the same positions every night. If the reference frame of the Earth were an inertial frame, then these parameters would be constants, and your Figure B would be valid. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged orbital-motion or ask your own question.
How does the decaying orbit of a satellite maintain its orbit as it descends, as opposed to crashing straight back to Earth? Does the existence of "gravitational waves" (assuming they exist) imply that time exists as a 4th dimension in the universe?
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Durante muchos anos, la gente creyo que La tierra era el centro del universo, que la tierra no se movia y que los planetas, el Sun, la Luna, y las estrellas se movian en esferas alrededor de la Tierra. Johannes Kepler estudio a los planetas y el trabajo de su profesor, Tycho Brahe, y probo que esta teoria podria explicar los movimientos de planetas. De sus observaciones, Kepler formulo tres leyes de obitas ploanetarias que describen como los planetas se mueven en sus orbitas alrededor del Sol. Kepler derivo estas leyes, pero no comprendio por que los planetas se ven forzados a moverse de esta manera. Shop Windows to the Universe Science Store!The Summer 2010 issue of The Earth Scientist, available in our online store, includes articles on rivers and snow, classroom planetariums, satellites and oceanography, hands-on astronomy, and global warming.
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A particle starts from rest and is acted on by a net force that does work at a rate that is proportional to the time t.
The diagram shows a plot of the potential energy as a function of x for a particle moving along the x axis.
An escalator is used to move 20 people (60 kg each) per minute from the first floor of a department store to the second floor, 5 m above. A particle moving along the x axis is acted upon by a single force F = F0e–kx, where F0 and k are constants. The total amount of (net) work done by gravity as a satellite makes a complete orbit is zero.
When two bodies in space orbit one another, such as a planet and a star, their paths can be easily described by Newton's laws of gravitya€”they are elliptical. To discover a repeating pattern that describes how three bodies will orbit one another in stable fashion requires some degree of luck, the Lagrange-Euler family for example was discovered by the mathematicians for whom it is named and is demonstrated by the way the sun, Jupiter and the asteroid Trojan orbit one another. Because they found so many new solutions, the two came up with a way to classify them using what they call a shape-sphere to graphically show what the orbits look like and then gave each a name, based on what they thought they resembled: yarn, butterfly, goggles, etc. Thus far, the 13 new families haven't been tested thoroughly enough to verify that their orbits would remain stable over long periods of time (which would mean holding their pattern despite slight perturbations), howevera€”the researchers plan to do just that as part of their next effort. Abstract We present the results of a numerical search for periodic orbits of three equal masses moving in a plane under the influence of Newtonian gravity, with zero angular momentum. There are places in space where the gravitational tug between a planet and the Sun balance out, allowing other smaller bodies to remain stable.
Many of us remember playing pinball at the local arcade while growing up; it turns out that some stars like it as well. While glass might be thought of in terms of holding wine or as a window, the stability of glass affects areas as diverse as nuclear waste storage, pharmaceuticals, and ice cream.
Builders of future superconducting quantum computers could learn a thing or two from semiconductors, according to a report in Nature Communications this week. Are any of these new solutions stable, or are they inherently unstable, like most Lagrange points?
Way back in the eighties, I used to think that computing in the two thousands would mostly be like this. We'll know more when the data from the Advanced LIGO experiment - which is set up to precisely look for this - comes in LIGO experiment is based on general relativity assumption, that the speed of gravity is equivalent to speed of light - it doesn't measure it. I think you're missing the point: If LIGO doesn't find anything where a light-speed type gravity wave is expected then that would also be a very valuable result. LIGO is built next to a rail road where local vibrations are far, far larger than the anticipated data vibrations would be. I think Alcubierres solutions shows pretty conclusively that you can get the geometry (and so the topology) of the universe to change at any speed you want, given sufficient energy.
Gravity, defined as the force of attraction between two masses, doesn't exist, and there are relatively simple experiments to prove it.

If you can't understand what the word 'warp' means, I'm really amazed you were able to figure out where the 'ON' button was on your computer. In other words, by understanding why objects move the way they do here on Earth, we should also be able to understand the motions of the planets. In other words, an object will never change its speed or direction unless something comes along and forces it to do so.
