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If it is (and believe me, that poor excuses are the number one reason people don’t work out), it’s time to rethink your lifestyle.
In fact, don’t change a thing because we have the answer that can make workouts a lot easier on you – home based, simple workouts to get your body moving! If you’re a beginner, begin with weight resistance (using your own weight, without the use of gym weights to tone and firm). Working out your lower body is just as important as your upper body; just make sure to switch days from upper to lower, as you need to give you body time to recover. While many people of all fitness levels procrastinate to working out their abs, it’s important if you really want to feel the difference in your core. Benefits: A yoga mat is easy to store, so space is not an issue, plus it does not break your bank account. How to use it: It is the best tool for all your stretching, Pilates, aerobics and of course yoga moves. What makes it special: You have so many cool colors and designs to choose from that you can finally let your imagination fly!
What makes it special: It can easily be deflated if you have company and want to get rid of it (definitely can’t do that with a treadmill) and even pack it with you on a vacation.
What makes them special: A lot of women shy away from weights, but they are actually one of the best ways to help all the cardio you do, work for you. The Healthyvore mission is to transform workplaces into wellplaces through measurable and sustainable strategies. We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly. It is handy and a space saver giving you area to place other apliances around in the same room. Firstly it looks good, but with weeks worth of using it and doing it regularly you can look muscular and impress people as you walk past making you look confident and strong. It looks rather large but really its handy, giving more room than you expect, but once again looks large and chunky. I recommend this to anyone after Commercial Fitness Equipment, with the capacity of a gym in their own home!!

TITAN T1 Multi-Press system - the most comprehensive weight training system available on the market!
The moves in this no-equipment workout have a few things in common: they're basic, functional, and scalable as your level of fitness improves. Alternating lunges means alternate lunging forward with your right, then left (five times on each side). Begin with pushups by laying your palms flat on the floor, at a perpendicular angle and push yourself down until you are 3 inches away from the floor. Begin by exercising your thigh muscles with a side and front lunge combo – all it takes is a three to five pound dumbbell in each hand and some serious motivation!
Come up at a quick pace with your arms crossed along your chest and come back down slowly (this is the important part).
Most hotels have a gym, but if you want to make sure you get your daily 20 minutes of power, packing an exercise ball is the way to go! You do not need a bowflex machine (I mean, really who has the space for that?!?), but a couple of 5 lbs weights are what will help you reach your goals.
The stronger your muscles are the more they work at burning fat, and the leaner you become. With over 100 different training routines, the TITAN T1 offers a range of possible exercises that will give even the most comprehensively equipped health club a challenge.
Whether you are an advanced weight trainer or just starting out, the TITAN is built to accommodate your needs.
So while this simple bodyweight workout may not seem like much, as you repeat the circuit, you'll learn just how effective it can be. Check out our tips on how to do a reverse crunch here as well as how to do jumping squats here.
While we may have every desire in the world to tone those bicep muscles of ours, strengthen our core or just have more energy for our children, our life just always seems to get in the way. You just need motivation, light weight dumbbells, a bench and living room space to move from lunges to squats to sit ups. Whether you live in a house, dorm room, apartment or matchbox (like I used to!) these are the only three items you need to sculpt, tone, lose weight and maintain a healthy, happy body.

It is a space saver, instead of you buying each and every item representing only one thing you can do with it. Stack on the weight (up to 300kg on the smith-carriage or 360kg on the heavy duty free weight racks), or go as light as you prefer with TITAN's unique counter-balance system.
Tricep dips can be used by putting your hands behind your back and pressed up against any flat service in the home, from a bench to the kitchen chair.
Lift your right knee up to the level of your hips, lean to the left and kick your right leg out. So if you’re looking for the ultimate fitness system that will suit the needs of practically everyone in your home, office, or training facility, look no further than the TITAN T1. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. With your legs straight and out in front of you, press down until your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle and repeat, as many times as possible.
Keep your back straight and slowly step back so that your right foot positions into a side lunge, step back and then repeat with opposite foot.
Lie down on the floor, and with one leg bent at a time, bring it up to your chest with your arms tucked behind your head.
Yes, I own both: a fuchsia yoga mat and Tweety pajamas that no one knew about till now… Ok, so after you finished laughing, move on to equipment #2.
It mostly has everything on the Titan T1, even my the gym i go to doesnt have a all in 1 equipment like this. Finish your workout with 30-40 of cardio, whether that means popping in a DVD or running around the block a few times. Lastly, end your workout with an ab exercise that will really get those muscles of yours sore! Lay down on your back and bring your left leg straight up to your chest, and while the right leg comes up, bring your left leg slowly down.

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