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Pull ups seem like quite a basic movement and are present in both bodybuilding and Crossfit protocols.
Squats are activities that see you in a position that lets your knees bend and heels close to your buttocks or thighs. Since the shoes for squats in question are for more than one type of squat, one should look for a multi purposed shoe, specifically meant for different types of squats. Minimal heel lift: During weight lifting training, sometimes you need to squat in order to stand weight lifting, and using other shoes may make you trip off, especially cushioned ones. Thin soles: Related to the above point, you should be looking for shoes with thin soles, possibly of rubber, to ensure flexibility during the activities.
Wide toe box: The shoes should have a wide toe box to ensure that during squats the toes are not pressed together during squatting. Sweat absorption: Like other cross training shoes, they should be able to absorb sweat from the feet if possible, to help the user keep cool and prevent discomfort. When I review what are the best shoes for squatting in my previous articles, I recommended only one shoe that I think is the best. The Adidas Adipower is a specialised men’s shoe specifically created to cater to the weight lighting and squatting crowd.
For folks with flat feet, there is no problem choosing this as a couple of reviewers on Amazon also mentioned that they are flat feet but were able to wear this comfortably. Even though this is a men’s shoe, ladies can buy this as well by choosing a smaller size shoe.
I have reviewed this Invo 9 shoe before and said it was suitable for wide feet folks who like to do squats. However, there were some complaints about the sole of the shoe not being to handle the weights. The Reebok women cross lite TR not only looks good but provides plenty of stability and support for those of us who are looking squats. It is also important to note that the high ankle design actually helps to reduce ankle rotation, which is common for squat beginners. Another strong point its the generous wide toe box that caters well for people looking for the best shoes with wide feet. By far, the best choice is probably Nike Frees.  It is meant to be a running shoe but its many features make it suitable as a form of cross training shoe for squats. The Nike Frees is a nice low heel cross training shoe that provides plenty of support and comfort. Minimal heel lift:  They feel like barefoot shoes with a thin layer of cushioning for shock absorption and comfort. Ample toe box: I tested in in store and my toes have plenty of space to move around so it should work well for those with a wide toe box.
Ultra light weight: The mesh and other materials make wearing these shoes a light weight experience.
I couldn’t pick which colors look the best for the New Balance MX20 cross trainers so I decided to put both of there here. Thankfully, it is not just a pretty pair of sneakers.  The sole is excellent even for winter surfaces.
If you are intending to use them for HIIT workouts, do note that they start off quite tightly. The shoe however, is not made from breathable materials so it might get a little hot inside, relative to those made from mesh or with holes.  If you work out intensively, your feet will feel warm and might smell if your feet sweats too much. Another great choice for women cross trainers with arch support is Saucony’s Grid v2.
It is really a great choice for flat foot folks as it has high arch support as evident by its mid sole design.

