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I've always believed that natural ingredients in the right combination could work miracles.
Ia€™m confident youa€™ll get the exact the results youa€™re looking for from all Zen Life products. What do you do when your job, or your personal life, is a constant source of busy-ness, rushing, nose-to-the-grindstone work, and stress? Or what do you do if your life is simple and relatively stress-free, but something blows up and you are in the middle of chaos and high stress all of a sudden? But the fact remains: no matter what kind of breaks and vacations you take, much of your life is spent doing the hard work, and stressed out. Since stress disturbs our internal balance, we are prone to act in ways that makes situations worse. Me-Time - If you're in the middle of a super duper stressful day, I recommend that you stand up from where you're seated. Ice Cream - Instant stress-buster for me is eating Ice cream or anything sweet like chocolate.
Move - They say when you go up or down the stairs, walk, run, or get into any physical activity at least once a week, you actually release hormones which are responsible for plenty of happy feelings.
Proper Time Management - If you are like me, a full-time Kuracha, then having propoer time management helps a lot so we won't be stressed with the different roles we play or hats we wear throughout the day. Laugh or Smile Often - As I've said in one of my Facebook posts, a SMILE is a priceless accessory which a woman could wear anytime to make herself beautiful!
But a€” if for any reason, or no reason at all a€” youa€™re not 100% happy, wea€™ll get all of your money back.
To be honest, I’m still learning what that is, but what I’ve been practising is a constant letting go. It’s simply letting go, and in doing so, you attain a peace of mind no matter what chaos and seemingly stressful event are going on around you.

This fantasy, this expectation, this wishing you could control things … it’s just made up in your head. This thing you’ve made up is causing you stress, which is shortening your life, and making what short life you have less enjoyable. So if we can create a constant practice of awareness and letting go, we constantly let go of the stress.
We have to be super conscious when we are stressed so that we do not do anything to cause a complete breakdown of the balance.
I'm travelling from Cavite to Pasay, so even though I try to look good pagalis ng bahay, mukha pa din akong bruha dahil sa kadaming commute. It might turn out that way, sure, but it could turn out a dozen other ways, and the truth is I don’t have complete control over how it’ll turn out.
Maybe you get to take some good breaks during the day, maybe you take weekends off, maybe you get some great vacations. This is the practice of Zen Mind that we’re talking about — letting go and being able to breathe and smile in the middle of a stressful workday. Until you realize that they are probably yelling for some problem that’s not really about you — they are stressed out, they are having a bad day, they have problems dealing with stress. Stress starts small and unless you nip it at the bud, it causes an avalanche of failures leading to complete breakdown of the inner harmony. All photos and texts used in this blog are properties of Mommy Practicality, unless otherwise stated.
All I can do is do the work, and the fantasy, the fear and the stress are only getting in the way. By letting go, you release the pain, and are just left with you and the work you need to do. And you are holding onto the expectation that everyone around you should behave perfectly, which of course is an absurd fantasy.

Simple Zen techniques like those of breathing, walking etc offers immediate help, but for a long term solution, practice Zen to bring an unique balance between your mind & body.
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This gives you 3 months to a€?test drivea€? any of our productsa€¦ Giving you plenty time to make sure youa€™re left with absolutely no doubts. You let go of that, and reach out in your heart to this fellow human being who isn’t happy.
Your kids (or friends, or spouse) are not going to live up to these expectations you have of how they should behave — these expectations aren’t anything real, just fantasies. And if you ever need anything our customer service is here to help you, contact us anytime at [email protected] .
It’s my reaction to those external events — my fear that I’m not going to make it, that I’ll mess up, that I’ll look stupid or incompetent. This fear that is causing my stress reaction is rooted in my wanting things to turn out a certain way … wanting to meet the deadline and get things perfect and look good.
You are now free, and you can just do the first task — after all, that’s all you can ever do. I thought it was something serious, but when I read it for the second time, dun ko naintindihan.

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