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Take a look at this collection of Zen bedroom designs with many inspiring ideas for a decoration style that is both contemporary and very soothing. Stylish Eve is a weblog that was launched in May 2009 for every woman — to read about anything that interests her! One of the latest trends in home decor and home decor wall accessories, zen decorating is here to stay. And since your home should be a warm, comfortable place to relax, it is the best place to create the balanced, peaceful atmosphere you are searching for!
And cluttering our walls with home decor pieces is often an error most people make--but once again, less is more. Decorate your room with a plant or two (Remember, less is more), a ceramic figurine or glass object. Create a cozy fireplace, or if your room doesn't have one, get yourself an interesting collection of candles. Keep your home decor wall accessories to a minimum, and add natural light with a decorative, airy curtain. Because the bedroom is the most place where we need tranquility, serenity and a relaxing atmosphere, Zen decorating style is a perfect choice as it refers to peace, purity and serenity.
Because the Asian decor is the one that best embodies the Zen spirit, for those who dream of a relaxing bedroom atmosphere, the focus is on the strengths of the Asian decor; Bonsai, Buddha statue, and carved wooden screens for a soothing ambience and perfect sleeping. Many of us are moving in the direction of a more holistic approach to living and one of the most important areas which affect our overall health is our home space. Working within the Zen means beginning to use more natural materials when decorating your home.
Natural lighting is also very important, since zen decor encourages a meditative state throughout the home and big windows that let in light are very good for creating a more relaxing feel. I have eclectic interests - I enjoy reading a good book or getting up at the crack of dawn for a vigorous hike. The name “Stylish Eve” is firmly rooted in this concept: our blog gives “Eve” all the ideas she needs to be stylish and make herself and her family look and feel trendy. It's not a design style, but a way of arranging your home and creating an atmosphere that offsets the stresses and hassle of your daily routine. But instead of giving us fulfillment, these busy interiors add to the restlessness of the era wea€™re living in! This is the reason why zen principles applied in interior design have increased in popularity and become a trend of modern days. This Zen interior decoration can give your bedroom not just a calm & comfortable ambience, but also a very stylish look as it is recently one of the trendiest decorating styles. If white has always been the symbol of purity and calmness, then nothing’s better than it for your interior decoration, if you want to give your bedroom the Zen look. As a result, room designs that incorporate Zen decorating concepts and decor styles have become increasingly popular. The color tones in the home should be earthy, and the furniture you have around the house should have simple, clean lines and be in keeping with the color scheme.

If you are ready to take your home to the next level, then also consider creating a zen garden.
Take a look at this collection of Zen bedroom designs with many inspiring ideas for a decorating style that is both contemporary and very soothing to give your modern bedroom a very peaceful atmosphere. From the floor to the ceiling, including the furniture, all shades of white, like neutral cream, cloud, nacre, milk or pearl, are combined to create a pleasant atmosphere of well-being and freshness for sweet dreams.
You can still add accessories when creating a zen room, but think more in terms of woven area rugs, different plants and simple floral arrangements, rice lamps, and even the use of rocks and silk pillows on the sofa. The idea is to work with your home in such a way that you find a balance between form and space wherever you look or go.
Zen interior decoration usually begins with a palette of light colors through the furniture, curtains, frames, lamps, rugs, bedding and walls.
In interior design, it reflects balance, harmony and relaxation.Although zen is not a proper design style and does not come with a book of strict rules, it is often associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines. With a paper lampshade, bamboo, or wood blinds; the peaceful character of the place is here.
The marriage of varnished wood and ivory white, for example, is able to lull the bedroom with light and softness.
I also love playing guitar, experimenting with interior decorating, and I am madly passionate about my congas..
Go for earthy coloursA zen inspired design is all about natural colours, in soft tones, such as white, grey, shades of beige or pink beige, which have the power to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness.
Chromatic harmony between the various elements is very important, as well as the visual continuity between walls, furniture and floors.In order to add contour to a monochrome room, you may always choose to combine a dominant colour with matching objects and textured textiles such as white with moleskin or beige with rosewood. To create diversity combine two matching colours or play with degrades of your favorite colour.Collect this idea2. Place softness at your feetParquet is always a safe choice, as well as any massive wooden flooring. White, greyish or any light coloured parquets are especially refined but you can also choose coloured parquet provided it matches the rest of the room.Resin floor finishing can also be extremely comfortable for a modern or loft atmosphere. However, if you choose a carpet, you may refine your zen decor and reinforce the cocooning sensation of the room by associating several carpets made of wool or pure cotton. Choose natural and light fabricsFabrics should stick to the same rule of natural, light and comfortable. One of the essential elements of your zen decor are the curtains which provide a sensation of intimacy, while reducing noise and blocking air draughts. Give them a special treatment and go for natural textiles, such as linen, wool or bunting wool and match them with the rest of the room.For a more elaborate ambiance, associate them with blinds that modulate light to obtain a different atmosphere. Pay special attention to the fixation systems, as it would be a pity to fix beautiful curtains on poor or non-matching rods.Collect this idea4. Play with soft and natural lightFor a fully relaxing space, replace harsh florescent lights with calming, nature-inspired or candle lights. Place different sources of light which will allow you to control the intensity and the areas to be lighted.

Avoid projecting a strong direct light from the ceiling and take advantage of all possibilities to mix a floor lamp, a lamp set and indirect light.For the bed area, wall-mounted reading lights are very practical as they can be oriented to emphasize the respective area, unlike bedside lamps which are rarely flexible. If you like diffused light, you may opt for some nice (scented) candles.Collect this idea5. Keep furniture simple and naturalZen style furniture is characterized by simple and clear lines, avoiding complicated detail and excess ornamentation. The furniture should be high quality and made of natural materials as these bring a sense of warmth and relaxation.
Storage pieces (closets, cupboards, chests of drawers) may be brought to life if painted in colours matching the rest of the interior.
As the bedroom is usually the key room of a zen interior, here are some special recommendations for bedroom furniture:Place the bed close to a source of natural light and avoid placing it in front of the door or a passage area. The height of the bed must be one you feel comfortable with, but high beds (more than 55 cm) usually accentuate the sensation of comfort.
Rather go for different sized pillows with different pillowcases that you can arrange for sleeping or reading;Nightstands are very useful and a nice feature of the decor. Keep ornaments and decorations to a minimumFor wall decorations there is the same word of order: simplicity.
Avoid collections of paintings or photos and keep only those that are especially dear to you. For a fully harmonious and playful library, cover all your books in monochrome paper.Collect this idea7. Enhance your room with natural scentsA homemade linen spray, soy or beeswax candles, and essential oils are all natural ways to enhance your room with fresh scents, which can not only be calming when it’s time to sleep, but also invigorating when it’s time to wake.Collect this idea8. Remove electronic disturbancesElectronic devices are most often a source of distraction and therefore do not integrate in a fully zen decor. However, if you need to have your TV set in the bedroom for instance, make sure you place it in a discrete area or hide it in a specially designed cupboard. As well, make sure you hide all wires and cables that could distort the serene atmosphere of the entire setting.Collect this idea9. Bring in calmness with green plantsPlants have a calming effect through their soothing green colors and by providing oxygen. Bonsai trees or hanging terrariums, for example, make a good choice and are often included in zen decor.Collect this idea10. Eliminate clutterKeep accessories and tchotchkes to a minimum or eliminate them altogether, as clutter can inhibit relaxation. However, not many of us know where to start when it comes to creating the perfect zen space in any property.

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