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Whether you want to lose weight, get in better shape or simply maintain the shape that you are in, purchasing exercise equipment is a great way to accomplish these goals. When it comes to getting a cardio workout, both exercise bikes and ellipticals can help you get the job done. Since the elliptical uses both the arms and the legs, it also helps you to more effectively exercise your entire body rather than just your legs. Whether you exercise on an elliptical or with an exercise bike, you can enjoy a low-impact workout. Both the elliptical trainer and the exercise bike give you a terrific cardiovascular workout. If you have ever tried an elliptical trainer at your gym, you may have been impressed by the smooth gliding action of the machine. Nevertheless, the elliptical trainer is also terrific for beginners because it mimics the same movement you use in walking, so you will find it easy to learn and use. Probably one of the biggest advantages of the elliptical trainer versus the exercise bike is its ability to give you a cross training workout. Many people choose the elliptical trainer over most other types of cardio equipment because you can get the best overall workout for your time.
You may not realize that reversing the motion actually engages different muscles in your legs, thereby giving your legs a better all around workout.
Another benefit of the elliptical trainer is its ability to provide you with a weight bearing workout.
Many fitness experts agree that weight bearing exercises are the best way for you to also improve your conditioning, strengthen your muscles and burn more calories efficiently.
If you are considering which piece of equipment to purchase for your home gym, space is typically a consideration.
In addition, you can usually get a decent exercise bike for a few hundred dollars less than a good quality elliptical machine. If you are training for a specific purpose or sport, exercise bikes can be used to help you build up your quadriceps and calves.
However, you are probably better off using the exercise bike for your cardiovascular benefits and using weight training for your muscle building. However, if you’re planning a home based gym, you need to try each machine to see which works best for you. Both treadmills and bikes are effective forms of cardiovascular exercises and both of these come in many sizes, designs, brands and budget ranges.  Bikes and treadmills are both adjustable and customizable according to the person using them and are machines which can really help you stay fit. But if wanted to pick one from the 2 for your daily workout session, then which one would you go for?
This is true because a bike reduces the impact and stress felt on the spine, knees, ankles and the hips.  A bike would also be ideal for those with upper extremity conditions as well because that part is mostly inactive on a bike. In general, people tend to burn off more calories while working out on a treadmill as compared to a bike. When it comes to choosing between a bike and a treadmill, financial considerations are also important.  Both of them can be found at affordable rates but a treadmill tends to be more expensive and also takes more space to place. To ensure you get the results you desire, it is important to know about the different types of exercise equipment available and what each type has to offer to you and your workout routine.
Most people are able to get a better cardio workout from an elliptical, however, because it involves the entire body. In terms of protecting your bones and joints, both options are far more desirable than running  on a treadmill. The elliptical trainer on the other hand is relatively new, but it has quickly become a favourite of exercisers of all ages.

The elliptical (oval shaped) motion lets you experience a full range of motion, but the smooth action keeps your joints supple. Riding an exercise bike allows even people with back pain to exercise because it does not jar the spine like some other forms of exercise.
It mimics the action of riding a bike, so even beginners feel comfortable within a few minutes of getting on the machine. The handlebars give you the ability to work out many of the muscles of your upper body at the same time that you are working your legs.
A great benefit of both the exercise bike and elliptical trainer is your ability to move your legs in a backward motion on the elliptical and to pedal backwards on the exercise bike. Weight bearing exercise is important for protecting against muscle and bone loss, particularly as you age. Exercise bikes take up less space than elliptical trainers do, so it may be a better choice if you have limited space. To achieve muscle building on the bike, you need to progressively increase your resistance on a regular basis. Of course, if you have a health club membership you can use a different machine for each of your workouts. Hopefully, some of the differences pointed out in this article will assist you in your decision! Well, it is really a personal choice and matter of preference but to help you decide better, we have a well charted out comparison of Bikes Vs. This is true because on a treadmill, a person is more weight bearing and allows you to move your torso and arms on it too.  This means that it allows more calories to be burned and helps with better muscle activation. Thus bikes do not offer as many calorie burning benefits when compared with treadmills and one can only burn lot of calories with a high intensity workout session. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. While there are many different types of workout equipment available, the ellipticals and exercise bikes are among the most popular choices. Furthermore, you have more  options for varying the intensity of the workout with an elliptical.
For example, you may have your arms do most of the work rather than your legs, thereby giving your arms a better workout. If you have back problems or if you have extensive issues with bones and joints, however, using an exercise bike is a better option than an elliptical.
In fact, rehabilitation specialists will often recommend the exercise bike to people who have joint issues or who are rehabilitating after surgery. Resistance levels can be adjusted, so that you can choose a very low level of resistance when just starting out.
A treadmill is one of the many fitness machines you can find in every gym (and usually they have more than just one). By keeping a few key elements in mind, you will be sure to select the piece of equipment that is right for you. While you can increase speed and resistance with both an elliptical and an exercise bike, the added element of using your arms along with your legs can significantly increase the intensity of your cardio workout. Or, you may choose to move your legs in a backward motion or to squat while exercising, thereby targeting different muscle groups. This is because you are still required to stand and bear your own weight when using an elliptical. It is a machine that is mainly designed so that the user runs and walks on it without actually having to leave a certain area.

