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Best Fitness home workout equipment is manufactured to the same high standards as those set by industry leader Body Solid. And thanks to the secure straps on the foot pedals, you can ride as fast and hard as you want. WEBSITE FOR SALE: This website and domain name are for sale, Click Here to email us if you are interested in buying.
Best Entry-Level Trainer: The CycleOps Mag+ Trainer with Adjuster is a perfect entry-level trainer, with five resistance levels that can be adjusted from the handlebar-mounted shifter. Best Value Trainer: Not being able to move your bike side to side when doing interval work completely strips away the feeling of being on a bike at all. What's New, NowToday in Gear: March 18, 2016A sleeping bag with no zippers, sneakers that tie themselves, a smartwatch for your active lifestyle and much more. Backcountry Digs at Their FinestThe Best Sleeping Bags of 2016From the backcountry to music festivals, these sleeping bags have everyone covered.
More: CampingSharpen Your Pencil Selection5 Great Pencils, Picked by a FanaticAn expert from CW Pencil Enterprise curates a list of five outstanding pencils that you probably have never heard of.
More: Mechanical PencilsWe've Got You Covered10 Umbrellas That Look Great, Even When DryThe best umbrellas that will keep you looking good and staying dry.
More: Race InspirationSlip In, Zip Up8 Zip-Up Boots for a Functional Alternative to the ChelseaWith selections from Calvin Klein to Maison Margiela and Belstaff to Berluti. More: BootsNo Young Whippersnapper22 Vintage Cameras Still Worth a ShotFrom Polaroid, to 35mm, to medium format, to large format, these are the best vintage cameras available. Let’s start off with our recommendation for the most price conscious buyer, the Travel Trac Fluid. On the opposite side of the spectrum for those with deeper pockets, we present the Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer. Though, the Rock and Roll carries a hefty pricetag, it wasn’t the most expensive trainer we tested.
Of course, if you’re not ready to put down the equivalent price of an entry-level road bike for an indoor trainer. Another Magnetic trainer we would suggest you consider is the CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro at $399 MSRP.
Fan – Your trainer will build up heat, a simple fan blowing airflow in front of you will serve two purposes, it’ll help you cool off, but more importantly it’ll keep air flowing over your rear tire and trainer. Mat – There are specific rubber mats sold to place under your trainer, but anything from the local hardware store will suffice. Riser – You’ll find that when your bike is attached to a trainer, it’ll be raised a little bit, a riser under the front wheel will help level the bike out. And it goes without saying, you might want to prop this all up in front of the TV or have some sort of motivational music playing. About the author: Thien Dinh Thien Dinh gained most his cycling knowledge the old fashioned way, by immersing himself in the sport. Wahoo Fitness, the leader in iPhone powered cycling, running and fitness, will demo the Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer at CES 2013. Using Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ technology, the KICKR Power Trainer connects to the iPhone, allowing full resistance control during your training session.
Take a look at our comparison chart below for a quick overview of the various stationary bike stand models we have reviewed and work with.
You can sort the table columns by clicking on the column title (for example, if you want to sort them by price or weight or rating).
Cascade Fluid ProTop quality trainer, rated highly, thermally sealed fluid drive, very quiet, front riser included. You may also need to purchase a separate bike trainer tire, front wheel riser or climbing block, bike trainer skewer, or bike trainer mat. This bike trainer is easy to set up and works just as well in your garage as it does in a dedicated exercise room. Find more Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Portable Exercise Bicycle Magnetic Stand information and reviews here. Top 5 Best Affordable Folding BikesNeed a reliable bike that fits nicely into small spaces?
If you’re looking for an easily portable bike trainer that can be folded up and stored away when not in use, this one is a good bet. Find more RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer information and reviews here. Top 5 Best Affordable Electric BikesWhether you frequently commute to work or just want to leave some work up to the bike, an electric bike can be a great investment. Top 10 Best Recumbent Exercise BikesRecumbent exercise bikes make it easier to get in a quality workout without worrying about battling the elements or putting too much strain on your joints.