The First Law was actually stated a century earlier by Galileo (and even many centuries earlier than that by several others). However, the First Law was in direct contradiction to the still-dominant teachings of Aristotle, who thought that all objects in motion will eventually come to rest of their own accord. Here, F describes the force acting, m is the mass of the object, and a is its acceleration, the change in its motion.
The force on an object is always due to another object, and that other object always feels an equal and opposite force. Gravity holds the Sun and planets together in the solar system, and holds stars together in galaxies.
Electromagnetism holds atoms together, makes compasses point north, and is the source of starlight and auroras. You should also be personally familiar with electromagnetism, via common devices such as electric appliances, refrigerator magnets, and the innumerable sources of light surrounding you. We will discuss electromagnetism in more detail later on, in the contexts of electricity, magnetism, and light. The strong nuclear force holds atomic nuclei together, and we will talk about it more in that context. The strong nuclear force is involved in the generation of energy in stars and in their explosive destruction known as type I supernovae.
Although this is probably not a force with which you have personal familiarity, it has been harnessed in nuclear power plants to provide electricity, and in various medical applications. The weak nuclear force can change one type of subatomic particle into another in some situations such as radioactive decay, the generation of energy in stars, and in type II supernovae.
The weak nuclear force's other effects, observable in free particle collisions, are usually masked by the strong nuclear force, as its name implies. The weak nuclear force shows up in the same sorts of technologies described above for the strong nuclear force. We will consider the weak nuclear force in more detail in our discussion of radioactive decay. Normal Force: a repulsive force that opposes compression and prevents objects from passing through each other. The normal force prevents planets and stars from collapsing down to zero size under the force of their own gravity (though not always!). Cohesion prevents moons and planets from being torn apart by tidal forces (though not always!).
Friction between molecules in a gas falling into a black hole will cause it to heat up and emit radiation. Question: if the force of gravity is pulling you downward, what force counteracts it to keep you in place while you are sitting or standing? Objects with circular and elliptical orbits move around the Sun with a definite period, always between their perihelion and aphelion distances, and sweeping out equal areas in equal times. This result provides a powerful tool for determining the mass of the Sun, as well any planet being orbited by a moon, simply by measuring a and P. It wasn't long before astronomers had applied Newton's Laws to determine the masses of the known planets, by observing their interaction with their moons and with each other.
Because of its slow motion, however, Uranus was always mistaken for a star by earlier observers. The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) is the key to one-stop, any-stop access to thousands of high quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources on the Internet!
As the earth travels around the sun, does the elliptical orbit of the satellite swing around Earth, as pictured in A, or does it maintain a consistent orientation as pictured in B? Also did a quick test in Algodoo (as a numerical simulation) and I can confirm option B with it. In the general case, for an arbitrary elliptical orbit, what you'll tend to find is that B is true (granted there will be some precession, but not usually in line with the Sun). A sun-synchronous orbit can be very useful as it allows a satellite to always be in view of the Sun and thus continuously collect solar power.
This precession happens at different rates depending mostly on altitude, inclination, and eccentricity of the orbit. The result is a Sun-synchronous orbit, which means that the orbital plane of the satellite rotates as in your Figure A.
The Website was developed in part with the support of UCAR and NCAR, where it resided from 2000 - 2010. Astronomos tales como, Copernico y Galileo sugirieron que un Sol era el centro del Sistema Solar, lo cual ofrecia una mejor manera de entender los movimientos de estos objetos en el cielo.
No se habia descubierto la gravedad hasta que Sir Isaac Newton, quien en ese entonces podia demostrar que las leyes de Kepler son simplemente una consecuencia de la fuerza de la gravedad entre el Sol y los planetas.
El portal fue desarrollado parcialmente con el apoyo de UCAR y de NCAR, donde residio desde el 2000 hasta el 2010. The gravitational force has a component in the direction of the satellite's motion as the satellite moves toward the Sun (or Earth, or whatever). Three two-body collision points (bold red circles) - punctures in the sphere - lie on the equator.
DmitraA?inoviA‡ of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade in Serbia have discovered using computer simulations, 13 new solutions to the three-body problema€”predicting patterns that describe how three bodies will orbit around each other in space in a repeating pattern.

