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OUR SPECIAL REDUCED SALE PRICES and a FREE Lifetime Extended Warranty Upgrade* ($1,000 to $1,500 value) mention Sale Discount Code: 72621019 when you contact us. The PhysioStep MDX gives you an easy & effective low – impact total body cardio workout and combines a stable & stress free recumbent sitting position, with the smooth and natural feeling of an elliptical.
The PhysioStep MDX features a large, oversized comfortable swivel seat that adjusts easily and rotates 90 degrees making this unit the most accessible for people with low mobility.
The PhysioStep MDX uses AC Power to assist de-conditioned users and will automatically shut off after 15 minutes of inactivity.
Discount Online Fitness has officially announced its decision to only sell new and used commercial fitness exercise equipment.
When shopping for fitness training equipment consumers will be confronted with a great deal of technical specifications, features and warranty statements.
The president of Discount Online Fitness says, “the difference between commercial and residential fitness equipment lies mainly in the construction, the durability and the price.” Generally speaking, commercial grade fitness equipment is manufactured using stronger materials than residential grade products and can accept heavier weight and more aggressive use. In researching the construction of commercial grade fitness exercise equipment versus residential grade fitness equipment, commercial grade will generally contain more steel and heavier grade plastic, bolts, connectors, and welding than residential grade items. As one might expect, the sturdiness and higher quality of commercial equipment is one of its major benefits.
While commercial fitness equipment is mainly designed for a commercial fitness setting, like a gym or recreation center, apartment complex, hotel or any other facility that will have equipment that receives high frequency usage, the president of Discount Online Fitness says, “we are finding more and more individuals who are making the decision to purchase the higher end quality commercial machines for their own personal use because they are recognizing the long term benefits of having a higher quality machine and find that with this type of quality machine, it is like having their own gym right at home.” The manufacturers know many people will be using the equipment, and it needs to stand up to the wear and tear. Residential exercise equipment is designed for constant use for up to 3 hours a day in a home environment by individuals under 275 lbs. As one can see, purchasing the higher end light commercial or full commercial exercise machines will really provide the consumer with a better quality piece of equipment that will last them a very long time and prevent the need for purchasing a new unit for a long time to come. One way to fight the added cost that comes with commercial fitness equipment is to offer used commercial fitness equipment.
In addition, when buying commercial new or used exercise equipment, consumers generally have to call a sales consultant from the company, and that sales consultant will provide you with a quote for the equipment.
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Valor Fitness CB-31 Plate Loaded Bicep and Tricep Combo Arm Machine - What are the best exercises for building bigger arms? Vibratone whole body vibration machine offers beneficial effects in health, fitness and beauty. Fully Adjustable - Accommodates users from 4'10" to 6'6" in height with 26 easy-to-use height adjustments; settings are clearly-marked on the unit. Best Fitness home workout equipment is manufactured to the same high standards as those set by industry leader Body Solid. The CB-13 Valor Fitness Back Extension allows the user to focus on stretching muscles while exercising muscles. Other features include a low profile walk – through design and ergo – grip handles to work your arm and core muscles. The oversized large LCD display provides all your workout information in a clear and easy to read format.
This company has found that while many customers are tempted to spend less on residential fitness equipment for their personal home gyms, fitness centers and other fitness facilities, this decision seems to always come back and bite them in the end. To be considered commercial, steel parts are generally made of 12 gauge or stronger material. The manufacturers build these products to last, and consumers can feel confident that commercial fitness equipment will withstand use in line with its intended purpose. Generally, manufacturers make commercial fitness equipment with sturdiness and quality in mind.
Note that there is a wide range of quality for residential products, from entry level to high end.
Because higher quality materials are used in manufacturing commercial products, consumers should expect to pay more. The PhysioStep MDX is designed to benefit a wide range of users from the physically fit to the physically challenged. Discount Online Fitness wants to make the public aware of its decision to only sell commercial fitness equipment and the differences between commercial fitness equipment and residential fitness equipment in an effort to help the public make an educated decision when purchasing new or used exercise equipment whether it be treadmills, elliptical machines, strength equipment, rowers, spin bikes, upright exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes, stair steppers, cross trainers, arc trainers or any other type of fitness equipment.

End users of commercial grade equipment will also see a difference in other parts, such as levers, pedals, upholstery, cables and the like and will find in the end that commercial fitness equipment will be heavier and more durable.
In addition, commercial equipment tends to be on the forefront of fitness technology -- like treadmills and elliptical machines with personal TVs, MP3 docks and USB ports. Most offer a 3 to 5 year warranty, and as such, have to stand behind their product and feel confident it can handle use by hundreds of people each day. Because it doesn't have to stand up to abuse from as many users, it is usually built with lower-quality materials. As a rule of thumb, commercial products can be priced 2-3 times higher (or more) than their average quality residential counterparts.
Many people find themselves asking the question, “what type of fitness equipment is going to best meet my needs?” The following is a general overview of the major differences between the two grades of products and will hopefully give people the information needed to make a decision. As an example, a typical home treadmill may weigh only 150 lbs, while a commercial treadmill will weigh over 300 lbs., which as one might expect, will make a big difference in the feel and the durability of the machine.
These additional features are not necessarily needed, but they can pique the interest of potential members and make working out more enjoyable for the end user whether at home or in the gym. With commercial equipment, purchasers can also purchase a variety of fitness equipment in variable conformations that meet the needs of a gym facility or for someone’s personal use. For example, if a customer has a smaller fitness facility, he or she could purchase a multi-station gym that offers six or eight cable pulleys in a compact form. Many find that a big drawback to commercial fitness equipment is the cost, but because commercial fitness equipment is built so well and offers many fancy features, most consumers feel it is well worth the additional cost. Stuff for Sale or Trade Other Deal & Coupon Discussion Coupon Clipping Central Help Me Find a Deal!

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