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Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This article is a continuation of the Q&A style in the Strength Running PR Guide that I released earlier this year.
These questions come from Sherry, who’d like some running advice about rotating her shoes and cross training.
Different shoes are constructed differently and have varying levels of support, cushioning, heel to toe drops (the difference in height between the heel and the toe), and overall feel.
Lighter, more minimalist shoes can be used for shorter or faster runs to promote foot and lower leg strength, increased efficiency, and better form.
Sometimes my feet or legs will feel stiff from regular training; a run in a different pair of trainers will help me feel better. Cross training days should be used strategically to either promote recovery or get you ready for a hard effort (like a long run). If you are a fairly new runner or are not used to long runs or running 6-7 days per week, then it’s wise to use a day of cross training before your long run to get you ready to run long. Ideally every runner would work up to the point of running 6-7 days per week and use cross training as a supplemental workout instead of a replacement workout (especially for marathoners). Run 7 days per week and use cross training like cycling or pool running as supplemental exercise to boost aerobic fitness and recovery.
Run 6 days per week and cross train as your easy day, but not before or immediately after your long run. Run 4-6 days per week and cross train the day before your long run to rest and prepare your legs. Run 4-6 days per week and cross train the day after your long run to recover from the hard effort.
The reason that #4 is ranked last is because some research shows that slow running the day after a hard effort can help boost efficiency and fitness gains (even going REALLY slow!). Thank you to Sherry for getting in touch and asking these great questions. Have a question of your own about running?

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I agree about rotating shoes, but I think it’s also extremely beneficial to do some barefoot running every now and then.
He writes for over 200,000 runners a month and has helped tens of thousands of runners accomplish their goals with results-oriented coaching programs.
Sign up for SR's free running e-course and you'll get downloads like workouts, strength exercises, and ebooks to help you become a better runner: claim your free downloads here. The players and coaches aren’t the only ones excitedly preparing for this week’s voluntary minicamp at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.
While much of their training camp preparation has been meticulously completed during the previous three months, head equipment manager Erik Kennedy and his staff have been finishing up last-minute requests as the Seahawks close in on their first football activity since the conclusion of the 2009 season more than three months ago. Then top it all off with the fact that the Seahawk equipment staff is in charge of coordinating the practices and ensuring all the workout gear — everything from footballs to agility bags to blocking sleds — is set and ready to go.
Brand-new Seahawks helmets sit polished and ready in the equipment room for this week’s minicamp at Virginia Mason Athletic Center. The PR Guide is a Q&A style book with nearly 40 questions about running shoes, injuries, pacing, running gear, race tactics, and how to increase your endurance. Both are considered minimalist shoes but the Kinvara has ample cushioning that works well for most of my mileage.
Both are less flexible than the Kinvara and the MT101 and provide less support than most traditional trainers.
Cross training like cycling, swimming, or pool running can boost your aerobic fitness while promoting blood flow to your legs. This isn’t always practical, so my second choice for most runners is to use it before a long run.
I remember reading this study several months ago but unfortunately I can’t find it now.
I’m glad that for the first eight years of my running career I had great coaches who planned my training for me.

Alternatively, you could follow a sample training plan from two guys I trust: Brad Hudson or Matt Fitzgerald. I just picked up a pair of Kinvaras, but I’m wondering how slowly I should ease into running in them. Pete Larson at Runblogger posted awhile back that he thinks one of the reasons he’s prevented injury for so long is that he runs in so many different shoes. They’ve been preparing lockers, helmets, cleats and clothes for all the players who will be participating in the three-day minicamp this week, including making minor alterations to jerseys and helmets so the Seahawks will be comfortable and unhindered for the coming practices. Needless to say, but it’s demanding work for some of the most unsung heroes in the organization’s headquarters. Since these types of exercises won’t send any impact forces through your legs, you can still get in a good workout after a tiring effort on your long run day. Being properly prepared for a long run and then running it well is vital for marathon training. I know that with something like VFF’s, you start with just a few hundred yards and work up.
I will say, though, that rotating definitely helps them last longer, they’re less smelly and I can get a little more mileage than before. He’s constantly stressing his legs in different ways all the time so an overuse injury is harder to get.
Can I wear them for a 5k recovery run right away, or do I really need to run short distances the first few times I wear them?

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