When another body is introduced, however, things become so complex that scientists have not been able to find a way to predict the sorts of patterns that are possible for a stable system (where they don't run into one another eventually) to come about. Another way requires some degree of brute forcea€”that's the approach taken in this new effort. If it turns out some or all of them can withstand the test of time, then scientists can begin looking for instances of them in real systems and perhaps learning more about those systems as a result.
A topological method is used to classify periodic three-body orbits into families, which fall into four classes, with all three previously known families belonging to one class. But a handful of the tiny particles with the wrong energy may cause a cascade of effects that could impact future quantum computers. University of Cincinnati theoretical physicists are about to report on a controversial discovery that they say contradicts the work of researchers over the decades. Using computer simulations to find out things about nature, biology and physics, and even economics.Boy, was I wrong.
There is no guarantee that the speed of propogation of gravity "waves" or a gravitational field is bound by C .
If the speed of gravity would be superluminal, then the gravitational waves cannot be harmonic waves - they would behave like the tachyons. I thought he just expanded on it mathematically, and gave his own view of what gravity is.Which we now know was wrong. However, it is possible to set up an orbit (such as a Sun-synchronous one) in which A is true. The sun doesn't drag the orientation of orbiters (at least, not in a significantly mention-able way). This is possible due to a combination of several effects including the small amount of sway the Sun's gravity has over the satellite.
Pero las personas no estaban listas para aceptar que la tierra no era el centro del universo. Even though escape speed is the popular concept, the really important concept is ENERGY - not speed. The two researchers started with a known solution then changed some of the parameters in their computer simulations and ran the results to see what would happen. Anywhere where you have forces which go with the square of the distance this can be applied (e.g.
Now it seems like (to me anyway) that computer cycles are used for spam, youtube, porn, facebook, twitter, viruses, phishing, espionage, and bomb building instructions. There is no guarantee that the speed of propogation of gravity "waves" or a gravitational field is bound by C .To conclusively prove this would probably require some sort of multiple satellite experiment that tests gravity propagation over a multiple AU distance.
Presumably there is an energy limit due to the finite extent of the observable universe.The problem comes if we want to call that "gravity", or "physical interactions".
Only L4 and L5 are "stable" in the manner you suggest, because of the Coriolis force (for those of you incapable of comprehending a rotating reference frame, yes, it's a pseudoforce). All that is important from the satellite's perspective is Earth, which has the dominant sphere of influence. However, to establish this type of orbit requires the use of a specific angle of incidence (which varies based on altitude).
Estas fueron los primeros pueblos en esta tierra nueva, y se les conoce como nativos americanos.
As it turned out, their way resulted in the discovery of 13 new families of patternsa€”stable orbits that eventually lead to all three bodies existing in the same place as they were when the simulation started. In each class we present a few orbits' initial conditions, 15 in all; 13 of these correspond to distinct orbits.
We'll know more when the data from the Advanced LIGO experiment - which is set up to precisely look for this - comes in. There is no way you can have three bodies which are mutually attracted to one another in EM. They make such blunders because they abandoned teachings of their greatest mind ever Nicola Tesla, and are now trying to talk the talk and walk the walk of his haters and mockers from the wild wild west.
This energy doesn't have to be in the form of kinetic energy - rockets carry their energy in the form of chemical potential energy. I'd generalize it to "computers are largely, and increasingly used as entertainment devices". When something doesn't work, it is often best to reconsider basics rather than keep sticking bits of plaster over the cracks. With a simulation you can always take an easy look at those conditionsbecause nulike in reality setting up a rare set of conditions isn't any harder than setting the 'usual case'.
Or at least offer "a single concrete experiment" that suggests there is a reason to question it.
But also consider that the commoditization of computers has made them more easily available to many more researchers to do work like this.
We gotta ask the fundamental questions, like why the models based on, for example, gravity, do not work. So then you do an experiment if it's really just the simulation being applied to conditions it isn't suited for - or whether that weird behaviour actually manifests. So matter doesn't "warp" (whatever that means) an idea which stays firmly in someone's head.For example your mind is twisted enough already.

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