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SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle officials have decided to take over the underused Pronto bike share program for $1.4 million with plans to expand the program next year.
Our news partners The Seattle Times report that the City Council voted Monday to approve the purchase of Pronto, which has failed to meet ridership and revenue expectations since it launched in October 2014. The Seattle Department of Transportation is looking to expand the system in 2017 to include more stations and possibly electric bikes. Council members approved the Pronto deal with stipulations requiring the department to better serve low-income and minority residents and to complete downtown bike-lane projects before expanding the bike-share program. USA – In May, 2009, Best Buy will begin selling electric motorcycles along with the other electric bikes, Segway transporters and scooters. Speculation began that Best Buy would start selling the electric motorcycles back in March.
The Brammo Enertia, which plugs into a wall outlet and when fully charged can travel 45 miles at speeds of up to 53 miles an hour, gets the equivalent of 373 miles per gallon and costs less than 1 cent per mile to run.
Best Buy hasn’t officially stated when the Enertias will be on sale at retail locations, however. We all come in different size and shapes, so finding the proper bike fit is essential for those people who cycle on a regular basis or ride longer distances. If your bike is too small or too big, it is more difficult to control as well uncomfortable to ride & downright dangerous.
Bikesizechart is just informative website so you don’t require any registration or login to access the site information.
As well, it explain everything in table form to understand quickly like seat tube, crank size (mm), height, top tube, etc. Find business opportunities for pedicab rickshaw tricycle taxi bikeBuy pedicab rickshaw tricycle taxi bikeWhat is the price per unit for an order five rickshaws? That’s when Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher told attendees at the Pacific Crest Clean Technology Conference that they had approached Best Buy about offering the bikes through its retail outlets.
With right sized bike, the cycling becomes more comfortable, more efficient and more fun to ride. How, BMX bikes chart is based on height measurement and kids bikes chart is based on age and height measurement.
One of the best features of the site is sharing, by which you can share frame size chart for all types of bikes with your friends and family members through Twitter, Facebook, Googleplus, Stumbleupon, and Reddit. However, choosing the right size bike can be tricky for both experienced and inexperienced cyclist. Even sometimes experienced cyclists can stop their bikes because of sore joints and general discomfort. The frame size chart of different bicycles is neat and clean that is described in text and image format.

If something is a bit off with a bike, you will be able to see it or feel it if you know what to look for. As proper bike sizing depends on several factors like: leg length, torso length, arm length, your flexibility, riding style, and upper-body strength. It offers frame size chart for cruiser bicycle and city bikes, mountain and all-terrain bikes, road and touring bicycles, sport BMX bicycles, and children bicycles. Image format is very useful instead of text format to get idea of bike size very easily and quickly. Gears, brakes, etc.?What to Look at Specifically in PersonIf you have the chance to see the bike in person before you buy, you should definitely do so.
Here, you can get frame size for City Bikes, Kids Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, and BMX bikes. You likely can return items on ebay and other online sites but it is a hassle and you probably don’t want to go through the process again to find another bike if the one you bought doesn’t meet your expectations. You can access the frame size chart for road, city, mountain bikes, BMX and kids bicycles right from homepage or menu option which located at left side corner. Before you ride the bike you are going to want to look it over, up close and in detail.The FrameWith how to buy a used bike, start with the frame and ask if there are any spots that they would point out that may have been scratched or dinged.
After that, look and make sure there are no deep scratches or cracks, especially on carbon, anywhere on the bike. Some key areas to look at are the joints, particularly under the down tube where it attaches to the head tube around the bottom bracket, as well as both the front and rear drop outs. This can be tricky and requires a bit more knowhow but at least you know they’re there.Shifter and Derailleur ScrapesThe next thing in how to buy a used bike is to look for scrapes on the shifter and brake levers as well as the end of the bars.
Typically in the event of a fall this area is going to hit the ground and get scratched up. The outer face will be visibly scratched up and the derailleur could also be bent inward.If any of these have scratches you will need to make sure that they all still work properly and are not compromised structurally.
Typically aluminum bars are pretty durable but give a good flex on both sides to make sure they are still good.
If they are bent in any area then they will need to be replaced as they have been significantly weakened. If the bars are carbon, it is almost exclusively advised to replace them as even a small crash can compromise the integrity of the bars. This is especially so on a used bike since you don’t know how sever the crash was on it.The WheelsThe first thing to check with the wheels is to spin them in the frame and see if they’re true.
An easy way to do this is to hold a pen or other straight tool on the frame with the tip resting a millimeter or two from the rim.
Anything more than a few millimeters left or right will require straightening and past that the rim may need replaced.Also with the wheel, rock it from side to side toward the frame to feel if there is any play in the bearings.

There should be some flex with the wheel but if you feel that it’s loose or you hear an abrupt hit or rocking in the bearings, it means that they are going to need to be replaced. The Bottom Bracket and CranksetThe last thing to look at before you ride the bike is the bottom bracket and crankset. Also grab each crank arm and rock it from side to side to see if there is any play in the bearings. Hopefully you caught anything that may fail when you ride such as a compromised frame or wheel. Also check the following.Check the BrakesGrab hold of both brakes and make sure they engage properly and stop the wheel. Pull tight on both levers as often the thing that is going to slip is the bolt that clamps down on the cable. Then make sure the bolt on the top of the steerer tube is tight along with the, typically two, bolts on the side of the stem that clamp down onto the steerer tube.When Test RidingNow you’re ready to test ride the bike. Go slow and easy at first getting a feel for everything and making sure the bike works properly.Check the BrakesBefore you go too far, make sure the brakes stop you. If any of them slip, particularly the smaller ones toward the frame while pedaling a bit harder, the chain and cassette could be old and no longer match up.
If it isn’t smooth, either the headset could be overly tightened or the bearings in the headset need replaced.Check the FeelOverall how does the bike feel? Now the bike probably won’t be perfectly positioned to you but does it feel comfortable and work easily? You can make some changes after you buy it, such as a new saddle or doing a proper bike fit, but it should all be pretty close to what you are expecting.Knowing how to buy a used bike can be a hassle in a few ways particularly dealing with another individual and not a business like a bike shop. If they just don’t ride it and want to get rid of it, then it’s probably a descent bike but it probably wasn’t maintained well so you may have to improve a few things on it.If the person is upgrading to a new bike, it is likely that they rode it a descent amount and maintained it. There could be something wrong with the bike and they just want the problem off their hands.
You don’t want to be stuck with a bike like this where you’re then left fixing all of its flaws. Do your homework on what to look for in how to buy a used bike and pay attention to the details when you’re inquiring and analyzing the bike.Most of all make sure you enjoy the bike that you purchase, used or not.
If they look less used, you then have to make the call if the bike has received less use or if they were replaced to make the bike look newer.
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