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Top Brands: Stairmaster,Precor,Life Fitness, Star Trac, Schwinn, Nautilus, Stamina, True and more. Elliptical Machines, best brands like precor, life fitness, life core, Star Trac and many more. Combining elements of a climber, hiker, and skier, the Cybex 360A Arc Trainer produces gym-quality results in the comfort of your own home, helping you get fit more efficiently than ever before.
The Cybex 360A offers 13 preset programs, including quick start, manual, weight loss, cardio, hills, valleys, ramps, interval one, interval two, strength, endurance, random, and calorie goal. Research shows that the Cybex Arc Trainer burns more calories than any other cross trainer or elliptical cross trainer on the market. The machine’s Same Side Forward (SSF) orientation, meanwhile, ensures that the arm and leg on the same side move together, so that the relationship with the arm handle and footplate remains the same regardless of incline.

Other features include two water bottle holders, a magazine rack, a utility tray, and wireless heart rate monitoring.
That means a higher intensity and a bigger calorie burn, giving you a complete workout in the shortest time possible. This allows the user to always maintain an optimal posture during the exercise, which virtually eliminates back fatigue.
The Cybex 360A also uses workout variations usually reserved for the gym, with three exercise zones providing a host of workout options: a low position called the Glide (similar to a ski machine), a medium position called the Stride (similar to an elliptical trainer), and a high position called the Climb (similar to a stair climber).
Other cross trainers, by contrast, move the arms and legs in opposite directions, putting the body in a stressful position throughout the incline range.
The zones team up with a broad incline and resistance range to emphasize almost every lower body muscle group, letting users determine the motion that best suits their fitness needs.

Finally, the Arc Trainer is equipped with long input arms that produce a more linear path, versus the shorter handles found on most equipment.
This near-linear path minimizes painful wrist articulation, allowing you to get a better upper body workout and maintain good posture.

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