Once you get the hang of these training bike rollers, you’ll enjoy a rewarding workout each time. Top 5 Best Thule Bike RacksThule bike racks are a solid choice if you need to transport one or more bikes. Top 5 Best Bike Roof RacksIf you're ready to invest in a roof rack for your bike, any of these models will be an excellent choice. This bike trainer is a practical choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet solid trainer.
Find more Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand information and reviews here. This bike trainer is geared towards avid cyclists who need a bike trainer that can stand up to their serious indoor training demands. Top 10 Best Bicycle Racks for CarsFinding the right bike rack for your vehicle can be tough.
You won’t have to worry about waking up housemates or neighbors with this ultra-quiet trainer. If you’re looking for a bike trainer with all the bells and whistles, this one delivers. Top 10 Best Foam Rollers for Fitness and MassageTired of feeling sore and achy after a workout? If you find the thought of being stuck indoors on a stationary trainer unbearable, consider the Rock and Roll 2.0. If you’re seriously training for an upcoming competition or ride, also consider the Kinetic PRO Trainer Dual Fly-Wheel Trainer. Affordably priced and ergonomically designed to fit any household, Best Fitness machines are tested tough and proven effective for a slimmer waistline, defined chest, stronger back, well muscled arms and legs and healthy cardiovascular workouts.Shift your cardio training into high gear with the Best Fitness BFSB10 Indoor Cycling Trainer. It’s quick to set up, easy to level the legs, and it’s foldable for storage or travel.
Once you’ve mastered what it’s like riding on ice, they can become a tool for high cadence work and recovery spins.

We’ve rounded up the 5 most interesting trainers you should consider when shopping for a trainer. It’s a typical fluid trainer, with progressive resistance, meaning the harder you go, the harder the resistance becomes. The MSRP is on the high side for a trainer at $570, but this isn’t your typical fluid trainer. There’s another option that we would suggest, Minoura’s LR760 plus their iOS LiveTraining app. You’ll hopefully be putting in a lot of hard efforts on the trainer and you’ll surely be sweating. From 2007 to early 2013, Thien served as RoadBikeReview Site Manager, riding daily while putting various cycling products through its paces. Named a CES 2013 BEST OF INNOVATIONS award winner in the Health & Fitness category, the KICKR Power Trainer is the world’s first iPhone powered bike trainer. While pedaling, users can increase or decrease resistance, structure interval workouts or even simulate real world bike courses all from their smart phone. The table will grow as we check out additional models, but for now the table includes many of the leading models out there. Alternatively, to summarize it all for you and to save a few of your brain cells, check out our guide to the five BEST trainers to consider in 2015!
Whether you’re an avid cyclist who needs to stay in shape for an upcoming competition or you just want an easy way to maintain fitness over the winter, a bike trainer can be just what you need. It also stands out for its superior durability, which includes a sturdy frame, robust material, and extra-wide legs. As the key to successfully riding on rollers is to pedal evenly while riding and balancing in a straight line, these rollers keep the mind and body engaged during the workout. A magnetic design and five internal resistance settings keeps you in control of the power you need for every workout. A fluid and progressive resistance ensures a more fulfilling workout and helps make this trainer quieter than many other magnetic trainers on the market. Despite offering over 800 watts of fluid resistance, this bike trainer doesn’t make much noise even during harder workouts. This Kinetic trainer features a unique frame design for a more realistic feel, as your bike will move in a similar manner to your favorite road rides.
The BFSB10 lets you ride in the comfort and convenience of your own home, so you won’t have to deal with the unpredictability of outdoor terrain, rough weather, or nasty traffic. While we’re no strangers to mulled wine and a sweater with reindeer on it, we know from experience that breaking for winter makes having a strong race season much more difficult. Shell out another $24 for the CycleOps Climbing Riser Block and you’ll be able to add four levels of difficulty into your indoor workout. If you’re training during the winter, chances are you’re crunching numbers, and the KICKR broadcasts data over Bluetooth and ANT+ so you can train with a bike computer or man the controls directly from your iPhone.
