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I like the look of these shoes and they seem sturdy but they are just too narrow for my feet. The best shoes for weightlifting can accelerate your lifting performance while keeping you safer under the bar. The Pendlay company, founded by Olympic weightlifter Glenn Pendlay, focuses exclusively on the sport of weightlifting. Pendlay’s custom Do-Win shoe is highly regarded for features like its three-quarter-inch heel, set at the recommended height for actual Olympic Lifting. The Romaleos are not the heaviest or the lightest shoes, but they are strong as an ox and provide a dignifying level of breathability to keep your hardworking feet fungus-free. The adiPower has everything you would ever need in a long-term WL trainer and is the only real rival to the Romaleo Nike weightlifting shoes. Now owned by Adidas, the Reebok brand has managed to stake its claim in the weightlifting space via Crossfit enthusiasts. Baked with a slew of proprietary lab technologies to promote shoe performance, Reebok’s hybrid is ideal for Crossfit. The Adidas Powerlift has a wide, flat base and grippy sole, achieving maximum floor contact for the most even distribution possible of the lifter’s weight.
Inov-8, a popular maker of running shoes, has made a splash among primarily Crossfitters with its Fastlift weight training shoes.
Yes, they are suitable for Crossfit, but lifters say they are just as good for lifting, improving your stance and safety under the bar without limiting lateral range of motion like more traditional WL chucks.
Amber Sporting Goods makes high-quality sports equipment, and has carried its good reputation into the Oly lifting arena with the Crossmaxxe v1.0.
The Crossmaxxe is perfect for cross-training that incorporates weightlifting, hence the lighter-weight materials.
ASIC’s Lift Cross-Trainers, as their name suggests, are good shoes for cross-training. They’ve got synthetic uppers for aeration, midsole outriggers for stability, and rubber soles for traction.
The Jordan Alpha Trunner men’s cross-training shoe is slowly working its way back into the Jordan Brand rotation.

In 1990, the Air Trainer SC debuted and was backed by one of the biggest names in sports at that time, Bo Jackson.
The brand is relatively affordable, yet delivers a solid shoe with double straps and a leather-reinforced flat rubber sole that can stand heavy loads. They know what makes a good WL shoe from personal experience, and this is evident in the brand’s Do-Win shoes. With snug straps and a light build, they are also notably comfortable, which makes a huge difference after thousands of lifts. Adidas was making weightlifting shoes before it was cool, and remains the bestselling brand in this niche, despite a variety of new entries.
Enter the Crossfit Lifter 2.0, a hybrid WL shoe designed for WODS that include more than just the basic Olympic movements. Yet there is still the expected heel lift and bottom-up base support you would expect in a good weightlifting shoe. It is designed for Crossfitters and others who would be partial to a lighter-weight shoe with WL-grade stability. The midsole is a die-cut wedge of high-density foam, providing greater equilibrium with minimal compression. These high-quality kicks are notably flexible and comfortable in the forefoot, with a structurally reinforced midfoot and heel plus edge support. Like any good WL shoe worth its salt, the v1.0 enables deeper squats, heavier weights, and more under-bar safety. Not one but two instep straps, traction patterning, and an interior weight distribution plate make them one of the best lifting shoes. They combine a sturdy non-compressible heel with a flexible forefoot to yield a comfy multi-purpose hybrid, as useful for dead lifts as Bulgarian split squats. With a Cool Grey colorway on the way, the future is looking promising for the Jordan Alpha Trunner. IMO the colorways of last year were some of the better shoes that JB dropped and I’m glad to see it continue into this year. Perform at your highest levelĀ in the newly updated V3 MX608 cross trainer from New Balance.

The Nike Air Trainer SC features a leather upper, padded ankle collar, variable width lacing options, visible Air-Sole unit, and a rubber outsole with a modified waffle pattern.
Feather weight materials provide soft breathable leather and a Comfort weave lining will relax your foot in motion. This VS Athletics specimen can show you the positive impact of having the right shoes for the job, without taking your life savings. Built for the 2008 Games in Beijing, these Nike Olympic lifting shoes are widely worn among professional weightlifters, and for good reason.
Take the Performance adiPower, which is as good a weightlighting shoe as any out there and the nicest one made by the brand. Unlike more traditional weightlifting shoes, these airy hybrids have a flexible forefoot sole. A pair of ASICs will especially appeal to Crossfitters; they are more strength-training shoes that can be used for lifting than the other way around. The wrong shoes will absorb more of the force intended for the bar, while the right shoes manage this force to your benefit. The design makes it possible to use them for box jumps, double-unders and other plyometrics.
Try the Powerlifts if you need your shoes to keep you as stable as a zen master without adding excessive bulk. Our selection of premium  brands of apparel and shoes is matched only by our great service! Perfect for general work, postal work, or someone that just wants a really comfortable shoe. Jordan Trunner fans don’t have to wait long, and the kicks will be dropping during the best time of the year. It is narrow and it is only connected at the base which can allow the tongue to shift a little exposing the sock.

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