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Natalie Justice, Women’s Network Project Manager for Breeze, decided she needed to get out on her bike when she was employed by British Cycling. While I was developing a career in womens’ football I hadn’t given a thought to riding a bike for years. We recognised a massive gap in the amount of women cycling for fun and leisure so British Cycling applied for a round of funding from the National Lottery and Sport England under an initiative called ‘active women’. Breeze’s initial research showed barriers to get women cycling included; safety fears about riding on the road, a general lack of confidence on the bike and of finding people to cycle with. We want to make sure that Breeze is attractive to women who have never thought about going out on a bike and to continue to speak to women who are competent cyclists. The thing that has been so successful for us is that we train up volunteers with a passion for cycling, who are happy to help other women get out on a bike. Breeze Champions are not cycling technical experts who can change a puncture in 30 seconds, but they are people you can have confidence in and who can help you along the way. Originally, most of our rides were under 10 miles because they were aimed at beginner riders. Find someone who knows a little bit about bikes so you’re not on an old uncomfortable bike with a massive heavy frame thinking that you’ve only gone a mile that you’re absolutely shattered. Make sure going out is a social activity so it’s doesn’t feel like a chore and you’re not feeling left behind. The beauty of it, and what continues to be the driving force behind Breeze is the social network. The biggest change to Breeze over the last six months has been finding a role in connecting women who already ride bikes, but who want to ride with other women. Local bike shops have a big part to play in encouraging more women to ride by being able to talk to new cyclists at their level – without the jargon.
It seems that seeing more women out cycling is the key to getting more women in the saddle. To prove that women cyclists don’t have to wear lycra, Natalie has invited the Reluctant Cyclist on a Breeze ride to see for herself, so Breeze may yet see a new slowest rider to set their pace by.
Take part in a fun, one day ride leadership course where you’ll have a chance to meet other Breeze champions. As a Breeze champion you will be qualified to independently plan, deliver and promote rides to groups of women.
In addition to free training, Breeze will provide you with free kit, British Cycling Ride membership and plenty of support along the way. Furthermore, to ensure you’re able to deliver safe bike rides, British Cycling will support you to gain a first aid qualification.

In return, British Cycling ask champions to deliver on average 12 rides over the course of one year to local women in their area. Wiggle High5 sprinter, Giorgia Bronzini tells us how she makes the last seconds of a race count. Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers. Family bike rides can be lovely memorable occasions which everybody enjoys, but they can also be horrendous. But here at TWC we believe that those peaceful family bike rides that we dream of, could actually be reality.
No kid likes to be constantly stuck at the back of the pack because they can’t keep up. Children have short attention spans and will quickly become bored of cycling along seemingly similar paths with nothing new to see.
What you see as the perfect length ride along the most scenic trail may not appeal to your kids in the slightest. Bickering begins when children stop having fun and think they are being forced into doing something that they don’t want to do.
Children like to feel involved and although it will be you and your partner who make the final decision of which route you take, it’s a great idea to get some input from your children as they will be coming along too after all. Went for a spin in Central Park and ran into the Specialized-Lululemon Pro Cycling team out for a ride. Further to this, access to a bike, knowing what kind of bike to buy and a fear of things like lycra, all came up as sticking points for women when considering cycling.
Since we started about 12,500 women have gone on a Breeze ride, about 9,000 of them in the last year alone.
We have around 500 champions active around the country and we are just embarking on training another few hundred.
As the network has grown we want to offer a range of distances to help motivate our participants.
Beginner riders can also find out more by popping their postcode into the Breeze website to find out where their nearest ride is. Try to find cycle paths, bridleways – cycling off the road is the best way to boost your confidence. The next change to our website will be the ability to search by ride levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Once women come along, get over the first barriers and begin to enjoy the cycling, they want to continue and push themselves – all whilst in the comfort of a group of cyclists they are happy with. So too is seeing women ride in different ways, be it road, mountain biking or track, I was involved in recent research with 18-21 year old women who said that they just don’t see women out on the roads, just guys in lycra. Make sure the distance you are aiming to cover and the terrain that you will be traversing is not too tough on any of the family members you’ll be taking on the ride with you. This is when the lovely family bike ride turns into some form of punishment in your children’s eyes.

Head out before the kids to leave clues around the route that you will be following and hide a prize at the end. The benefits of a tandem or trailer bike instead of a child seat or trailer, is that your kids will still be able to pedal and be involved in the riding without falling behind or falling off. Why not lay out a map on the kitchen table with a couple of possibilities highlighted and get them to choose which one they would prefer to go on.
After going to the first few meetings about the project it hit me that I better start cycling and now my own experience as a new cyclist has fed into the development of the network.
Each ride has information about the distance to be cycled and an introduction to the Breeze Champions hosting the event. It won’t be about speed because we always ride at the pace of the slowest rider, but about distance. That’s what has happened with a lot of the networks, women ride together regularly, often cycling over 25 miles, but every outing always involves some kind of coffee stop – it’s very very social. Unless you are a keen cyclist you often don’t think about going into your local bike shop for advice. We will never sell your data and you'll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you'll enjoy. Everybody who isn’t leading the group must stay behind the leader and stick to their pace. To prevent this change from happening try to relax and if your kids see a park in the distance and want to play, consider breaking off from the trail and making an unplanned stop there. Finding these clues as they go will give your children an incentive to keep pedalling and make the entire ride an exciting game for them, keeping arguments completely at bay. We never wanted Breeze to be a programme that was around for a few years then no-one ever heard of it again, so the key was to get the volunteers on board – they own the network and it is shaped by them. For example, people often think a bigger saddle is better but if you’re going to be doing any more than a ride around town it is not the most comfortable riding position, as your legs are too far apart.
If it means happier children, it’s also going to mean a more enjoyable bike ride for everyone.
We also work with cycling clubs to encourage those women who are capable riders to have the confidence to join them. It’s great to be able to go in and have the confidence to try different products and ask questions.
We do have links with Sportive organisers to try and make them a bit more female-friendly so if people do want a bit more of a challenge we can point them in the right direction.

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