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All the explorations, adventures, even certain faces from our friends, will continue to live on from our memories. Now you can remember all your favorite Doctor Who moments with this unique silhouette design of the Tenth Doctor by Josh Mirman! In this new design, Josh Mirman creates a wordy homage to one of video gaming history’s most legendary youths.

Be it a young fairy boy who grew up in the woods, a rancher, an orphan who lived with his uncle, or a sailor who traveled the world, what was important always stayed the same.
He was a prototype robot designed to protect, but a flaw inside his power core meant he’d never reach his true potential.
Brentalfloss has always had a knack for adding lyrics to our favorite video game tunes.

I assumed they came out of his delicious, juicy brain… but it turns out they are actually key elements to his cranial structure!

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