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Seeing other families manage with several children and full-time jobs I started to notice how much everyone was missing out.
Becoming a mum has been so far the most challenging experience of my life and there are no real guidelines to follow! So our decision for me not to continue work also coincided with a change in jobs for my husband, Chris, and we moved.
So this “spare-time” of mine: I thought I could take off with the network marketing I’m involved with selling nutritional products. I don’t know what stars lined up or what suddenly served me this ah-ha moment, but one day it hit me.
About The AuthorI am a stay at home mum to two gorgeous and active toddlers living 70km from Goondiwindi QLD.
Getting a good working balance between our family’s needs, our work life, and our own personal needs can be a hell of a battle. I’m also sorry to say that many committed Christians that I know hear someone use the word Zen in a comment and immediately put up a defensive or dismissive wall in their minds. In my humble opinion, it’s only then that I (and we) can build upon a platform of respect and truly communicate the Good News of the Gospel. This entry was posted in Kingdom Life and tagged christian communication, communicating the heart of christ, Contemporary Evangelism, how to express the gospel, Zen on January 1, 2013 by Gary Ellis.
Men who preach men are saved if they sincerely believe a lie are showing they care, but they are not preaching a gospel that saves. Men who preach you can have your sins forgiven without being baptized in water, care, however, that preaching cannot save anyone. Men who preach salvation apart from believing in Jesus, care, but that preaching cannot save anyone. Steve, nothing in my article even intimates that showing how much you care is tantamount to preaching the Gospel.
In order to be mindful I have to be purposefully aware of myself, not just vaguely and habitually aware.
When we’re eating unmindfully we may in theory be aware of what we’re doing, but we’re probably thinking about a hundred and one other things at the same time, and we may also be watching TV, talking, or reading — or even all three! I’ve blogged before about the way activities like swimming and running feel meditative to me. We can experience lots of benefits by taking mindfulness into our sport practice.  I have three approaches to running. Participants spent about 30 minutes a day practicing mindfulness exercises, and had their brains studied before-and after by MRI. Researchers found increased ‘grey-matter’ density in the hippocampus, a center of learning and memory, and in areas associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection. The significance of this study is that — like others before — it documents that changes produced by meditation are deep and lasting, not transitory. 1) Focal Points, Stroke Counts and Tempo Trainer beeps are, in fact, mantras — the essential tools of meditation.
2) Moving Meditation, by merging thought and action, is even more powerful at effecting lasting change in brain structure.
3) Every time you push off a wall, do so with a targeted thought or intention — a task that will require your full attention.
Simple exertion — no matter how long or hard — may be good for physical fitness but neglects brain fitness. This entry was posted in meditation, training and tagged meditation, mindfulness, training.Bookmark the permalink. Obviously there are times when it makes sense to automate, rather than choose mindfully–getting up to go exercise in the morning might be one them. It’s also true for people with eating disorders that too much thinking about food leads to not great choices.
Automatic mindless mode can definitely work to get you through long gruelling endurance training. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Almost a month ago, my friend went to the national powerlifting championships in Saskatoon. The Rabbit Hole A socio-cultural commentary on anything related to sport, physical activity and health.
These early years of a child’s life are crucial to their development and time that you will NEVER get back.

You have to work through so many different emotions, situations and phases that it creates a kind of “go with the flow” attitude. After all, they helped me previously recover from Bulimia and I cannot recommend them enough.
Bulimia returned, I became a hypocrite –not walking my walk and just deceitfully talking my talk. I do not claim to have all the parenting answers (sorry!) but I do love to write and share the limitless wisdom that comes with being a mum. When we are purposefully aware of eating, we are consciously being aware of the process of eating. So a very small part of our awareness is absorbed with eating, and we may be only barely aware of the physical sensations and even less aware of our thoughts and emotions.
So if we purposefully (and with gentle effort) focus in a non-judgmental way on our present moment experience, we are practicing mindfulness. Our coach nudges us in a mindful direction when we do drills that focus on one tiny part of the stroke.
We’ve had a lot of social conditioning to “tough it out” and to “steel” ourselves in these settings. It can be something that we practice sometimes, as a way of switching things up.  For some, it can really have a positive impact on their approach to sport and even to life.
A couple of years before our 50th birthdays we set ourselves a goal: to be the fittest we’ve ever been in our lives by the time we hit 50. Whether you want to become calmer, be more present, or simply become grounded, mindfulness meditation will help you.How long should you meditate for?If this is your first experience of meditation, just meditate for short periods of time, maybe 5 to 10 minutes.
I’d booked two permanent days of childcare per week and then every second Wednesday (when I had to work) my mum would come and look after George at home.
I started listening to my heart and decided that even though the stimulation (and MONEY) was good, I wanted to commit back to being a full-time-stay-at-home-mum. I’d never had this before – I always liked to be super organised and know all the answers and be absolutely certain of every outcome before making a decision. I’ve seen lives dramatically changed through the weight-management products and the work from home opportunity- why wouldn’t I go ahead?
I play music, daydream, and try to forget what I’m doing in the hope that the time will pass as quickly as possible.
She’ll tell us to pay attention for 50m to the roll of our shoulders or our hips, or ask us to count our strokes, or to focus on the natural alignment of our head in the water. The mindfulness approach, however, is counter-intuitive to this conditioning – it encourages acceptance and surrender.
I sometimes mindlessly eat some veggies that I don’t much like but I want to eat for nutritional reasons. Mindfulness is important to me when racing the long events (800 m and 1500 m) since you have to focus on your breathing and stroke efficiency. One day I’d be work work work (waste time, waste energy, waste money) or life life life (ignore work, ignore menial tasks, ignore myself).
Understand what you want, what you need to do to achieve that and HOW YOU WILL GO ABOUT IT. We’re noticing the mind wandering, and when it does wander we purposefully bring our attention back.
And when my underweight dancer child was getting advice on how to keep weight on, mindless eating was a big thing.
It’s beautiful when it feels effortless and all you can hear is the sound of your own deep breathing.
We are also professional philosophers, so it's second nature for us to ask questions: what does it mean to be fit? You can either sit on the ground with a firm cushion to elevate your back side, or sit on a straight-backed chair.
Besides – it almost seemed that George was constantly sick from daycare and we’d spiral on a viscous cycle of getting down, getting back up again and same thing happening next week. All of the self-doubt and high expectations I set for myself – only to be letting myself down – had created a giant burden on my vision of success. You need to set yourself realistic expectations (not the desire to be PERFECT) no-body is perfect. If you tip the wrong way, place more emphasis on the other end of the scales to bring you back into equilibrium. My goal is to encourage you and empower you to reach for success in all areas of life because I know what it’s like not to believe in yourself.

