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Cardio equipment brisbane qld,exercise equipment stores vancouver downtown,domyos ve 750 fitness cross trainer - PDF Review

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Our Gym and Fitness Studio has a variety of Cardiovascular Equipment to cater for and suit everybody’s requirements. MaxWod offers a full line of cardio fitness equipment from high quality manufacturers such as Sports Art Fitness, Spirit Fitness & Concept 2.
Home Use: These machines are high quality, but intended for less than 4 hours of daily use.
Full Commercial Use: Full Commercial Cardio Fitness Equipment is intended for membership based gyms such as Gold’s, Equinox or 24hr Fitness. Sports Art Fitness offers both Light Commercial and Full Commercial Treadmills, Elliptical, Recumbent Bikes, Spin Bikes, Step-Ups, and Alternative Trainers.
Concept2 is the best commercial rower on the market! Commonly used in high intensity interval training, Concept 2 rowers can take the abuse of any workout.
We welcome the opportunity to provide you with custom quote for your home or commercial gym. Maxwod supplies premium equipment for functional fitness, affiliate equipment packages, garage gyms, and Olympic weightlifting, including rigs and racks.
Choosing a piece of cardio exercise equipment for your home gym does require a little time and research.

When choosing your cardio exercise equipment, take into consideration your current level of fitness.
Qualified trainers are on hand to help and write personalized cardio programs to meet your goals and needs. We also offer remanufactured commercial cardio fitness equipment from Cybex, Life Fitness, Precor & Nautilus. The components and parts of the machine are designed for home gyms, so commercial use will void the warranty. Remanufactured Cardio Equipment affords you the opportunity to purchase the highest quality cardio equipment at a fraction of the original retail price. Refurbished Commercial Cardio Equipment is different than the Remanufacturing process. Shop affordable commercial grade fitness equipment designed for commercial gyms, affiliate gyms, garage gyms, and more.
You want to be sure that the equipment you choose will give you a good workout and is safe for you to use at home. Those with joint problems may consider equipment that has a lower impact on the joints while still providing a heart rate raising workout. Cardio equipment that requires you to support your body with the equipment must be well put together to avoid the possibility of injury. If you are limited in space, look for cardio exercise equipment that folds up when it is not being used.

Do a little research on the prices and types of equipment on the market to get a good idea of what you will spend. Remanufactured Cardio Equipment goes through a serious of tests and replacement of parts to ensure that every machine is excellent working condition when finished. Maxwod carries a full range of rigs and racks, strength and conditioning equipment, and cardio fitness gear. Check to be sure that the equipment is made of strong durable materials that will support your weight. Every Machines is completely disassembled, electronics tested, parts are placed, and the frame is re-powder coated to look brand new.
If the equipment is too difficult, you will be less likely to do your cardio exercises every day.
It is also a good idea to check on the manufacturers recommendations regarding weight and the proper use of the equipment.
Maxwod is a collection of fitness equipment stores and an authorized re-seller of fitness equipment.

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