For women with wide feet, you will be happy to hear that its forefoot area has lots of space for your toes to move.
In summary, the Saucony Grid V2 is a great pair of cross training shoes for people who need arch support, wider forefoot and strong lateral support.
The Asics GEL-160 cross training shoe has lots of arch support and is one of the best choices for men with flat feet problem.
Since this is Asics GEL model, it comes with a cushioned heel that provide a nice, bouncey feel to your feet movement.
Fans of Reebok can consider this Infrastructure Cross Training model if you need a shoe with solid arch support.
One thing to note is that you probably need to untie the shoelace at the top so that your feet can slide under your shoe.
There are various types of squats, some being light, where you just bend your knees a little, some are medium while some are extensive, where you have to squat slowly till you get your heels right below your bottoms.
Since squats involve the whole body and not only the lower part, the shoes should have the capability to balance the body effectively. The soles also absorb the force generated against the floor instead of directing it towards the weight, and you eventually start feeling weak.
The shoes should not have exposed seams to ensure total comfort from the inside of the shoe. I didn’t pay particular attention to any particular groups who might have special needs due to the shape of their foot. As mentioned in a previous article of squatting tips for ladies, a common mistake was to bend the knees inwards when doing squats as this tend to lead to knee ligament injuries. Again, this is not for walking, your flat feet wouldn’t come into play so frequently. The height is good and the fit is such that it wraps nicely around your leg without feeling cramp or stuffy inside. It allows some wriggle room for your toes but is not so loose as to lose that stability at the front.
Of course, it will not be as light as ryka cross training shoes but it is not heavy to the extend that you can feel it dragging down your squatting activities.
Most of such shoes have cushioned running heels which (i) makes them easier to spoil by the squats and (2) makes them uncomfortable to squat in as your weight is further shifted too much forward. Without a high heel lift, it wouldn’t give you problems that are mentioned in the buying guide stated above.
It is tougher to buy a good pair for people with flat feet as most weightlifting shoes need to be flat without any arch support.  Fortunately, there are a few choices in the market and I hope I have recommended enough of these to let you find the pair you want. The orange sole provides a touch of color to make it different from the rest of the cross training shoes.  The Reebok RealFlex is meant for people who wants to try minimal or barefoot running. Although I have written about the best cross trainers for flat feet, I feel that article isn’t as comprehensive as I like to be.
It is no surprise that I consider this Dynamic model as one of the best women cross trainers for arch support.
For the latter, it is as if your feet is not wearing any shoes at all.  If you have not try Ryka shoes before, this aspect might surprise you a bit for first time wearers. If you are using them for classes such as Zumba or Jazzercise, the shoes can also provide you with the strong lateral support that is required for these dance workouts. Most of the reviewers commended that the actual sizing is too tight, especially for the toes. It is a model that I have already recommended in my previous article on flat feet cross trainers as well as my round up of the best cross training shoes for boot camp.
Its ankle support is equally good and that makes this shoe ideally for high impact workout such as jazzercise.

The padding isn’t as much as other models such as the Asics gel but it can definitely protect your feet from impact. It might not be the most cushioned or light weighted but that shouldn’t take anything away from its great overall design. The high support is pretty obvious from the shoe design itself as you can see the clear support in the middle of the shoe. For cross training workouts such as cardio kickboxing, this additional heel cushioning will make you feel the difference when it comes to your feet pounding the floor. In particular, some felt that the previous 150 model has a wider forefoot compared to this latest version. It is priced very reasonably and as such, becomes one of my strong recommendation for a value buy for a men cross training shoe. Its affordable price of under USD70 makes this one of the most value for money cross trainers that have excellent arch support as well as being a generally comfortable shoe to wear.
For this review piece, I am expanding on the scope of the original so that there are more choices listed for people with different needs. The Adidas Adipower gives the necessary support such that your body tend to be in a better posture and avoid any knee bending. While it wouldn’t feet terribly comfortable at the beginning, what the shoe does is to strengthen your feet so that it grow along with the rest of your body.
If they are too heavy, I suspect this might impose some problems on the sole as the rubber tend to give away and start having cracked lines.
Most other shoes that supported flat feet might have too high an arch to achieve stability during squats. Most of the reviewers love this model for its lightness and allowing your feet to breathe.  For workouts or soccer, these puma cross trainers are great!
This may differ between people so my advice is to order 2 pairs, find the one that best matches your feet, and return the other pair. Hence, like the men mode, it is good to order one size up when you are buying this Puma cross training shoe for women. It is also pretty light although not to the extend of a Ryka shoe.  However, if you are into high intensity workouts like Insanity, these might not be the best choice as their lateral support is not as strong as those that I recommended here. For the real intensive cross training programs though, you might want to read my other reviews as I think there are better choices out there. So, I am supplanting that with this article on what are the best men and women cross training shoes with arch support.
If you have very wide feet, you will need to test this shoe out to see if it can accommodate that. If you are doing high impact workouts, then these qualities will make this shoe a worthy choice for your consideration. This will give you a much fit than if you try to force your feet into the shoe without doing the shoelace. Their width makes it very ideal for doing cross training exercises.  However, their EVA sole might not be as suitable for the outdoors where it can wear and tear much more easily.
Some of the models have excellent support for your feet, especially those who might have problems like high arches, flat feet, bunions etc.
In this article, I am going to round up what I considered to be the best puma cross trainers for men and women.

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