When I do this, I pay attention to my footfalls, their sound and feel, the position of my foot as a it strikes the ground, my posture and alignment and how that feels, the air on my cheeks, the sound of my breath, the colour of the sky. You need to accept your mistakes (not ignore them and wish they’d go away only to have them repeat themselves with stronger force!). I was just “going through the motions” because that’s what I expected myself to do.  I was busy, doing not much really. 40weeks later a healthy beautiful little girl – absolutely in a state of high excitement and back on track to happiness. You need to surround yourself with POSITIVE people, positive material, everyday, every hour if necessary. He further adds, “Important part of mindfulness is reestablishing the connection with our body and sensations it experiences. This means waking up to the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the present moment”In our daily fast paced lives, it is easy to stop noticing the world around us be detached with the way our body feels or experiences. I can have family, I can have work, I can have “me time” “hubby time” “kids time” –it all evens out. We end up being caught in our thoughts and not noticing how those thoughts is driving our emotions and behavior in the present moment.
Most often these thoughts are of incidents that have happened in the past or anticipation about the future. Mindfulness practice teaches awareness, to be aware of our thoughts, whatever they may be and be fully present in the moment.Mindfulness is a form of meditation, where in you are practicing to be fully aware and focused in moment. I’d only just weaned George from breastfeeding when he was  10months old and doctors told us it could take a while for my period to return and anything to happen. It would seem very obvious or too simple to have this awareness or being in full control of your thoughts, but it is not. A very good analogy is standing on the curb and watching the cars pass by, where cars are your thoughts. As a simple task, try closing your eyes and just try not to think anything or focus on your breathing. You will notice that in the span of 5 minutes, your mind would have wandered off into different thoughts before you even realized or were aware of. Over the decades, we are trained to live our life, chasing future or pondering over the past. Ironically only thing that we have in our control is this “moment”, Past has already happened and future is unknown. Yet, we forget this and spend days, months, years clogging our mind with contemplations, analyses, worries and speculations.Mindfulness is a form of meditation where we try and live the present, with a simple goal of “being aware”. If you train yourself to gently return your soft attention to the breath, your mind will become steadier.
Mindfulness meditation is grounded on rational and scientific plane and now there are many studies and trials that have shown to have a significant impact on various issues like OCD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, etc.Whatever maybe your goal, dedicating 10 minutes of your daily life to a formal practice of mindfulness meditation can greatly bring that mental peace and awareness. It takes time to learn it.When you first start out, mindfulness meditation will feel strange. As well, meditation has immense health benefits: it strengthens the immune system, lowers your blood pressure and pulse rate, and lifts your mood. Meditation is a wonderful gift to yourself!If you want to start meditating the easy way, CLICK HERE to get the Goodlife ZEN Meditation Guide. In this regard, two subtle but powerful facts that I gathered from your article are as under; 1.
Set yourself a regular schedule, but make sure this schedule is ‘too easy’, and ‘too short’. If you want to create a habit of daily meditation, you’re much more likely to be successful if you treat yourself with kindness and don’t demand the impossible.
Meditation strengthens the immune system, lowers your blood pressure and pulse rate, and lifts your mood.I would add Emotional Freedom Technique also to bring us into the present moment. The thing that has worked best for me and been the most powerful has been to meditate by finding something to focus on; this seems to slow my busy mind.

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