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Our homes should be the place where we feel most calm and peace, and what better style to promote these feelings of serenity than a zen inspired space, like those featured in our Japanese Zen Gardens post and our look at Japanese Style Interior Design.
What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. SGNW House by Metropole Architects is located on a site in the Zimbali Forest Estate in South Africa. Zimbali means "The Valley of Flowers" in Zulu and the site is rich in indigenous fauna and flora. The Koi pond begins just off the driveway and leads up to the main entrance which is accessed by a timber bridge. The swimming pool wraps around two sides of the terrace and on one side - directly in front of the architectural water feature - are three steps that lead to a pagoda lounge area. Another impressive feature of the pagoda is the immense and totally awesome light pendent suspended over the lounge area.
Just across the pool is another small lounge area, the al fresco dining area and a large outdoor kitchen. The swimming pool features a glass infinity edge that visually lines up with the three bridge steps, the architectural water feature and the foyer in the front of the home.
The outdoor kitchen and al fresco area are located beneath the cantilevered master suite which projects an incredible 6 meters over the terrace. This lower lounge area is is accessed by a short flight of stairs with lights embedded in its side walls for safe passage at night.
At night when the home is lit up the various architectural elements take on a sculptural aesthetic that is simply beautiful. The panoramic views of the sub-tropical coastal Zimbali forest are also beautiful - especially from the cantilevered master suite. The master suite is wrapped on two sides with glazings that slide and stack out of the way, creating the feel of sleeping on an outdoor terrace rather then in an enclosed room. The headboard is only pony wall height, allowing the magnificent views to be instantly seen from the doorway just past it. The office overlooks the stairwell and double volume foyer with its stunning vignette of copper globe pendants. Aside from the beautiful copper pendants, the stairwell also features a post covered in relief carvings that pay homage to the smallest of forest creatures. The kitchen incorporates both light and dark cabinetry as well as a few other unique features, such as the lit frosted glass panel on the back of the island. Aside from its beautiful interior design, SGNW house is designed to enrich all five senses through the vistas of the indigenous forest, the fresh breezes, bird and wildlife calls, running water and natural architectural finishes. A winding maze of sculptural granite and glass, this modern zen house by Spanish architects A-cero makes a unique statement within its lush surroundings.

In this post we're focussing not only on traditional Japanese zen, but also on its modern adaptations.
The shelving that overlaps the edges of the wall column in this design are slightly reminiscent of the silhouette of a Japanese pagoda.
We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. The client's brief for Metropole Architects was to create a Zen dream home that included water as a primary component in the design. For this reason, the architects chose to design SGNW House with natural materials including timber, off shutter concrete, stone cladding, large amounts of glazings and the incredible water features. Both stop just short of the architectural water feature located between the Koi pond and the swimming pool.
In Japan, a garden has the status of artwork and always includes water and a dry rock or sand garden - representing the Buddhist Ying and Yang. It also incorporates two waterfalls, which by nature of the falling water, echoes the evocative sound of moving water throughout the home.
Surrounded by fencing and open to the garden this lounge area is also open to the sky above making it the perfect place for star gazing on a clear night.
The Shoji screen doors lead to the main ensuite with a smaller toilet and sink room next to it, and the walk-in closet next to that. Beside the dining room on one side is the kitchen and on the other is the bridged Koi pond. It is a glass strip within the floor that offers a view to a water tunnel running beneath the main floor. Here, floor to ceiling windows open to a private front deck while windows above the media console overlook the back Pagoda. Since this room is the noisiest, the walls are covered in sound proofing panels and the floor is covered in carpeting. All these elements combine to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, as well as a sense of well-being.
Borrowing many elements from the Asian culture, the Berrima House completed by Park + Associates, is a space dedicated to body, mind and spirit. By altering the shade displayed in a room you can dramatically adjust the mindset or mood the area would project.
For instance, a Zen backyard – a miniature sandbox with miniature rake – generates a type of serenity to a room when additional to a tabletop.
By continuing to browse our website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies in compliance with our Cookie policy. Located in Pozuelo de Alarcon in Madrid, Spain, this futuristic home design features a facade of curved walls of stone dark granite and marble travertine, providing privacy as well as a dramatic welcome.
Metropole Architects accommodated the request by including two Koi ponds in the design - connected by an underground tunnel, an architectural water feature and a swimming pool with glass infinity edge.

Layered into this neutral palette are architectural details influenced by both traditional Japanese construction and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater residence.
Japanese architecture also prominently features rooflines and usually includes oversized eaves with removable walls to connect the inside and outdoor zones. The house promotes social interaction and glorifies the need of spending time engaging  the family members in different types of activities. Use of open ventilated spaces, curvature design and style, and fine wood components alterations the dynamics of your property. An indoor water fountain creates the soothing sounds of a operating brook, which will aid in rest and sleeping. A water feature flows from outside to the entry, creating a seamless transition to the interior environment. The architects made that sure water took a central role within the home by dissecting the interior volume with a bridge-covered pool starting at the front entry and ending at the back terrace.
Therefore, building Berrima House was rather a way of focusing on different areas serving for different activities.
Plants are an additional outstanding choice to advertise a zen-like environment in your residence. The house is situated on a slope, inclined toward a lake, allowing for an upper and a lower terrace for outdoor living and entertaining. By simplifying the design and style of your house with zen architecture, you exhibit the essence of nature and do away with chaotic clutter. Colors closer to red on the spectrum invokes vitality and these closer to blue invokes peace. Collect Bonsai plants and spot them in elevated spots around you house will give the impression of getting below a canopy. That – coupled with the sounds of working water – brings the truly feel of a rainforest indoors. An upstairs hall, lined with skylights, leads to the essence of luxury living a€“ a spacious kitchen, wine vault, dining room, lounge and library; and continues deeper into the homea€™s private living spaces a€“ the master bedroom, dressing area, bathroom, an indoor swimming pool and a gym.
As a consequence, the structure itself keeps a very fluid look: the rooms have no solid walls, but framed glass and there are few doors and many hallways.
A set of stairs leads you downstairs to the lower level, where youa€™ll find the games room, home theater, kidsa€™ and guests bedrooms, and a service area.
Adding to the homea€™s futuristic appeal, this high-tech zen design is computerized, putting computerized lighting, safety, blinds and air conditioning controls at the ownersa€™ fingertips.

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