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James Wan and Leigh Whannell have just kicked-off production of Insidious Chapter 2, the follow-up to their successfully scary 2010 flick. Yesterday I finished writing my very positive review of David Schalko's Austrian television series Altes Geld. This week sees the North American premiere of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, co-directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, and starring Tina Fey as a journalist in Afghanistan.
It was an odd weekend at the movies, and perhaps telling in that none of the oddness took place in a traditional movie theatre, unless the Kodak Theatre counts, which I don't think it does. Yesterday, Peter Martin wrote a great, great article about why Gods of Egypt is utterly ridiculous, yet why he had a shitload of fun with it regardlessly.

Perso les star sans maquillage c'est tout simplement attrence 1) HEUREUSEMENT QUE LE MAQUILLAGE EXISTE 2)JE PREFERE LES STAR AVEC LES MAKE UP ET LEURS PERRUQUE3)QUAND ON VOIT LE VRAI VISAGE DES STAR QUAND ELLE NE SON PAS MAQUILLER ON DIRAIT QUE VIENNENT DE SE LEVER !!! Like many of you, I spent the weekend turning down the volume on the real-life political soap opera that has overtaken the United States and watched Netflix's House of Cards instead.
Curious parties can follow both Wan and Whannell's Twitter accounts as they continue to post updates throughout production over the next three weeks. Je s'en que quand je vais poster ce message je risque de me faire bannir, mais il faut bien que je donne mon avis non ???
Non mais serieux quoi --' De plus, peut etre que la photo de la star sans maquillage a ete prise le matin quand elle vient de se reveiller, donc forcement quand on se reveil on a pas une bonne tete (Logique) Ou alors la star ne s'attendez pas a etre prise en photo.

C'est comme si je prends quelqu'un en photo et qu'il a une mauvaise tete sur la photo, ca ne veux pas dire que cette personne est moche, vous comprenez ???

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