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A workout routine does not have to be long in order to burn calories and pump up the heart rate. Moderate running or jogging can be a good solution, and there are several other cardio exercises to do at home without equipment or at the gym.
It is a typical HIIT workout which is great for pros and for those who are seeking for something challenging.
It may seem too easy, but believe me you will not think that after completing this routine. As you see from the title of the video in this routine you will have to use your bodyweight, and it is a bit longer than 20 minutes.
These is another relatively short routine which needs no equipment and besides the cardiovascular benefits it works your entire body improving the strength of it. This video is made by an expert fitness trainer Kelsey Lee and with the help of this routine you can burn approximately 200 calories and it only takes 20 minutes. For this routine, you need a pair of light dumbbells, or if you are a beginner, you can neglect them. In my opinion boxing is the best exercise and that it what I do to enhance my stamina and to burn calories. Walking seems to be a not so efficient exercise, but several studies have proved that it one of the best ways to burn calories and keep your body fit and healthy. Here are more 20 minute cardio workout routines that support weight loss if you do not like the previous ones. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Reddit Buffer PocketLast updated by James at July 20, 2015. Christian, healthy cook, yoga teacher (in training!), runner, celiac, English teacher, coffee junkie, and always in progress.
Classes have been extra busy recently and I just didn’t have the time to get myself down to the gym tonight so instead I did this! You can change around the interval movements for whatever you like: do more of the harder intervals like burpees and jumping jacks for a harder workout or more of the less difficult intervals like high knees and jumping rope for a less intense workout. You can print the workout with descriptions plus beginner and advanced modifications here: 4?4 workout. Intermediate: 45 seconds per move, go through two times, take shorter breaks between exercises and longer breaks between sections.
Advanced: 60 seconds per move, go through three times, take breaks only between the sections. Crazy Animal Exerciser: 60 seconds per move, go through four times, take breaks only between the sections. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google+ BufferIf you want to have a flat stomach you should do 3 things: do ab exercises, look after what you eat and do cardio. I realized that the movements I make during my kick-boxing routine such as high, front and knee kicks, shin blocks and others train my ab muscles extremely well.
Of course, not everybody likes doing kicking and punching type trainings for them here is a great video made by Fitnessblender.
To tell the truth when I started doing workouts 10 months ago, this video motivated me towards to do boxing as cardio training. If you did not find the training you are looking for here are some more workout routines in which heart rate boosting moves and core exercises are combined.
TIPIf you want to add some extra boost for your abdominal trainings, use the good old skipping rope.
With that in mind, this cardio workout program is designed to give you a heart-pumping workout, while targeting the major muscle groups in your body.  To make things even more challenging, explosive plyometric exercises are thrown into the mix at key points to really help elevate your heart rate and maximize your caloric burn. Matt has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years and has worked with, and helped countless individuals improve their lives. I’ve been following this program for a little over a week now and it’s amazing!!! I always love trying y’alls workouts because they’re so intense, and hard hitting with moves that most people can do! Tuck jump is just one way to get your heart rate up while giving your lower body some work.
Since I have already dropped 2 pants sizes in 3 weeks, all my friends and family want to know what workouts i did.

