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So today I wanted to share some of the cool party pics and some of my zen decorating tips to keep things simple, but still look beautiful without spending a lot! Also if you take a look at the cake table, the favors in clear square glass vase double as decorations on each side. I love having things like menu cards, beautiful flower arrangements, candy jars, but those can get pricey so I like to keep it simple. Candy Centerpiece-To fill that entire jar like you see in the magazine can cost up to $100 or more and who needs that many jelly beans. Flowers-They really add to the event and give a great splash of color, but you don’t need a lot to make an impact. This time of the year makes me pause and think, slow down a little, appreciate the little things in life and cultivate hope and happiness for the year to come.
So to capture this feeling of peace and mindfulness, I decided to do a round-up of top zen habits we should cultivate for a happy life. I did pick up some of my absolute favorites which capture the essence of simple and peaceful living. Sometime in this month, I will follow-up with another post on zen living, covering tips for cultivating mindfulness at work, home, love and in life! Your order must be either a One-time Delivery or a Subscribe & Save order, if you require both delivery frequencies, you must place separate orders. We guarantee to refund any item you are not completely happy with when you return it to us by post, unused in a saleable condition within 7 days of receipt.

They’ve recently shared some filmmaking tips, reflecting on the challenges of indie filmmaking by viewing the process through the prism of Zen Buddhism. You can envision how you want a scene to look and yet not know how to light it, or how to build the set, or how to sew the costume. Worse yet, your tiny DIY feature will be judged against $200 million films, and in certain respects cannot but help be found wanting in comparison. Quite soon the CGI will become so good, that filmmakers will be able to "revive" long deceased stars. Due to the recent holidays and an influx of post holiday orders, we are experiencing delays with order processing and shipping.
I love the month of February – the changing weather, cool air, winter blooms, and the abundance of love – it is all so magical! It is absolutely impossible for me to cover all the advice available on the web, so if you want your daily dose of mindful living, sign up for this website which dishes out zen tips on a regular basis! It’s so hard to follow your intuition in traditional models of filmmaking, because so many people are involved and the schedule is so fixed based on budget, availabilities and even the weather.
But if you can communicate what you want to those who do know, you will have what you envision. But of course the challenges are amplified when one is working with essentially “no” budget. Each of these obstacles will be experienced as a body blow to the filmmaker, and it is easy to despair.

Contact us regarding promotion of your film project, advertising or other business proposal, and lets work together. This blog is my 'happy space' where I share bits and pieces from my life on and off the web. The Tips also add strength to the ends of your cigarettes and keep them dry, while helping to keep the tobacco out of your mouth. This approach opens up to surprises and revelations and incorporating those into a looser script to guide the film. There will be scenes one cannot afford to mount which will need to be restaged or rethought; there will be locations impossible to secure, or temp score which marries beautifully with the rough cut but which simply proves too expensive to buy for the finished film. All Zen Tips are chlorine and chemical free, making sure you have no un-wanted tastes in your smoke.We Only Sell Genuine Zen Rolling Tips.
Despite getting winded or even floored, the filmmaker must dust herself off and get back on her feet to continue fighting the good fight. For example, if you cannot afford a physical release of your film, find another path, through the internet for example.

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