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If you can get past the irony of learning about ineffable Zen teachings from a book, this is a very good Zen book indeed.
The book is absolutely amazing.I always think when it comes to reading the philosophy or training of a person that it is important to ask, what the person has to gain by writing this. Tetsugyuji International Zen Temple in Oita Prefecture will hold an intensive beginners retreat November 1st – November 4th. It was one of the first books to demystify religion without debunking it, to explain hitherto esoteric practices in lucid, everyday terms.
It's one of the few that tells you specifically what to expect and what to do in 'zazen' or sitting meditation, which is where it all begins. While I now have had a couple of teachers, the approach to zazen that I learned from Sekida has served me well on this path. Katsuke Sekida's book was recommended from the book, The Meditator's Handbook by David Fontana.
The Head Abbot of Tetsugyuji is Reverend Paul Tesshin Silverman, he will be returning to Oita from New York to hold this special retreat in English. The donation for this Zen retreat (sesshin) is Y30,000 via PayPal before Oct 1st – or Y40,000 at the door*. Sekida is refreshingly straightforward and clear, and he keeps the koans to a minimum as he describes how to sit, breathe, and think in order to achieve samadhi. I'll probably wind up teaching zen myself someday, and this is the book that I will be giving to my students.

I do not practice zen but am occasionally driven to try and understand something about it, usually by reading books that leave me knowing less than I started out with. Posture, breathing, the function of the abdominal muscles, muscle tone, and the mechanisms of wakefulness and attention are clearly and scientifically explained, so that one learns what actually happens in doing zazen, why it leads to certain psychological experiences, and what their significance is. Any book that begins with a chapter on "one-minute zazen" gets high marks from this impatient Westerner. All of the other philosophical and historical books about zen are certainly useful, so we all know where the tradition came from, but this is the only really clear book about how to do zen meditation that I have ever read. This book left me knowing less than I started out with as well, but I feel good about it, feel very zen and emptied by it.
David Fontana I found to be incredibly objective in his descriptions, and I trusted his words enough to read this book. There is also a chapter on koans that goes far to clarify what for many has seemed one of the most frustrating and baffling aspects of Zen. Recommended if you want to pursue Zen meditation, or if you just want to understand what all the non-fuss is about. Everything that Sekida explains about the long-term results of meditation, from off-sensation (which Sekida describes wonderfully) on to positive and absolute samadhi, I can verify that all of it is correct. And I have learned so much about breath.Also, this book has charts and tables and all kinds of analytical tools for people like me who really thrive on that kind of presentation of material. It is truly objective as well, so much information, and so much possibility to learn from this book.

The first 25 participants will be accepted, any payments arriving after that number will be returned to the sender. Again, the reader is told how actually to deal with koans and how they operate as catalysts of enlightenment.
Applications will be on a first-come first-serve basis so if you are interested please respond quickly. The author also draws many significant parallels between Zen and Western philosophy and psychology, comparing traditional Zen concepts with the theories of being and cognition of such thinkers as Heidegger and Husserl. For anybody who really wants to try zen meditation but cannot find a teacher (or doesn't want a teacher, which is also fine) then this is the book you should be reading and re-reading. Since fresh produce is costly in Japan and this produce is essential for the detoxification process, the fees are set accordingly. Zen Training marked a turning point in Zen literature in its critical reevaluation of the enlightenment experience called kensho, which the author believes has often been emphasized at the expense of other important aspects of Zen training.
The aim of zazen is seen not as the achievement of such experiences as satori or kensho but as the attainment of absolute samadhi, that condition of utters stillness in which thought is cut off, the mind is empty, yet one is in a state of extreme wakefulness and awareness.

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