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Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainer Reviews And ManualDec 25, 2009From this lesson, you can learn how to use the Horizon fitness elliptical trainers. Each Horizon elliptical trainer is made with the fine material to ensure robustness for years of use.
An elliptical trainer is a fixed exercise machine used to replicate walking or running not including causing too much pressure to the joints and thus decreasing the risk of injuries.Horizon elliptical trainers are next to image products like Pro Form, Image, Reebok, etc in sales. Horizon elliptical is very competitive in sales and has a reasonable price range.Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainers are very much admired and are sold at most of the large sporting stores. They generally are well equipped with cheap mechanism.Horizon Fitness is fully owned by Johnson Health Tech, a Chinese manufacturer.

This is the same company that owns the greater part of Vision Fitness, Matrix Fitness and AFG.
Horizon Fitness products are made in Johnson's factory in China, the same factory as the Vision elliptical trainers. Therefore, they compete nose to nose with the lower-priced Vision fitness products and Icon elliptical trainers.
It is generally a personal taste, but some people prefer the rear drive and feel it has a more natural elliptical motion.
It is advisable for you to go to one of the large sporting goods stores and try out the some designs and decide which suites the best for your comfort zone.

If you have ever worked out on a Premcor elliptical, you will appreciate how the incline can work out different lower body muscles.

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