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Leo was recently interviewed by Nneka of Balanced Life Center, which provided some useful insights in who he is and why he does what he does. Leo was kind enough to indulge my curiosity and answer my 10 main questions for the interview you will find below.
I want to thank Leo for his time and for his patience while answering my avalanche of questions. Well, I’m a free-lance writer, father of six, married to a beautiful woman named Eva.
In the past I’ve worked as a newspaper reporter and editor (for eight years), a speechwriter for the Governor of Guam, a legislative analyst, researcher and bill writer, and I now write for magazines, newspapers and blogs and have a full-time job doing research and assisting veterans on Guam. Zen Habits was originally a way for me to be accountable with my goals and habit changes, and a way for me to share what I’ve learned with others. I’m working on writing a book, and I have an idea for an online business that I hope to start in the next few months. I’ve also used productivity to try to produce very useful content for my blog, every day. The result has been a much simpler, stress-free and happier life, for myself and my family. I’ve actually modified it using other concepts that work for me, including setting routines, simplifying, setting goals, working on my Most Important Tasks.
Zen To Done (ZTD) is simply a way that I’ve developed for addressing the shortcomings of GTD, which is great, but is not perfect. GTD tries to do too much, as I mentioned above — everything gets put on your list, and you try to tackle it all. My answer to the first question is that my daily work routine is constantly evolving — hence the new advice I tend to give over time. The closer to the middle of circle color is being displayed the darker this particular color is. These pages require special attention since they get far more traffic than most of the website.

With his daily, very useful blog posts about setting and achieving goals, his blog has gained an impressive amount of faithful readers (almost 10,000 as of today) in only 6 months!
It was hard to stick with only 10 questions because there are so many things I would like to know about him.
To learn even more about Leo and his inspirational articles, I highly recommend adding his RSS feed to your favorite feed reader and of course visit his site frequently. I originally planned to do another blog, but it takes up so much of my time I can’t imagine running two at the same time.
I find ways to be productive so that I can do all that I want and still have time for my family. I have a schedule of topics that I do on the different days of the week, and I try to plan that schedule in advance with topics, so I know every day what I’m going to write about. I simplify my to-do list to three things a day, and when I do those things, I really focus on them, eliminating all distractions.
I’ve made various skills from GTD a habit over time, including clearing my inbox, ubiquitous capture, keeping a good filing system, context lists and more. Right now, I use a Moleskine notebook, and I basically just write down three tasks to do today.
I analyzed the reasons that many people have a hard time with GTD, and added concepts from other systems, such as Stephen Covey, to address those reasons. ZTD shows you how to actually focus on doing your tasks, and completing them, in a simple, stress-free manner. I’m trying things out, seeing how they work for me, combining them with other concepts, and often I fall out of a good habit and adopt a bad one that I have to change later. Other things come up that can interrupt that process, but I try to stay flexible and accommodate these things.
And vice versa the closer to the edge of the wheel color is being displayed the lighter that color is. Leo is an experienced GTDer and has reached the point that he even modified GTD into his own methodology, which he calls Zen To Done (ZTD). Being the highly productive and kind person that he is, Leo responded quickly and enthusiastically!
I recently ran a marathon, wrote my first novel, became a vegan, started a blog, became organized and productive through GTD principles, began eliminating my debt. I’ve also used productivity to double my income so I can eliminate my debt and save an emergency cushion.

Then I get that post done, early in the morning usually, and really focus on writing it as best I can. Sometimes I fall off certain skills, but I always get back on, as they’re very useful. Then you have to decide what to do on your lists, and try and knock off as many tasks as possible. It’s very important, obviously, but things always seem to come up that push it back, and then you fall out of the habit of doing it. Again, focus on one habit at a time, and you’ll get yourself to where you want to be.
However, I have been trying to minimize interruptions, so I have fewer and fewer of these all the time.
It take approximatelly 12 seconds to highlight exact positions of the website colours on the color wheel. The more you know about your competitors, the bigger the possibility is for you to get valuable inspiration and create features that they do not offer, or only do in a limited way, and therefore stay ahead of them. He has also made some impressive changes in his life in only a couple of years, which is very inspiring to read about.
Other smaller tasks will come up, and I will either do them right away or put them on a list of smaller tasks to batch process later in the day. Find one habit that you think will help you, such as ubiquitous capture or emptying your inboxes, and try to adopt that for a month. My desk is usually not messy, but I can spend half a day reading about something that fascinates me rather than doing something I really should be doing.
I therefore try to focus on only those tasks that will really benefit me in the long-term — specifically those that advance my current goal. And longer-term projects always present problems for me — I tend to put them off and focus on a more immediate task. I keep context lists at the back of the Moleskine, but truthfully, my focus is pretty much on the 3 MITs, and not too much on the context lists. At work, I define my 3 MITs (if I didn’t do that before) and try to knock off one of them before checking email and cranking through my RSS feeds.

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