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Opened in April 2010, The Bike Shop at Urban AdvenTours, now known as Urban Cycles, is a full service bike shop in the heart of downtown Boston. With our fleet of rental bikes, you can take a day-long spin on one of our high-quality bikes before you commit to buying.
Whether as checked baggage or shipped through a carrier such as UPS or FedEx, bikes can generally be shipped inside the US for $100-150, and shipping rates may vary for international customers. Check out our wide selection of products in our online store, and see our current stock of bikes before you come in!
The Jamis Quest Comp is the next tier up, and gets much more than a different paint job and nicer components.
Steel is a timeless material for a bike due to its solid, comfortable ride, feel, and durability.
If the Satellite Comp doesn’t fit in your budget, we have the Satellite Sport as well. These bikes are not just great entry level road bikes, they’re also an excellent way to speed up a longer commute.
Please note that these sale prices are only for models listed above and in-stock inventory only. Ever since the technology was first discussed, we’ve been anticipating having MIPS not just available in the US, but in stock in our shop.
You can read more about what MIPS is at the MIPS official website or stop by and talk with our helpful staff.
Practically speaking, it has commuter-friendly features besides wide tires including eyelets for a rear rack and full-coverage fenders, sealed bearing hubs and headset, and shallow-drop handlebars. We are open standard hours this holiday weekend (Monday we’ll be open from 10 AM to 7 PM).
The Ventura race is ideal for anyone looking for a light and responsive road bike on a budget. The other major thing I learned that good gear shouldn’t just be (reasonably) light, durable, and reliable, but also makes the entire experience more comfortable.
The most important lesson of all is that when you’re riding a bike for 6-8 hours straight a day, food is super important. Touring is a lot of fun, but you don’t need to be pushing multiple days, or even long mileage to enjoy it.
We offer sales, repairs, clothing and accessories to ensure that your next bike ride is comfortable, safe and enjoyable.
We offer new and used bikes from Giant, Kona, Masi, Surly, Biria, and Civia, and also a wide variety of gear from dozens of great brands.
We understand that, so with any repair over $75, we’ll loan you one of our quality hybrid rental bikes to keep you going while your bike is in the stand. If you decide you love it, we’ll use your rental as a credit towards the purchase, and if you decide otherwise, we can easily find something else in our fleet that you might like better. We can box your new or used bike for convenient shipping or checking on your return flight. With the Shimano 2300 group being replaced by the better-performing Claris (doing away with the inconvenient side-buttons often advertised as “Campagnolo Style”), road cycling is fast becoming much more enjoyable at the entry level.
With the Quest Comp, Jamis moves away from 4130 CrMo and up to Reynolds 520, a lighter-weight, smoother-riding steel.

It’s a similar value to the Satellite Comp, although geared for people who like a lighter, faster feeling bike. This model has the same fit and geometry as the Ventura Comp, only it uses an aluminum fork (rather than carbon) and Shimano 2300 components to create an affordable ride at a low price. While the Tamland would thrive as a dedicated city commuter, it also makes a great adventure light touring bike.
Sale prices will not and cannot be applied to special orders or other bikes not on this list. We have limited sizes and models available (51cm through 58cm), and this sale applies only to in stock models–stop by early and get yours for less.
From this weekend until April 1 we’ve got road bikes, hybrids, commuter bikes, and classic style city bikes on sale*. With a frame made of double-butted 6061 aluminum and a carbon fork with tapered carbon steerer tube, it’s designed from the ground up to ride like a higher end race bike. This is Shimano’s most entry level component with their dual-control shifters, meaning that both shifters are on the break lever themselves (rather than a thumb button on the hood).
Late last month I went on my first tour with back-to-back multiple days of riding, self-supported, with a friend. The trip had something around 6-7,000 feet of climbing for the entire 230 mile trip and I learned a lot from this amount of climbing alone: test your gear!
Over three nights of camping I slept in a hammock, under a tarp shelter (above, which worked pretty well!), and on a couch in a field. Our friendly mechanic staff will ensure that your bike is in tip top shape, with an emphasis on fast reliable service and attention to detail. We enjoy meeting neighbors from all over the city and helping as many people as possible find the gear that’s right for their needs. We will be glad to help you find the easiest, most affordable method to get your bike where you need it, when you need it.
We’re fond of Jamis, in part, because they offer a lot of options for steel-framed bikes, particularly on the more affordable end. The Quest Sport boasts a 4130 CrMo frame, beefy double-walled rims, and a Claris triple crankset, which makes it a comfortable bike to get errands done while remaining more than capable of long weekend rides.
While the Quest Sport is a nice package to get started with road cycling, the nicer frame of the Quest Comp makes it the type of bike you can ride for years and upgrade in the future without being limited by your frame. It also has full rack and fender eyelets and makes a great commuter or first road bike at just $695.
We can’t wait to see one with a handlebar bag and panniers set off on a weekend tour. Everybody loves a great deal and there’s no better time than spring to get excited for having a new bike.
From March 1 through April 30 selected Raleigh models will be eligible for a $50-$100 rebate direct from Raleigh. Jamis outfitted the Ventura Race with Shimano Tiagra 10-speed shifters and derailleurs, a durable wheelset with Mavic CXP22 rims, and a carbon seatpost – making the Ventura Race a high value model at just $1150. What separates the Icon Pro from other aluminum road bikes is Jamis’ Synthesis small-batch production.
With improved shifting and a sleek, darker anodized grey, this is a grew new group for anyone looking for a new road bike on a budget.

