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Scriptural ministers are found conducting services on church premises and otherwise organising fetes and local social occasions.
In 1945 at Nag Hammadi, the biggest cache of manuscripts was discovered by simple Arab farmers. Yes, Judas, the same fellow who takes money from the authorities to betray Jesus by identifying him with a kiss.
I have to say, psychologically and mystically it makes much more sense than the story, as told in the four Gospels, manipulated into shape by the servant of Rome, Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, which now form the core of The New Testament. How it influenced the development of Zen through Thomas, if true, is one of the great untold stories.
The problem we have in our scientific age is that our brains play such a large role in the modern world, we mistake them for our minds. Everything perceptible beyond the brainview is dismissed as “myth”, fantasy and decidedly primitive.
The alternative biologist Rupert Sheldrake, writes about “extended mind”, showing us the obvious fact that our minds extend well beyond our heads.
Religion is man’s response to the ancient mystical message — that which lies beyond the cage of our brainview. The mystic knows “God” as the sea of awareness that lies at the heart of everybody’s consciousness, the essence of Being.

We can be made to believe anything, but only through direct experience can we know the truth. It is difficult to write about serious mystical encounters because they are experienced by individuals, not crowds. The spiritual adventurer, by contrast, is a mystic who will generally only accept what he can know personally.
It was lucky that so much survived their rough handling — some were used as kindling on cooking fires. The Gospels of Thomas, Mary (Magdalene), Philip, Truth, and other manuscripts were seen largely intact for the first time since the beginning of the second millenium. Not coincidentally, I’m sure, the Apostle Thomas, whose Gospel is one of the Gnostic hoard, is said to have gone to the Madras area in the south of India where he founded a Christian-like cult.
Modern materialist pseudo-religions, such as secularism and scientism, are belief-systems too because their supporters believe in their own views, contrary to other people’s experience.
Richard Dawkins, riding on the back of a seemingly ambivalent Darwin, is the high priest of this message. Religion, like philosophy, has followed the worst of science slavishly down its tubular path. They are widely seen as the economic and political exploitation of who we really are, some more than others.

In this it resembles Buddhism in which people go round the wheel of life many times until they are ready to rise to the Buddha realm. His tomb is believed to have been found there and his message influenced the southern form of Buddhism, later promulgated by Bodhidharma, who took it to China around 500 AD, where it flourished as Zen. Yet mystics are scientists too, working in areas designated untouchable by the materialists. It has become an artificial construct, dependent on old, much-edited texts and a lot of wishful thinking. Much Gnostic literature is only now coming to light in Egypt, hidden away in urns in bone-dry caves and burial plots.
How many mystics, who know what lies beyond death, yearn to be rid of the decaying carcass that “clothes them”? As a result this field of knowledge will always fail the repeatability test of science, unless, of course, it happens to you. And yet, at the same time, this is the field of gold we all share – the very ground and basis of our existence.

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