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While searching for the best home gym system, I ended up settling on three that will accommodate anyone.
The Powerline BSG10X Home Gym is one of the best out there right now, especially for those that want challenging and muscle-building workouts. It has a traditional bar press that’s biomechanically designed for maximum chest concentration, as well as muscle development. The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System is one of the top choices simply because it gives you a total body workout, with exercises that will define your muscles properly. This system features an ultra-smooth linear bearing that is combined with machine steel guide rods to provide you with a very smooth and natural movement. The Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench is the perfect setup if you want to build your muscles and do weight workouts. It has heavy duty 3 inch steel uprights and a strong main frame, so the bench won’t move or buckle at all.
You could consider the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer 4000-XL the son of the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III. If you are in the market for a home gym priced over $750 then below is a priced list of the some of best gyms currently available. The Titan X-Series offers a vast range of quality exercises (over 200 total), a counter-balance system, cable exercises, free-weight, and machine type exercises. There is some changeover between exercises but most take only about 20-30 seconds with even the most elaborate, the rowing exercise, taking less than 60 seconds.
Best Single Stack Home gym: The Body Solid G6B is a smooth operating and versatile machine with many quality features.
TKO Functional Trainer 9050 – Simple, sleek, smooth, and durable are the reasons the TKO functional trainer ranks on top of the others.
The Body Solid PowerLift Leverage Gym is the best of the leverage gyms as far as quality & value. If you don’t have time or money to go to the gym and have little space in your home, then this Powerline home gym might be right for you. It has 160 pounds of adjustable weight stacks for high, mid, and low pulleys, in addition to eight-position, adjustable arm press with a leg developer station that will give you up to 40 exercises. It has a tubular steel frame that features a 7 degree slant that’s designed to accommodate your natural upper and lower body movements with ease. This is a full-sized Olympic bench that gives you incline, decline and flat bench positions. It’s tested for 300 pounds for the bench, 400 pounds for the uprights, and 150 pounds for the leg lift and lat tower.

You can use them anytime you want without having to go get dressed and drive to a smelly gym.
If you want a solid home gym that will give you all the options you need then the Total Trainer DLX-III from Bayou Fitness is your answer.
The 4000-XL doesn’t have quite as many of the features as the DLX-III, but it is significantly cheaper than the DLX-III.
You get a quality made piece of equipment that will give you a great workout and last for a long time.
The Body-Solid G6B was rated a Consumer Guide® Best Buy and is also our Top-Rated Single Stack Multi-Gym thanks to the patented bi-angular press arms, well designed pec station, and variety of add-on options. The Bi-Angular Press Arm guides you through the optimal range of motion while applying resistance from two directions. The drive will chip away at your gas, and it can get crowded, forcing you to wait or do something else while a particular machine is taken. It also has a lat pull down station that will allow you full range of motion through unilateral, bilateral, converging or diverging movement.
It provides you with plenty of great workouts that you can do simply by following the instructions. It also has a durable powder coated finish, nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings, and 2000 pounds tensile strength, mirroring the strength of aircraft cables. It also has a built-in squat rack in the back, three Olympic weight plate adapters with clips, and adjustable uprights to suit your various uses. If you want to hear about some great equipment and are also looking to find deals, check out my blog!
The quality workmanship of this gym ensures you won’t need another gym for years, perhaps decades! Usually what you get for more money is a few more attachments, a higher weight limit, or access to a few more exercises that muscle builders may need. The Titan T1X & T3X also offer a counter-balance system which allows users to do exercises such as assisted pull ups and even lat pull downs with the smith. The leg developer provides consistent resistance throughout the full range of motion unlike most other gyms in this category. The TKO Functional Trainer is a heavy-duty & smooth operating system with all the goodies you need for a complete functional trainer. The PowerLIFT’s versatility and advanced safety features ensure a complete heavy-duty workout without the need for a spotter.
The Spiraflex resistance technology is used on the International Space Station where gravity weights are, of course, of no use.

Look into getting a home gym system, as the best ones will give you a great total body workout, and you’ll be in the comfort of your own living space.
It has a compact frame, being less than four feet wide and only stands about 6.5 feet tall so you can set up this home gym almost anywhere. Overall, this machine gives you a complete workout experience, and it’s one of the best out there. Anyone from beginners to advanced workout enthusiasts can use this machine and be successful in their fitness goals. It also includes a high quality, multi-function bench with preacher curl and leg developers. The first are the best home gyms that are in the price range of up to $750, next is the higher price tier of $750 or more. The 2980 x use stackable weights which many prefer over resistance rods or inclined resistance.
The Body Solid G6B has durable and ergonomic pads for a quality workout with the assurance of a silky smooth and friction free exercise on every rep with the SmoothGlide Bearing System. There are multiple positions to perform pull ups with six molded grip handles to choose your preferred grip position.
Each station adjusts to fit your size for proper positioning, beneficial pre-stretch and full range of motion. If space or budget is not an issue, then I would strongly recommend buying this Smith Machine.
It’s not too great for moms like me, but if you want your husband looking fit, then be sure to recommend this home gym to him.
Just using this gym 3 times a week can tone your body and make those unwanted pounds fizzle away.
Those of you wanting to up your resistance to 410 lbs or build serious muscle may want to look into a more expensive gym.
The adjustable Bi-Angular® Arms give the user several starting points for Chest Press, Shoulder Press and Incline Press.
There is a dual roller mechanism or pulley housing that provides smooth performance and easy adjustment.

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