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This V4 house in Sao Paolo, Brazil, by MK27 studio is a cool example of modern architecture and design. We ran across a lovely collection of eclectic interiors spiced up with vintage elements by designer Timothy Oulton and thought of sharing them further. The art of serving the table was born in France, in this land of beauty, style and exquisiteness. Reminding us of the bohemian artists with their simple-with-a-drain-of-chaos lofts, this three bedroom apartment in Stockholm showcases the powerful and inspirational Scandinavian design. This university building in Melbourne by Australian architects Lyons is covered in brightly coloured scales. If you need a private home office where your family members won’t disturb you think about the attic. This awesome Metamorphosis House reminding of a fortress is located on the coast in Tunquen, Casablanca, Chile. With winter approaching in Quebec, Canada, this contemporary cottage-like home designed by YH2 Architecture will soon seem sprung out of a fairytale. London Bus Route 390 [24 Hour] - Archway - Brecknock Road - York Way - King's Cross - Euston - Tottenham Court Road - Marble Arch - Notting Hill Gate. In a way or another, each and every one of us, keeps inside the sunny days, the laughter and the happy simple things, that coloured our lives back then.
Boasting sophistication and creativity, each of the 20 interiors below was developed according to a certain theme. The times of meridian of French aristocracy are the times that we can still admire due to the fantastic luxury in every detail. Following the streams of simplicity, with wooden beams and brick walls, the designers focused on bringing life to a typical sterile living space.
By trying to achieve a minimum landscape intrusion, the architects chose the black color for the exterior walls and integrated the project in a naturally sloped terrain: “The volume of the house is partially pushed in the slope resulting in a facade that is limited in height. Lyons used a pixellated image of the surrounding buildings to create a map of colour across the exterior. These bedroom designs guaranteed to rock your world, these ocean-view bedrooms and last, but not least, some quality Scandinavian inspiration. It’s usually not that big but that is more than enough for a cozy home office probably even with a good view.

Unusual architecture and wood from ceiling to floor are special features of this cool house by Chilean architects Jose Ulloa Davet and Delphine Ding. The La Luge residence is composed of two visually contrasting volumes, which merge, creating distinct spaces.
The public living spaces are delineated by four slender columns, wrapped in retractable glass doors to immerse the inhabitants of the house in the outdoor environment. As the designer explains, some of them were inspired by the “Beat” culture of 1950s America, where writers and creative-types championed non-conformity.
The furniture is mid-century, there are some rustic and vintage pieces – have a look at this cute sideboard with a flower pattern.
The continuous flow of the excessive white is “interrupted” with “shots” of colours, such as pink, blue and orange.
The addition of a long horizontal window between ground and first floor gives the house a certain lightness. Besides an attic is a space that usually serves as a storage space for things that nobody use for years. Surrounded by a dense forest, the privacy of the inhabitants is ensured; moreover, this dreamy surrounding landscape makes it easy for anyone living here to enjoy a perpetual holiday atmosphere, away from the urban racket. Today, the values have changed but the essence remains the same: we all “dream” of designing our dream home. There are smart space-saving solutions like a big shelves system on the wall or drawers in the bed.
It may be classical – Classique or rustic – Campagne; the first group is more official while the second is simpler. As you guys are probably aware, headboards are available in a variety of sizes and fabrics on the market. When the route started out they used RML’s Monday to Saturday and Low floor double deckers on Sundays. An interesting feature is wicker furniture, juicy green armchairs to make an accent and a small hearth in the center of the room.
The color scheme is light and very pleasant: the main color is white, there are some black and colorful touches like yellow or pink, they don’t overwhelm the look. Every interior – no matter, if it’s rustic, garden style or traditional one – brings special French charm to the space.

The walls have both curved and folded surfaces, creating a series of jagged edges that give the building an uneven profile.
You can either buy a simple ready-made one to match your bed, or you can improvise and come up with a headboard that takes the originality level in your bedroom sky-high! Lots of wood brings warmth, giant windows bring light; the furniture is minimalist and of simple colors. At a glance, the space gives you the feeling that you have entered an area of great artistic accomplishment.
So, look for some inspiration below – these are real dining room of real French families, enjoy! When the sun is too bright or to keep some privacy, the owners may close the windows with curtains. There’s also a wooden terrace to meet dawn and sunrise – a drop of romance in the strict fort architecture.
On the 3rd September 2004 the 390’s RML allocation was withdrawn and replaced by VPL type buses. Si vous manquez de place et que votre espace bar fait office de salle a manger, des chaises empilables sauront se rendre indispensables et extremement utiles tous les jours. Later in early November 2004 the 390 was extended from Marble Arch to Notting Hill Gate as this replaced the withdrawn section of route 12.
Les modeles pliants, offrent une possibilite de rangement ideale dans un coin de la cuisine, sous le plateau du bar ou encore accroches au mur.
The frequency Monday to Saturday is every 8 minutes, Sunday every 12 minutes and evenings every 10-12 minutes. Par exemple, optez pour un style champetre en bois et paille ou en rotin pour votre jardin ou pour une deco rustique. Pour un style plus depouille, contemporain et simple, il existe des modeles en matieres transparentes, en plexiglas monochrome et en metal chrome.

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