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American Fitness is unveiling a series of fitness equipment packages designed to get new fitness centers up and running quickly and easily. We are pleased to be able to offer them high quality and affordable fitness equipment packages to help support the success of their businesses. American Fitness is introducing a series of fitness equipment packages designed to help new fitness centers, health clubs, and gyms outfit their facilities with quality commercial fitness equipment. American Fitness has developed a series of fitness equipment packages focused on the most popular types of exercise equipment typically found in a multi-user health club, gym, or fitness center. The fitness equipment packages are designed for start-up fitness facilities, but also offer value to existing facilities looking to replace outdated or worn out equipment. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Modular design allows for bar muscle-ups on all pull-up bars and makes it easy to expand and reconfigure.
Jacobs Ladder is a patented commercial cardio machine specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and professionals. Because Jacobs Ladder is self-paced, the faster you go, the faster it goes, in order to stop, just slow down.
The packages include the most popular types of commercial fitness equipment typically found in a multi-user health club, gym, or fitness center environment.

The packages are available in a variety of configurations of strength training equipment, cardio equipment, or a mix of both.
Cardio packages include different combinations of elliptical cross trainers, treadmills, and exercise bikes. These include fitness centers in schools, hotels, and workplace environments, such as corporate offices, fire departments, or military bases. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, American Fitness is the chosen provider of fitness and exercise equipment for schools, hotels, public service agencies, and US military organizations across the United States and abroad. Its unique design places the user at a 40° angle in order to take stress off of the lower back. Jacobs Ladder is also self-powered, so without the need for an electrical outlet, you can place it anywhere in your facility. The assortment was chosen with a focus on core exercise requirements, brand names, quality, professional look and feel, as well as value. New gyms are interested in getting a good value for their start-up budgets, while also ensuring customer satisfaction. They are comprised of high quality commercial fitness equipment, which is specially designed to withstand the rigors of a multi-user environment. There is also a complete start-up fitness center package with the essential exercise equipment required to get a new gym or health club up and running.

The exercise equipment needs to be known brands of top quality and durability that delivers results.
This package was developed based on American Fitness’ extensive experience working with health club and other gym owners to compile a list of core exercise equipment desired by their customers.
With a focus on service and customer satisfaction, American Fitness seeks to support individuals and organizations in achieving fit and healthy lifestyles. Matching or coordinating equipment from a few select brands is helpful in conveying a professional and organized image, especially for new facilities looking to recruit customers.
It takes the guesswork out of having to choose individual equipment and better ensures all basic fitness needs will be met. Pieces in this package were selected for quality, popularity, and the ability to fit even in compact fitness facilities.

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