Eventually she should be completing the workout as prescribed on the blog…but a slow start is quite alright. A few chocolates here and there won’t add a substantial amount of calories to her diet. As far as workouts go, this at home fat burning program is definitely doable for someone in your shoes. In addition to the cardio aspect, I would recommend you begin doing full body complex workouts or metabolic conditioning routines. I have performed these circuits and changed my diet and I have lost 17.5 pounds in a month and a half of doing so.
In regards to the workouts, I would suggest you mix it up by including a couple of different routines each week. Do a search for those terms on the blog and you should find the workouts that go with them. If you’re looking for something more customized to you and your goals, and that changes as you progress, let me know. I was just wondering if you could tell me how many calories this work out is likely to burn? So, I am 16 years old, and weight 156.2lbs, the goal is to lose about 6-8 pounds, and well pretty much get in shape. First off, congrats on making the decision to get a head start on getting your fitness in order. In order to maximize your fat loss and increase the addition of lean muscle mass, combining a plan like this with a strength-focused routine like our MetCon Challenge will get you to where you want to be. I would focus on doing the cardio routine 3 days a week, and the metcon challenge 2 days a week. As you progress, make sure to drop me a message and we can determine what would be the best path for you to take, as it relates to your workouts and frequency.
That’s what works for me, and what allows me to make slow, but steady muscular gains while also keeping my body fat in check (I float around 8-12%). In addition to this cardio workout, I would consider introducing a strength element as well.
I’m genuinely looking forward to hearing about your progress, so please do keep checking back in. To answer your question, yes, this at home cardio plan is very effective at helping individuals reduce their body fat and drop weight.
If you’re having some doubt about the ability of your joints to withstand the pressure of your weight and the plyometric nature of these exercises, I would recommend something low-intensity to start.
Additionally, I think it’s important you include a weight training element from the getgo. That said, the above weight routine is intense and fast-paced in nature, so you’ll get double benefits of building your muscle (which improves metabolism) while burning serious amounts of calories. That said, if you feel able and again, if your doc thinks it’s okay, I say go ahead with the INTENSE at home fat burning cardio workout. The healthiest and most appealing bodies are full of lean muscle mass and low body fat percentage.
Learn to forget the number on the scale and focus on building lean muscle, while reducing your body fat. A 20 minute cardio workout that you do four times a week can bring fabulous results if you follow a healthy diet.
After 5-minute warmup, you will do a Tabata style routine which combines only two types of exercises. It includes such powerful exercises like push ups, triceps dips that are among the best bodyweight exercises.
Then, this is a routine you need which uses the power of kickboxing to boost your heart rate, burn fat and work all the muscle groups at once.
You will have to do different punches and kicks, so if you are new to boxing you may have to spend some time with learning them. I like walking in the nearby forest with my family but if the weather is not so good then you can try the following routine. I love the results it brings with time, but I hate the pain that inevitably will come with it.

It definitely worked up a sweat and got my heart racing (the first 5 minutes are deceptively easy!) without having to leave my dorm room. In order to have visible ab muscles, you should get rid of that belly fat that covers your tummy. That means during these routines you can burn belly fat because of the heart pumping moves, and strengthen and tone your abs with the help of the various exercises. The video below is a 30 mins cardio abs routine which contains numerous kinds of efficient horizontal and vertical abdominal exercises and many other activities.
It contains 4 sorts of exercises for abs: half burpees, elbows to knee crunch, mountain climbers and  jack knives. Jumping rope exercises are very effective to work your entire body, lose weight plus they help to improve your cardiovascular system. If you have low body fat level and your tummy is not covered with fat, you will surely needs fewer fat burning exercises and diet. After college, Matt started his fitness career working in the trenches as a personal trainer for a big corporate gym. I hadn’t planned my workouts for this week yet, but this one is definitely going on the list! I have a bad knee and that is the only exercise I tried that I can’t complete effectively. My little niece is a bit chubby and needs to lose some weight (her doctor suggested if she could lose some weight). I have continued with my diet but have switched a lot up with my workout because I have been on a plateau for about 3 weeks and counting now. I checked out the MetCon routine, and I saw that some of the exercises, for example the Dumbbell Snatch requires weights. I am guest, I just made a account called Knightymare, as I am planning to be around for a while). These are high knee freeze, walk down push ups, jumping jacks, double dip squats, stutter steps and jacks, and leg pulses.
You know it is bad when the squats you did the day before make it almost impossible for you to lower yourself onto the toilet without yelping in pain. I did this workout 3 times a week besides calisthenics and I lost 6 kgs in 2 months and I burned a lot of belly fat. Fantastic workout, I have a few friends jumping on the wagon when I dropped a pant size in a week.
When i was asking her on how things are going with the workout, she told me that she reduces the time limit for each exercise, to 30 seconds or at least 1 minute. Thanks again, I keep you up to date, maybe with a weekly report on how it is going or something. This workout is broken into four simple sections with four exercises in each section, so naturally, I’m calling it the 4?4 workout. After branching out and starting his own personal training business in San Diego, Matt soon developed the idea of Share It Fitness and started our (now highly successful) blog.
You only need a pair of dumbbells, making this a great at-home workout, and (bonus!) it can be done in under 20 minutes. A fitness junkie himself, Matt knows the importance of incorporating exercise into your life.
Should I start with this, and then do the MetCon Challenge routine directly after, or wait an hour?
You’ll work cardio, then strength, another cardio section, and finally abs for a total-body, heart-pounding, muscle-toning workout.
When he isn't working at Share It Fitness, you can find Matt running, biking, taking yoga, or pumping iron around San Diego. In less time than it takes you to watch an episode of Modern Family, you’ll do something great for you, your mind, and your body.

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