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I have decided to take charge of my current slow running pace and sign up for my first half marathon. SPEEDWORK Рincludes a warm up and cool down and 400 meter or 800 meter jogs depending on the workout. YOGA РI recently fell in love with the benefits of Yoga and I started incorporating into my daily workouts. It is very useful to be physically active, but the problem is that if we do the same things over and over again, the body gets adjusted with the exercises, and it does not respond in the proper manner.
A person who runs 3 or 4 times per week, might have difficulties keeping up with another person on skates, even if that other person does not have the same fitness level.
The harder we train the body for a single activity, the higher the stress put on those particular muscles is.
Cross Training involves mixing up different exercises in order to reduce the stress placed on the body, and to improve our performance and fitness levels. According to the experts, cross-training is much better both for athletes as well as for fitness enthusiasts. The main idea is to combine activities that involve endurance, balance, conditioning, and strength training. For example, if you run on the treadmill, after you are done, try to lift some easy weights.
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This is the tentative plan I came up with while trying to incorporate strength, cross training and only having 3 runs a week. As most of you know I have two very special men in my life that both celebrate birthdays in January so I hope you won’t be offended that I’ve spent my last two weeks preparing for both of their special days ?? Logan turned 5 on the 11th!!!! Been struggling with being apple-shaped since last year when those damn 20lbs creeped up on me! I'm a mom to a baby boy born April 1st, 2015 and I love everything cute, baking, sweets and working out. In the recent period of time, more and more people have started going to the gym, started jogging, playing tennis, basketball, and so on. For example, a bodybuilder might have difficulties when it comes to performing cardiovascular exercises. The point is that if we do the same exercises over and over again, we might not be as fit as we believe. The doctors and the fitness experts state that in order to prevent injuries, we should try cross training.
In case you are a fitness enthusiast, cross training means using various activities in order to get as fit as possible.
Cross country helps you prevent injuries, because it works-out all the muscles from the body, not just the ones related to a single activity. In case you like to run, in order to improve your overall fitness levels, you will need to work out your upper body, and core as well.

The main idea is to combine different types of workouts when you perform a physical activity. I am still only running 3 times a week and focusing on core strength in my cross training workouts. You can even use your Air Walker whilst watching the TV or listening to your favourite music.
For example, a runner who needs strong leg muscles, needs to develop her core, and upper body muscles as well. You should be able to maintain a conversation while running or you’re going too fast. This is a fun effective work out that you will enjoy, especially when you start seeing the results for yourself. In case you just want to be fit, any combination of exercises will be considered cross training.

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