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If you need more than just a few hints and tips you should attend one of our repair classes. Knowing the choice bike shops during 30 Days of Biking is like knowing where the emergency exits are on an airplane. I wrote a long very detailed review about the grumpy old fart that apparently owns this place. Din tillit ar var framsta prioritet, sa foretag kan aldrig betala for att paverka eller ta bort deras recensioner. Vi raknar ut det genomsnittliga snittbetyget med de recensioner som var automatiserade mjukvara for narvarande rekommenderar. In order to get the most out of your bike, you need to know where to get repairs, where to get a beautiful dose of espresso, and, most importantly, where to party.
Park on 10th or 11th Ave and walk down the park stairs until you reach the Greenway Bike Path.
As one of Minneapolis's busiest, most important bike paths, much goes down here, from the Winter Bike Expo to Powderhorn 24. Yelp deleted that very fair and detailed review for some reason, but I think people need to be warned. Fuel up before a jaunt to Lake Calhoun, or change out of your sweaty duds in the locker room. I've gone with my son and wife on both busy and calm times, and it really is the same no matter what. The staff acts like its an inconvenience to utter more than a few words to someone that is inexperienced, and condescension comes free. Best of all, Freewheel's vibe is always friendly -- the antithesis of the surly bike shop stereotype.

All three times I rented bikes from here, the seat slides left and right, as if they are not secured or tightened enough. It's hard to choose a between the Cedar and Midtown shops, but Midtown is probably our fave.One on One Bike Shop (OOOBS)(117 Washington Ave. In my opinion, he should sell the business and go off to a deserted island by himself.By way of substance, I almost died after purchasing a bike from this jerk. After putting it up on their little rack and supposedly making sure everything was road ready, I found out that they didn't tighten the bolts on the front tire.
All the major Minneapolis bike parties started or happen here, including ARTCRANK and the Stupor Bowl.
I found this out when the tire departed from the bike and I almost went over the handlebars. Two Minneapolis bicycling bigwigs, Gene Oberpriller and Hurl Everstone, work in the liquor-bottle-lined workshop every day, doling repairs out for a dollar a minute. Paul, works to make bicycling welcoming by selling refurbished rides at low cost, and by offering bicycle maintenance classes.
Formerly known as the Sibley Bike Depot, it's run by volunteers who will teach you to fix your bike by yourself, and give you the space to do it. Paul's Cathedral Hill neighborhood, Omnium Bike Shop follows a three-point mission: living it, loving it, sharing it. That means the shop staffs cyclists who live the #bikelife wholeheartedly, spreading bike love in a welcoming way while helping to maintain the Twin Cities' vibrant, cohesive bicycling community (i.e. Being "omnium" means being the best, and according to the website, OBS aims to do that by being "the most approachable bike shop in the Twin Cities." Like ACF, Omnium has a kickass design sense. It's also the most social media-engaged of the shops on our list.Angry Catfish(4208 28th Ave.

Its Intelligentsia coffee -- brewed via airpot, pour over, chemex, syphon, or French Press -- is delicious, and its clothing and bikes are high-end. Founder Brent Fuqua, struggling with addiction in 2008, found that fixing bikes helped him heal: "I'm just going to focus right now on taking care of this one bike," he recounts via Recovery's website, "and do that well. When I am accomplishing that, I will branch out from there." That thought birthed Recovery, which became a center for Fuqua's brothers in recovery. Paul's historic arts district, just a half-block from the farmers' market, Lowertown Bike Shop (LBS) is renowned for its excellent service and tremendous selection of revitalized bicycles, including road, touring, mountain, comfort, cross, cruisers, BMX, and more. With a philosophy of providing "all types of bikes for all types of people," the Hub is democratically run. Its full-time employees all contribute to the shop's decision-making, and all earn a livable wage (enough to "own a home, feed a family, or travel the world," according to their website).
Thomas University and Macalester College, just a few blocks from East River Road, Grand Performance appeals to the Twin Cities' high-end roadie crowd. The shop stocks Bianchi, Basso, Colnago, and Pinarello brands, among others, but stresses that names don't make a bike special. That's why we're a dealer for an almost endless list of bike companies," they state via their website.

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