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While it might be better known for vehicles of the motorized variety, for over 60 years BMW has also been manufacturing a range of high-end bicycles. Designed for everyday commuting, the 2011 BMW Cruise Bike features a hydroformed aluminum frame whose welded seams have been polished and smoothed, while the brake and gearshift cables have been integrated into the bike to provide a clean, flowing design. BMW says its 2011 Touring Bike is the ideal all-rounder for anyone looking for both maximum comfort and modern design. BMW claims to have brought about the rise of the suspension fork in mountain bikes in the mid 90's when it manufactured the suspension fork of a BMW motorcycle using lightweight materials and attached it to a mountain bike, so it's not surprising to see both new mountain bike models sporting full suspension. Both feature an aluminum frame, Shimano Deore XT parts, fully hydraulic disk brakes and a specially developed adjustable angle stem to ensure the rider is in the perfect position for the optimum transmission of energy. Other components include Shimano Ultegra gears, – RD-6700 rear derailleur and FD-6700 front derailleur – fi'zi:k Tundra 2 saddle, and Shimano CS6700 ten-speed cassette sprocket.
No prices for the new 2011 range have been announced but if they're in line with last year's models expect to pay upwards of US$1,000 for the Cruise Bike, more than $1,750 for the Touring Bike and over $4,000 for the mountain bikes.
2013 BH Road, Cyclocross, Triathlon Bikes – New G6, Ultralight RC, Disc Cross & More! Frame stiffness moves closer to their Ultralight, making it a race-worthy bike, but it keeps some compliance to appeal to normal riders. The complete bike comes in at 14lb 15oz with normal high end parts, no chi-chi bits just to impress the scale. Pricing will be $4,999 for Ultegra, $7,499 for SRAM Red with Reynolds Assault and $8,999 for SRAM Red with Zipp 404s. This replaces the RC1 and has the same mold as the Ultralight but with a different carbon layup.
It gets internal cable routing and BB386EVO. Starts at $3,000 for a complete bike with 105 and goes up to $5,499 with Ultegra Di2. The Aero is (likely) being raced by Eneko Llanos at the European Triathlon Championships this weekend. Rear brake mount have holes for both TRP direct pull brakes and Shimano’s new aero Dura-Ace brake.
The frame is designed to work equally well with cantilever brakes or disc brakes and, other than the disc post mounts, leave no trace that something’s missing when using one or the other. To accommodate both axle widths, it has swappable dropouts for 130mm or 135mm axle spacing. Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure.
If you’re planning to go biking, either with friends or by yourself, it is absolutely necessary to invest on a good quality bike. Road bikes are designed for riding on smooth pavements and are usually lighter than other types of bicycles.

Touring bicycles—designed for use on pavements but can be used for self-supported long-distance riding as well.
Flat-bar Road Bicycles—these bikes are designed for those who prefer light, high-performance bikes minus the drop-handlebar riding positions of standard road bikes. Track or Fixed-gear Bicycles—these bikes were made to be ridden on a velodrome or a banked oval track and used predominantly for bike racing. Hybrid bikes were created mainly to combine the advantages that road bikes and mountain bikes have to offer. Cruiser bikes, like hybrid bikes, were made for casual riding and are fitted with large comfortable seats.
Folding bikes are perfect for those who live in small apartments, have limited storage space or need to travel with their bike. Once you have determined the kind of bike you’re interested in and would like to buy, the next task involves determining how much your prepared to spending on one.
The company's new 2011 range provides something for everyone – or at least everyone with a well stocked wallet – with a Cruise Bike, Touring Bike and a couple of mountain bikes. The bike comes with a Suntour NCX-D front suspension fork with 75 mm of travel, cantilever brakes, 24-speed Shimano Alivio derailleur and BMW Original Trekking stem that allows the height and angle of the saddle to be adjusted for comfort. The bike features an aluminum frame, Suntour NCX-D-LO front suspension fork with 75 mm travel, and the same adjustable angle stem as the aforementioned Cruise Bike. The Cross Country's suspension comes courtesy of a Fox 32 FRL air-spring fork with travel of 100 mm and Fox Float RP2 BV air shocks, also with travel of 100 mm. The carbon frame is not just light, it is also stiff, absorbs shocks and is corrosion-free. As for the M Bike Carbon Racer I hate to think, but it will be available from June through select BMW dealers and the company's online shop.
He tried to have it ready for last year but kept coming up with more ideas…and I could tell he was pretty excited about it. The seat collar has a removable brake hanger for the canti’s, and the canti mounts on the seatstays are flush with the frame. However, that is a rock solid line-up from top to bottom and I’d be happy to own several of several of those, well dun guys, really well dun. Bicycles come in different types and are used for different purposes so if you’re choosing a bicycle for yourself, consider what you intend to mainly do with your bike as you will find a bike to suit your needs no matter what your preferences of use are.
Choosing the best bicycle for your needs depends largely on the kind of riding you want to do and your budget.
Road bikes can also be used for on-road racing and can also be ridden on smoother type trails. Most flat-bar road bikes can be fitted with wider tires to make them more suitable for use on unpaved trails.

This type of bike features a flat or upright handlebar as well as a low gear range to assist when pedaling up steep trails. Hybrid bikes feature large, padded seats as well as upright handlebars that make for a comfortable riding position. They are popular among kids due to their small size but can and often are used by adults and kids alike. Folding bikes are also ideal for people who have to take their bike with them on the bus or train, or for those who do not have a safe place to park their bikes at school or work.
Quality bikes and those with more advanced features, obviously cost more than standard quality bikes. And for the first time BMW has extended its M Series branding to its two-wheeled vehicles, but despite the M standing for Motorsport it's not for a motorbike, but rather the new 2011 BMW M Bike Carbon Racer bicycle. Meanwhile, the Enduro boasts four-bar suspension with a Fox Talas 32 RL air-spring fork with 140 mm of travel, and Fox RP2 BV shocks with travel of 145 mm. The frame has been given an anthracite carbon look with colored accents on the rims, handlebar grips and saddle inlay in the typical BMW M red color.
We’ve got photos and details on them all, plus actual weights for the complete bikes! For non pros that want or need a taller front end, they’ll include ~40mm of spacers that are shaped like the headtube so you can put the stem higher without a tall stack of goofy looking round spacers. It has all new geometry – compared to the old RX with euro geometry (short cockpit, tall BB), this has more modern fit and a lower bottom bracket. Cocalis said that was the plan to offer a model with that spec, but it looks like they’re months out from releasing the Red hydraulics.
Below is a list of the main categories and subcategories of bicycles including a brief description of each.
However, they last longer and do not require a lot of service and upkeep compared to low-quality bikes. Fairings will be supplied for use with the Shimano or Magura brakes to maximize aerodynamics. This type of bike can be used for short-distance commuting or for when you’re running errands so long as the route you take is fairly flat and smooth. They can also be used on unpaved bike trails but it wouldn’t be wise to use them for off-road mountain bike trails as that would require something a little more robust.

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