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Laursen found that cyclists improved the most doing intervals at 60 percent of their T-Max with double that amount of time for recovery between efforts. The cool thing about that interval training method is that they studied it with actual cyclists, and not just random people on an exercise bike. Sprint power interval workouts are primarily used in non-steady state events in which the outcomes are determined by brief, maximal efforts. For instance, someone with a T-Max of four minutes would ride hard for 2:30, followed by five minutes of recovery. Postal Service cycling team rider who’s competed in the Tour de France, which one workout a part-time cyclist should do for fitness.
Consider these intervals recommended by Chris Carmichael of Carmichael Training Systems, also covered in his terrific book, The Time Crunched Cyclist. In a 2006 study performed at Ithaca College in central New York, members of the collegiate cycling team performed sets of eight intervals twice a week for six weeks; they improved their performance in a 5-kilometer time trial by 7 percent. Threshold Ladders are intervals designed to help you prepare for an attack off the front, where you can stay away from the field. You don’t (necessarily) have to train more or harder to achieve better results.If you get the right structure with proper amounts of interval training on the right days, there is a good chance that you will improve fast and continue doing so. One such workout is to do brief, all-out-effort sprints on varying terrain, straight-aways, and out of corners. If the answer is that you aren’t doing any at all, then almost any type of interval training that you start is going to give you an improvement in performance in general by making you fitter.
This type of fitness will help you close or bridge a gap, escape in the final miles of a race, or ride away over a particularly rocky section in a mountain-bike event.
Recovery lasts for several minutes after each sprint in order to allow subsequent intervals to be done at maximal intensity.
So if you aren’t doing any intervals at all, getting started with any of these intervals below will improve your cycling performance. If you want to learn more about my training philosophy, please subscribe to email updates below.The Principle of Super CompensationWhen you’ve performed a hard training ride, your body will have to recover before it get’s stronger. The advantage of doing pyramids is that you’ll train over a variety of zones during your workout. Do intervals training twice a week, and have at least one rest day after your interval day, so that you can recover and improve. Continuing will produce no greater benefits and may well lead to injury, deep fatigue, and burnout.

Then ease it up just a little bit more for the last 6 minutes, and go at a perceived effort of 7 out of 10. If you are doing intervals already, check out this list and consider whether or not one of these other types of intervals might help some specific aspect of cycling that you want to improve or might seem more appealing than what you are doing now, and try some of those. I often have cyclists do these intervals by counting 8-16 pedal revolutions (counting one leg only). Do just 2 sets of these for your workout unless you are extremely fit, in which case you can do 3 sets. The final, maximal portion of a finish line sprint is seldom longer than about 12 pedal revolutions. Good cyclists make use these buttons to turn up and down the workload all the time.Remember that it is the consistency that makes you a strong cyclist, not just one hard week of biking. The concept behind these intervals is that a relatively fit cyclist can ride at all out maximum effort for somewhere between 4 and 6 minutes. Small adjustments over time will help you to become a better cyclist.The most popular method of improving your threshold power is via interval training. Try these ultra short 6 to 12 second intervals recommended by Joe Friel, author of the Cyclist’s Training Bible. With these intervals, you’ll go at an all out sprint for 6 to 12 seconds, followed by a rest period of 3 to 5 minutes.
You will have to do a performance test or a time trial as a reference.The trickiest part of doing intervals is to remain at the right intensity throughout. He recommends counting pedal strokes (just count one leg going around) for 8 to 16 pedal revolutions. Going a bit too fast at the start makes it impossible to maintain the right intensity to the end.
You repeat them until your power during the sprint goes down by 5 percent, and then you quit doing them. Although you are unlikely to know what your actual threshold power is, when you have tried these intervals a few times it will become much easier to pace yourself correctly.For the recovery periods it is advisable to do some light pedalling to remove metabolites and keeping your oxygen consumption at a moderate level. This will then make it easier for you to perform the next interval at the right intensity (and get more time at the right oxygen consumpion. These tests help you to get a better pace during intervals and makes it easier (and more motivating) to track your progress.Five-minute and 30-minute performance testsVO2 Max intensity refer to your avg. This is the easiest training intensity and should reflect that you want to train without conflicting with the recovery process from previous intensive training sessions.

For example, if you plan an anaerobic interval of 30 seconds, then you should base your power output on your power output in an all-out 30-second sprint. If you are unable to maintain intensity, you may need to analyze whether there is a good reason for this.
Are you slightly dehydrated?If you feel well but have a general problem performing the prescribed intensities, re-adjust the intensity levels mentioned in this article to fit your own unique physiology.What is the right training philosophy?Many coaches develop training sessions targeted to improve your threshold power.
Intervals with an intensity around your threshold power are the most common and they are very time effective, too.
Though, it is important to remember that most cycling races are not won at an intensity around threshold power.So don’t forget to train your anaerobic endurance, sprint skills and VO2 max as well. Guaranteed.As soon as you realize that it is you who are responsible for your own results then you will start to move. I won’t push your pedals.If you enjoyed this article about basic cycling training principles for beginners, please download this free e-bookto learn more. I have one simple question though: are the defined heart rates calculated using the Karvonen method?
Bill Langton  Jesper,I downloaded your 12 Week Winter Training book and enjoyed it very much. Jesper, I’ve been receiving your emails for about a month now and by far your VO2 max Booster Program seems to be to most comprehensive and suited to my needs. The core principle of training to VO2 max is ALL OVER the medical literature and validated as the fastest training technique. In fact, there are plenty of articles in The Journal of Applied Physiology that have a VO2 max programs following similar training formats for ten weeks with powerful results that were linear in growth. One of the articles comments that their subjects had faster gains than professional teams who spent many more hours training. It actually took us about a month to complete due to forced days off because of fatigue, as determined by over 10% drops in our power output. Many thanks Kevin William  Though entertaining, patient and informative to those who understand the terminology used in this article. We beginners do not know what VO2 max is (i get that it STANDS for volume of oxygen but i dont have any idea why that is important) nor what most of the terminology you use means.

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