If you do not have issues with your back, bones or joints, however, using an elliptical should not cause any problems and will not lead to injury to these areas when used properly.
The treadmill is one of the better machines for people who would like to be healthier, improve their fitness, and burn calories to reveal the muscles under all those layers of fat. Chose best treadmill workout that suits you and make it your policy to workout on a treadmill for a few minutes every day and you will soon see improvements.
That's why dumbbells are still out there and are still, very, very useful, and not only to provide definition one or other muscle, but also to provide resistance on cardio exercises as well as establish a weight balance with your body and help you to keep your marrow aligned.
And what else you could do with it is something surely you will find out on your gym if you think you are out of ideas about these handy tools.These days you can find a quite large myriad of different sets of dumbbells in the market, but the best ones are really far from the classic, standard ones, here technology and modernity are really kings.
We selected three of the best adjustable dumbbells in the market and all of them follow one simple rule that really is mandatory to define a good dumbbell model: versatility. The company is well know in the gym scene and if you gym doesn't have at least one robust equipment developed by the brand, you are either working out on a budget gym or they really have legal issues with Bowflex, simply because the brand is a reference for work out equipments, specially aerobic and cardio exercises tools.
The SelectTech 552 comes in a pair and is sort of an ultimate model of production in the market.
What is really innovative and ultimate with this Bowflex dumbbell is the already popular system of dials.
Profile Since traditional models have only one kind of measure by pair, if you wanted to work out several different kinds of muscle's sets, you would need like a collection with dozens of different dumbbells, each one with a specific range of weight. You just have to release the dumbbell over and select in the dial what range of weight you wish to work with.
Automatically the dumbbell will select extra discs or release excessive ones to fit the measure of weight you have set. This is variety enough for you to perform over 30 different exercises.  Discs Set All the best adjustable dumbbells work with specific sets of weights that are easily personalized, but some are more handy than others and that puts a whole ocean of difference between models. This Bowflex pair has one of the most fancy systems of weights designed on discs with different measures of width. All the discs will come from and back to the dialer holder, so you don't have either to be handling then, taking the risk to have some falling apart over your feet on some unfortunate clumsy accident. And of course, the dialer holder takes a very modest space and you can keep it everywhere in your house.
To finish the awesomeness of these discs, they are covered on smooth, soft fabrics so you won't either have to cringe over a loud metal symphony every time you change the weights settings. Exercises Sets Bowflex sells exclusively by their site the pair with an extra, for free, DVD with over 30 different exercises you can perform using the pair. As you adjust the weight, you are just ready to do the kind of exercise that fits and needs the kind of resistance you can adjust.
You will be able to do different sets during a same session pratically without interruptions, just standing in front of the dialer, releasing the dumbbells over it when you need to start a tougher session and apply the extra force. Just be careful when you find it for lower prices because the cheap might be too good to be true. Check if the shipping fee is included and if the product is brand new – used products will naturally cost less.

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