This means that the sizes we have in stock just might be the last ones until we receive 2012 models in September. We took the commuter rail out to Newburyport, and then rode through NH, Maine, to northwestern Vermont. Nutritionally I did really well, but spent a lot of money on calorie-packed energy food as well as comfort food.
If you’ve been thinking about setting up a bike for loaded expeditions, there are many of us on staff who can recommend it and offer advice.
We will even keep you on the road while your bike is repaired with our loaner bike program.
With 2014, they’ve abandoned the Satellite name on their entry-level steel road bikes, and opted for a seamless line-up with the Quest Sport, Quest Comp, and Quest Elite. At only $730 complete, the Quest Sport comes ready to ride for only slightly more money than comparative framesets alone.
Beyond the frame upgrade, the Quest Comp will come outfitted with a Shimano Sora 9-speed drivetrain, while retaining the versatile triple crankset., as well as nicer, lighter wheels.
It’s also outfitted with a double crankset and a wheelset with durable Mavic CXP 22 rims for just $950.
Basically, it provides a secondary safety measure to prevent concussions and injury from angular rotations in addition to the impact protection standard helmets offers.
This applies to their Cadent and Misceo sport hybrids, Talus 29er series, and Revenio road bikes that we stock and more.
Their Icon frames are made with more technical design, and frame construction is limited to smaller numbers so each one gets more care and attention through the entire production process. Above are photos of the 2014 Jamis Ventura Sport, and the 2014 Bianchi Nirone 7 Claris, both featuring these new components, and both in stock at Cambridge Bicycle. I had a minimum of superfluous gear, and that makes a big psychological difference when you’re spinning a 65 pound touring rig up a 1,600 ft. Keep in mind that physical comfort as well as psychological comfort both help you sustain endurance for the ride, whether it’s 200 miles or 20 miles. I ended up loosing girth but gaining a lot of muscle, so I’m definitely doing my homework on nutrition for endurance rides.
While the Quest Sport weighs in at a relatively heavy 25lbs, the Comp drops down to 23lbs complete, putting it in the realm of bikes like the Surly Pacer and All-City Mr Pink. We have MIPS-enabled helmets in commuter, road cycling, and mountain biking models in stock now.
You can expect to find yourself at home on a Tamland on a snow-fallen Boston sidestreet, rough-condition rural dirt roads that coverNew England, and events like the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonee or the Vermont Overland.
Nothing starts off springtime like a new bike and this rebate from Raleigh makes it even sweeter.
Each Icon frame weighs the same as their Xenith carbon frames, and each one has aggressive, swift geometry like their advanced race bikes.  Between the quality of the frameset, the components on it (carbon fork, Shimano 105 drivetrain and a Mavic Aksium wheelset), and a price of just $1750,  the Icon Pro is an impressive ride for both new and seasoned cyclists alike. For $980, you’ll still have enough cash in the bank to pick out a good set of pedals and shoes to get started with more intermediate road riding.

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