The Kreitler Kompact 3.0 Roller is a great set of rollers with a smaller, lighter frame that folds up neatly for easy travel and storage.
It lacks the pure visceral feeling we get when we’re out on the open road pushing ourselves to the limit, whether it be on a climb or trying for our fastest time on a particular stretch of pavement.
Having spent a good amount of time indoors, we’ve found that the key to surviving the indoor training session is positive thinking! Wind trainers are cost effective, but they’re also loud and very limited in terms of resistance, so we won’t get into them either.
Most trainers on the market are very rigid and don’t feel natural at all as all the side to side movement when riding a real bike is eliminated. The CompuTrainer by Racermate is perhaps one of the longest running training products on the market. The SuperMagneto Pro also utilizes rare earth magnets to control four different resistance curves – easy, road, interval, and mountain. But if you do want a specific riser, CycleOps offers one, as well as Kurt Kinetic – this one actually has some swivel action to it, so your font end can move naturally as well. If you really want to immerse yourself, there are plenty of ride dvds available on the market that not only will help you do intervals but do a pretty good job of showing you real point of view rides and races. A native of California, Thien also enjoys tinkering with photography and discovering new music. Wahoo’s KICKR allows cyclist and triathletes to set resistance, accurately measure power and complete App based workouts, all from their iPhone. Resistance adjustments are instant, making it easy to replicate everything from a flat or rolling hill course, to the coast down a hill after a hard climb.
We spent a ton of time engineering the feel, fine tuning it for the most realistic ride we’ve ever experienced on an indoor bike trainer. Wahoo Fitness’ iPhone cycling system allows users to monitor all the vitals including power, speed, cadence, heart rate, pace, distance, location, course and more.
There’s a wide selection of products on the market, from affordable basic trainers to higher-end ones with the latest technology. Don’t be fooled by the lower price tag, as this trainer features a reliable heavy duty construction.
The aluminum drums help to build strength for those who are just beginning yet offer plenty of resistance for more advanced riders.
It’s also equipped with a fluid resistance unit that promises a consistent ride while keeping noise to a minimum. The trainer is compatible with most road and mountain bikes with 26-inch, 27-inch, and 700c tires. There’s also a cadence sensor and magnet to give you real-time feedback while you ride. The bike trainer also forces you to maintain proper form as you ride, making it a cycling-specific workout trainer.
You’ll also have the freedom to close your eyes and concentrate on your pedal cadence without crashing into a tree. Rather than risking disaster on icy roads, consider one of these indoor trainers to keep pedaling through the off-season. Once you get into the benefits of cycling though, you find yourself wanting to ride at every spare opportunity. Hokey, yes, but it’s important not to think of it as a chore, but rather a way for you to extend the window of opportunity to get miles in on your bike. If you’re looking to put down base miles and just get your heart rate going, this trainer will get you there, and at quite the bargain. In addition, more stress is put on the body and the bike since all the lateral motion has to be absorbed by both body and bike. Originally making it’s debut in 1986, it continues to be one of the most relied upon training tools for weekend warriors and international pros alike.

You’ll get the Minoura LR760, a magnetic trainer that features an advanced Neodymium flywheel and 13-way adjustable resistance knob that mounts to your handlebar. The versatility of trainer means it should appeal to a wide range of cyclist, from the new cyclist trying to ride more during bad weather indoors to the experienced rider looking for an intense interval workout.
With a wheel off design and super flywheel, the iPhone connected bike trainer is engineered to produce an ultra-realistic road feel, equivalent to the inertia of an actual rider on the road.
With the wheel off design there is no need for calibration; the power is consistent and accurate every single time. You’ll find trainer stands as well as bike rollers, which can be tricky to master at first but provide a meaningful workout each time. As soon as you begin to pedal, a super-quiet internal magnet starts to generate resistance while keeping the overall noise level down. Another benefit is the sealed cartridge bearings, which ensure a smooth operation without too much background noise. The durable steel frame stands up well over time and keeps the bike from wobbling or tipping during rides. An adjustable knob ensures a more specific fit while ensuring that you can effortlessly control the bike’s resistance from your handlebars.
Serious riders appreciate having full control over training variables thanks to features such as control over watts from 300 to 1000 and slopes up to 10 percent when seated. The result is that you’ll need to continuously stabilize yourself using your core muscles without using excessive upper body movement.
The training bike is outfitted with such features as quick-change tension controls that help simulate hills and valleys, along with a precision flywheel that generates a smooth ride at all tension settings. If done right, you may even come out stronger and fitter than if you ditched the bike to cross train at the gym. There is good resistance to get you and your heart rate going, it’s smooth, and you’ll even feel the burn.
Kurt Kinetic aims to solve this woe by allowing some lateral and up and down movement in the Rock n Roll trainer. The Computrainer pro uses a 1500 Watt electronic load generator, which is more resistance than most users will ever really need. The advanced rare earth magnets used on this trainer allow a great range of progressive resistance, moreso than the traditional linear resistance found on other mag trainers.
This Pro level trainer provides excellent stability and a smooth and most importantly quiet workout. It’ll also protect hardwood floors from the trainer shifting when you really put down the hammer.
A direct power measurement at the hub provides consistent and lab accurate power readings for every grueling mile. The electronic resistance is driven by your iPhone or tablet during a ride, you can go from hammering up a 15% grade to coasting downhill, instantaneously”. As you’re considering which trainer to purchase, keep in mind factors such as overall noise level and the amount of resistance each unit provides.
Cyclists appreciate the sturdy mounting clips, which hold the bike securely in place while reducing slippage. You can hook up just about any road or mountain bike with 26-inch, 27-inch, or 700c wheels. This frame has nine different settings and is compatible with nearly any type of wheelbase.
Another bonus is the adjustable foot pads, which promote a safe and stable ride on a variety of surfaces.
Despite its heavy frame, this bike trainer can be easily transported and stored when necessary. Another features is a fast clamping mechanism for a secure ride without the stressful setup. An efficient and reliable PowerTop technology promises accurate readings within 5 percent accuracy.
The seat and handlebars are also fully adjustable, with 15 vertical seat settings and seven vertical handlebar adjustments. Case in point, we recently interviewed Optum Pro Cycling Team Rider Tom Zirbel, he gave us some great insight on his indoor training regimen as well as some tips on how to keep indoors training interesting, check it out here.
With the Travel Trac Fluid, when you run out of gears, you run out of resistance levels as well.
Not only that, but the Computrainer comes with a powerful software suite that when attached to a PC turns the Computrainer into one of the most powerful and sophisticated indoor systems available. The SuperMagneto also easily folds down into a slim profile when not in use for easy storage. The trainer is also quiet, making it easy to use in a smaller living space without waking others up. One unique feature of this CycleOps trainer is that it uses hydraulic fluid instead of magnetic or mechanical resistance.
This Kinetic trainer features a resistance range from 5 to 3,000 watts and fits bikes with wheels ranging from 22 to 29 inches.
Therefore, if you’re looking to do interval workouts at higher thresholds and intensity levels, you may find this unit runs out of resistance levels and may not get you into that Zone 5 level. The movement is adjustable and combined with the heavy flywheel results in a trainer that is indeed more realistic, quiet, and smooth. Power training will give you accurate power measurements, SpinScan will help you pedal efficiently, and Real Course Video will have you training on REAL roads.
The CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro is not only the best magnetic trainer, it’s the trainer we find ourselves recommending most to riders of all skill levels.
You may want to opt for the Travel Trac Fluid+, which will allow you to add even more resistance than the Travel Trac. Be sure to allocate a lot of space though, because the Rock and Roll requires quite a bit of space, it has a massive 4 foot wingspan. In addition to real roads, you’ll be able to race multiple riders, real or virtual on those same courses. It’s everything you could look for in an indoor training system, and it’s priced accordingly at $1629.
For extremely serious riders, looking to improve their form and performance, we have no problem suggesting you look at the CompuTrainer, but be prepared to pay.

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